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Experiment #38 – Kiwi – Part II June 10, 2008

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Yesterday’s breakfast:

kiwi, banana, walnuts, wheat germ, milk

Attempt #2–much better! Bananas make everything better 😀

Y’know I’ve been attempting to add more wheat germ to my oats in order to isolate its flavor…but it doesn’t really seem to taste like anything! Is it just me?

Kiwis are the most amazing shade of green!

I was pretty tired on Monday morning, but I talked myself into going for a run after going to lab 😀 Managed to make it through 20 minutes!

Post-run snack:

all-bran, milk, blueberries, blackberries


Two pieces of rye bread, the last piece of chicken breast I have, cheddar cheese, plain yogurt and coffee granola. Of course, such amounts never satisfy my ravenous appetite 😛 So I had another 0.25 cup of yogurt with jam, wheat germ, and grapes:


More pasta 😀 There’s going to be a lot of pasta dinners in the next couple of days ’cause for some reason I’ve been craving it~

On another note, my allergies have gotten better! Although my sleep cycle’s still messed up, meh.



1. lindzakins921 - June 10, 2008

hehe, bananas DO make everything all better… I want to try this combination now 🙂 YUM!

2. Jenn - June 11, 2008

It’s not just you — I don’t think wheat germ has much of a taste, I just like the texture. I also heard it’s good to use as bread crumbs to coat chicken or fish!

3. Sagan - June 11, 2008

Yeah it doesn’t actually taste like anything. But its got lots of nutrients and, like Jenn says, the texture is nice!

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