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Experiment #2 March 30, 2008

Posted by oatmeal in Lunch.

Consists of:

  • 0.5 tbsp peanut butter
  • regular caf oatmeal [most likely the instant kind, come to think of it]

Have been curious about this combination since yesterday. Anyway uh…the PB-oatmeal ratio was unbalanced so it ended up tasting kinda like savory rice porridge [congee]? I expected it to taste a bit sweeter than the way it did, but then I realized I may have gotten a little too excited when scooping oatmeal into my bowl. Well..the combo tasted alright, but it wasn’t great. I thought it needed either some sweetness or more peanut butter. I guess I’ll test this theory out next weekend!

Oh, and the crappy quality is because I forgot to bring my camera, so I used my cell phone, tried playing around with photoshop to get the colors to stand out bette, but since I suckz0rz at life, I was largely unsuccessful in producing prettiness.



1. Christine - March 30, 2008

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love oatmeal and peanut butter yummy! Have you tried adding some maple syrup in with it? Thanks!

2. VeggieGirl - March 31, 2008

ahh, I’m so sorry that this combination didn’t work out for you – here’s photograph that I took, of MY favorite oatmeal combination that is similar to yours (but I swear that it tastes heavenly!!):

Hazelnut-Butter Oatmeal

3. Celine - April 12, 2008

too bad it didn’t hit the spot for you, but it still looks good!

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