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Non-Oatmeal Stuff #10: Grindin’ July 9, 2008

Posted by oatmeal in Lunch, Non-Oatmeal Stuff.

Before I get into the real topic for today, let me just get this out:

Dear Weather Network:

When you predicted “lightly scattered showers” for the morning, I think what you really meant was “big happy bucket of never-ending drown-in-your-socks rainstorm“.

Note: irony on the weather reports = not funny

Anyway! Check out my new gadget:

Coffee grinder!

Bought for $11.29–tax and all that shebang included. I guess I’ll find out how fine it grinds tomorrow. Hope it doesn’t end up grinding my nerves.

The interior:


Hopefully this means that I can start including flax seeds into my daily breakfasts from now on!

Attempted to bake english muffins today: [emphasis on the word “attempted”]


I don’t have yeast or anything fun like that, so that was the reason I ended up with so little stuff…I tried using yeast substitutes [ie. baking soda and rice vinegar]…but I think I didn’t add it properly ’cause there was fizz…but it didn’t really do much…ugh. Maybe I will buy some yeast next time…

engmuffins-jul9_08 (1) 

I ate the smallest muffin with pb & j as a consolation snack πŸ˜€

Lunch is gross sounding , but actually quite delicious: [seems like that’s quite a predominant theme of this blog…]


On the left: a nectarine On the right: along with a major dose of excitement and curious stares from people, we have: half a piece of flax bread, soft silken tofu, half a medium banana, half a teaspoon of blueberry-cherry jam, half a cup of milk, and 2 tablespoon plainyogurt. People thought it was oatmeal πŸ˜›



1. ChocolateCoveredVegan - July 9, 2008

I am always making up combinations that sound gross but are actually delicious! My most recent one is a peanut butter and applesauce sammich ;o).

Ugh, the weather report seems to be wrong a lot! I sometimes joke that I want to be a weather reporter because you get paid no matter what you say!

2. VeggieGirl - July 9, 2008

Weather is so unpredictable these days, it’s ridiculous.

Nectarines!! Yum :0)

3. Jenn - July 10, 2008

Haha, I love your letter to the Weather Network (though I agree, bad forecasts are not funny) πŸ™‚

I hope the coffee grinder works well for you!

I think those English muffins look good, even without the yeast!!

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