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Oatmeal #71: Adzuki Beans July 20, 2008

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Check out the creaminess!

oatmeal-jul20_08 (1)

I think cottage cheese works way better than milk! 😀 Also, mashing the blackberries into the oats really enhances the flavor of the cottage cheese in the oatmeal 😀

I actually had the same thing on Friday, but my camera ran out of batteries that morning so there was no picture 😛 But on Friday I also didn’t cook the beans properly so it was very unpleasant to eat!

Anyway, the beans didn’t really lend any taste to the oatmeal–just extra chew! It felt like I was chewing walnuts, actually 😀


Along with a cup of mocha–no sugar this morning–still tasted great! 😀



1. VeggieGirl - July 20, 2008

Very creamy-looking, indeed!

2. Jenn - July 21, 2008

Wow, it really does look extra creamy! So you completely substituted milk for cottage cheese? What were the exact measurements, if ya wouldn’t mind posting? 🙂

3. oatmeal - July 21, 2008

Yep 😀 No milk at all! And I use 0.75 cup water, 3 tbsp cottage cheese

4. Rose - July 22, 2008

I love love love this blog and not sure why I haven’t added it to my blogroll sooner!

5. LK - July 22, 2008

Wow I never heard of putting beans into oatmeal. Looks intriguing though!

6. Jenn - July 22, 2008

Thanks for the measurements 🙂 Also, check out my blog when you have a chance – you’re featured!

7. Sharon - July 23, 2008

I love adzuki beans!!! =D
I love having it for dessert-soup kind of thing, it is sooo good!

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