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Non-Oatmeal Stuff #1: Breakfast & Snacks April 9, 2008

Posted by oatmeal in Breakfast, Non-Oatmeal Stuff, Snack.

Look what I had for breakfast this morning!

0.5 cup Kellogg’s all-bran original & 1 mashed banana & 2 tsps peanut butter

Awesomest thing ever. I think there was too much banana though, the whole thing ended up being a little too sweet. Should either add more cereal or peanut butter next time. [ie. tomorrow!] Oh, and as good as it was, I think this qualifies as more of a snack type thing than breakfast..because I was still hungry after eating this…even after drinking a cup of tea…

And I made applesauce this morning!

Am packing it as an afternoon snack. I used only one apple though, ’cause I wasn’t sure I wanted to overdose myself on apples XD

I didn’t add anything except 0.5 tsp honey ’cause I wasn’t sure how sweet it was going to be…but I think I didn’t really need to add anything…it tasted sweet enough.
Argh, I can’t wait til exams are over so I’ll have more time to cook!



1. romina88 - April 9, 2008

I think you live in my head! You mixed 3 of my favorite things: All-Bran, Bananas and Peanut Butter!!! I MUST try this. I eat All-bran every night as a snack, so this is perfect. Yoopie!

2. VeggieGirl - April 9, 2008

no oatmeal?!?!?! what?!?!?! haha, just kidding – love the breakfast change! but oatmeal definitely still reigns supreme :0)

ahh, you can never have too much banana!! well, at least in my opinion, haha :0)

oooh, I LOVE homemade applesauce – are those golden delicious apples??? they’re one of my favorite apple-varieties!

I hear ya – since my schoolwork is so demanding, I haven’t had ample time to bake and cook and all that. best of luck with your exams!!

3. oatmeal - April 9, 2008

Yeah, unfortunately, the cafeteria doesn’t serve oatmeal for breakfast very often, so during the week I am oatmeal-less, it is quite sad 😦

And yes, I think they’re golden apples 😀 I love them too! They’re so crunchy and sweet -drool- It was my first time making the applesauce too–and it was amazing how easy/DELICIOUS it was! I’m so addicted…

Yeah…school…-sigh- But exams = study snack time 😀 So I guess that’s something to look forward to!

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