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Oatmeal #67: Baked Blackberry Yogurt Pancakes July 15, 2008

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I really like pancakes! [recipe]


The only thing missing was maple syrup–but with the banana, I didn’t miss it too much 😀 [I ended up mashing them–much easier to eat that way 😛 ] The yogurt gave the pancake a very distinct taste and smell–it was very yummy! They were also soft and doughy–just the way I like them 😀

oatmeal-jul15_08 (1)

I had a piece of my spiced flax bread before this ’cause I thought I was going to either go running or do yoga or something…but turns out the only way I’d exercise on 5 hours of sleep is with coffee and a real breakfast…so I made the pancakes. [I hate it when I have sleep problems! 😦 ]

Unfortunately, I was craving a nice bowl of stovetop oats the whole entire day since I didn’t have it for breakfast! That always happens whenever I change up my breakfast–it’s like I’ve got this psychological dependence going on!

Tried something new for my post-run snack:


Cottage cheese with blueberries! I quite like the combo of sweet and salty–I’m definitely hooked! Can’t wait to try out more combos!

I also had about two teaspoons of peanut butter and a nectarine–but I didn’t bother photographing them 😛

Lunch was quite small, but I was low on food and didn’t know what to pack!


Thank god for my baking! I packed 2 egg muffins, 3 cucumber slices, and a random combo of tuna, green lentils, pearl barley, raisins, and ketchup–tastes better than it sounds 😀 Also had a cup of banana rice milk with 2 teaspoons of wheat germ thrown in.

I was really hungry all day today 😦 Not getting enough sleep always throws me off–and I had no snacks at the lab to get me through…but luckily the work kinda distracted me a little…



I have no more peppers! I feel so lost…should probably go to the grocery store again…since I’m almost out of mushrooms…which means tomorrow and Thursday’s dinner will be absolutely pitiful…noooo I hate running out of food!

And now I’m debating whether to have pancakes again tomorrow or make oatmeal…maybe I should stagger my pancake-ing a little, my oatmeal craving was pretty bad today 😦



1. Megan - July 15, 2008

I love blueberries and cottage cheese. My family ate it a lot when I was growing up. Unfortunatley, my stomach doesn’t handle lactose well. We used to add a couple of tablespoons of vanilla yogurt or a couple tablespoons of sour cream. Bananas and cinammon with a little sweetener of choice also tastes good in cottage cheese.

2. Jenn - July 16, 2008

Those pancakes look insanely good! Would you mind posting the recipe? They really do look perfectly doughy!

Sorry about the lack of sleep – I absolutely hate that feeling 😦 I hope last night went better for you!

3. Sharon - July 16, 2008

Yes, please post the recipe! They look great!
I’ve only tried making blueberry applesauce pancakes, where I had the box of pancake mix and added unsweetened blueberry applesauce, since I had no eggs, along with soy milk, and it tasted good. But oatmeal pancakes sounds scrumptious!

4. Sagan - July 16, 2008

Love pancakes. Recipe recipe!

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