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Non-Oatmeal Stuff #3: Brownies Part II & Dinners April 30, 2008

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More brownies! I’m not really a brownie person, but I am a beans person, and when I saw the recipe for black bean brownies, I just had to try it. I used unsweetened cocoa powder instead of dark chocolate, applesauce, one mashed small banana, no eggs, no butter, no salt, no vanilla extract, but gave in and added 1 tsp of honey ’cause I thought the batter wasn’t sweet enough–WRONG. But it still tastes good 😀 Although next time I’m going to leave out the sugar and add less cocoa? Was a bit on the bitter side and not enough sweetness!~ All in all, it was tasty 😀

Yesterday’s dinner:

Chopped frozen spinach with 0.5 tsp parmesean cheese, mixed frozen vegetables, half a small potato, half a salmon fillet. Couldn’t taste the cheese–but it was an awesome dinner 😀

Today’s dinner!

Half a small potato, 0.25 cup chopped asparagus, 0.25 cup frozen broccoli, 0.25 cup mixed frozen veggies, and 1 tbsp sunflower seeds eaten with 0.25 cup brown rice mixed with 0.5 tsp rice vinegar. And then I had 2 of my brownies for dessert. Am totally satisfied. Can’t wait til the next day to make more awesome food 😀



1. VeggieGirl - April 30, 2008

Delectable vegetable-based dinners + brownies (try them with carob next time! haha) = scrumptious!!!!!!!

2. Romina - April 30, 2008

Those look SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!

3. ChocolateCoveredVegan - April 30, 2008

Black beans in brownies?! What a fun idea!

4. Teddy - May 1, 2008

Im not much of a brownie person either but when i do eat them i go ALL OUT. Thick chocolatey goodness in every bite!

5. Jill - May 1, 2008

I have had these, they rock!

6. Kelly T. - May 1, 2008

i thought it said brownies FOR dinner and i got excited.

they look delish though!

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