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Experiment #27: Eggs – Part II May 26, 2008

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Eggs, corn, peaches, banana, 2% milk

Had this yesterday.
I bought peaches & bananas on Friday! I was so excited to have the two most awesomest fruits in the world in my house at the same time that I had to throw them in together in my oats XD

Super creaminess!

I’ve actually never had bananas with oatmeal before [I know! What the hell, right?]–so it was interesting 😀 I think this fruit is made to go with oatmeal! Actually, I think bananas go well with anything–just like oatmeal goes well with everything! XD

Yesterday at lunch I tried a new sandwich filling:

Bean sprouts!
It was pretty good…although as much as I tried to prevent it from making the bread soggy by sandwiching it between the cheese and cucumbers…it wasn’t enough…it was a very messy, but tasty lunch!

Even more bean sprouts:

Veggies & beans with Classico Red Wine & Herb pasta sauce!

I’m almost done the bag my mom bought! I’ve been having bean sprouts every single day ’cause it’s a huge bag and wasting food is bad 😀 I’m also well on my way to finishing the tomatoes–only 1.5 more to go! I don’t really like cooked tomatoes, so I ate them raw and boiled everything else.

And this morning I decided to continue working on the tub of pumpkin I still have left…’cause I’ve had this for at least a month now and I’m not really sure how long I can keep canned pumpkin for… 😯

Strawberries, blueberries, 2% milk, pumpkin, sugar, walnuts

I used 1/2 cup of oats this morning ’cause 0.33 cup just isn’t enough! And I wanted to go for a run after I went to the lab at 7 a.m. so I decided to have a bigger breakfast 😀 I think I’m going to use half a cup from now on!

My run today was good–haven’t ran in a while, so I started easy–20 minutes in total [split into four blocks of 5 minutes, with a one minute walking break in between] by the lake and then back home. I want to get back to running again so I’m going to aim for going at least twice a week! Hope I’ll be able to keep this up!



1. VeggieGirl - May 26, 2008

I couldn’t agree more, that bananas and peaches (especially since peaches are at their peak right now! hooray!) are two of the best fruits ever – so delicious and satisfying!! And they make for another delicious oatmeal experiment as well ;0)

Sounds like you had a great run! Keep it up! :0)

2. lindzakins921 - May 26, 2008

mmm bananas are definitely made to go with oatmeal… can’t believe you never had it before but glad you tried it… however now i want to try peaches in my oats – looks so yummy!

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