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Breakfast Challenge: Day 2 June 2, 2008

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Rice cereal

milk, strawberries, sugar, blackberries, walnuts, brown&white rice

I’ve been wanting to try this for a really long time–subbing rice for oatmeal! The rice is chewier than oatmeal and less creamy, but still tasted great! If I had microwaved the rice, it would have been even better~

After lab and running, I ate a ton of peanut butter:

Any fruit + PB = ADDICTION. The amount of PB I had was enough to last me for 2.5 hours, so I didn’t end up having lunch til 11: 30, and even then I wasn’t really even that hungry! But I wanted to go for a walk before I had to go to the lab again so I ate anyway.

Yogurt toast, instant cereal

I actually ended up having 2 pieces of toast–both topped with plain yogurt & 0.5 tsp blueberry-cherry jam! It was like bread pudding šŸ˜€

The instant cereal is blue ’cause I added some frozen blueberries

Experiment #32: Soy nuts

soy nuts, potatoes, milk, peach, banana

The oats smell like flour–I have no clue why! Usually they smell more like glutinous rice~oh well–it smelled really good anyway šŸ˜›

And I’m absolutely addicted to this bag of unsalted toasted soy nuts that I bought a few days ago [it was on sale! :D]–so crunchy and delicious! A lot more crunchier than the walnuts I usually have with my oats. Yummeh!

Having oatmeal for dinner is so exciting!



1. VeggieGirl - June 2, 2008

Substituting rice for oatmeal is a FANTASTIC idea – looks delish!! Haha, I like how you slice your apple – I’ve never seen one look like a square before :0D

2. Kristie - June 2, 2008

You know, I can definitely see rice being a great sub for oatmeal! Yum!

I LOVE fruit with pb as well. I used to actually hate pb until I tried it with fruit and then I automatically started loving it. SO good. Especially with apples or bananas.

And now you’ve got me craving for some crunchy soy nuts. I haven’t had them in a while!

3. lindzakins921 - June 2, 2008

i love nights where i can have oatmeal for dinner…

you are definitely inspiring me with tons of ideas with this challenge… you never disappoint with your amazing “breakfast” combinations… amazing!

4. Jenn - June 2, 2008

Looking delicious as always…sorry I seem to be slacking — I’m keeping up, I swear! Just not so good about the pictures when I forget my camera and am out of my apartment all day…tomorrow will be better! šŸ™‚

5. Jill - June 3, 2008

I love love love roasted soynuts. Why know what else is great? Roasted edamame.

6. elizabeth - June 3, 2008

I am officially trying out oatmeal for dinner tomorrow! I already planned on making veggie oatmeal for dinner tomorrow and now I really want to.

I love your breakfast ideas and combinations. They are so much fun. šŸ™‚

7. Sagan - June 3, 2008

The yogurt doesn’t make the bread go all soggy?

8. oatmeal - June 3, 2008

I used to hate PB as well–and now can’t live without it–who would have imagined? XD Fruits + PB = the best!

Roasted edamame! That sounds good too! Should try and find that next time I’m at the grocery store!

No problem! I know you’ve got tons of homework to do and stuff XD Can’t wait to see what else you’ve whipped up for day 3! XD

As long as you toast it enough so it’s sort of crispy, the bread won’t be soggy šŸ˜€

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