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Experiment #36: Mangoes – Part II June 8, 2008

Posted by oatmeal in Breakfast, Dinner.
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mango, zucchini, egg, soy nuts, walnuts, milk

Yesterday’s breakfast!
And there goes the last of my mango! But well worth it 😀 Didn’t even need to add sugar ’cause the fruits were sweet enough! The addition of zuchini was purely for decorative purposes–my breakfast was a little too orange for my taste.

colors make the world go round!

Went to eat brunch at Morisson’s restaurant yesterday with my housemates so no pictures! But I had a huge pancake [I spread egg yolk on it instead of syrup ’cause I’m interesting :mrgreen: ], french toast, 2 eggs [so many eggs in one day!], 2 sausages [there were 3 but I couldn’t finish!], and a huge strawberry milkshake–all for $10! I was stuffed and I got my money’s worth–although I think I’m going to take a break from eggs for the next couple of days!

Didn’t feel like cooking when I got home last night, so for dinner I microwaved some frozen veggies, zucchini, and had that along with leftover polenta and potatoes, topped with some Classico Red Wine & Herb sauce.

I’m glad I didn’t make myself cereal, or else I would have exploded! I didn’t expect the bowl of veggies to turn out this big when I pictured it in my head~ Oh, and I finished my bag of soy nuts! 😦 I want to go buy some more…but I’ve been to the grocery store so many times now that the cashier lady could probably recognize me…



1. VeggieGirl - June 8, 2008

“The addition of zucchini was purely for decorative purposes–my breakfast was a little too orange for my taste.” Haha, Carmen, you’re too funny :0D It looks like a tasty addition!! Oh and have you ever tried champagne mangoes?? Those are the sweetest (and the best-tasting, in my opinion).

No worries about going to the grocery store so much – I AM known at my local Whole Foods by name (and I’m not joking at all)!!

2. lindzakins921 - June 8, 2008

i have been dying to try mangoes in oats, it sounds like the perfect sweet combination 🙂

3. Sagan - June 10, 2008

Eggs are the best. And you actually put zucchini in there?! What was it like??

4. oatmeal - June 10, 2008

The zucchini didn’t really have any distinct flavor, so the oats are just extra chewy! You should really give it a try 😀

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