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Non-Oatmeal Stuff #11: Polenta Pizza July 23, 2008

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Wow–meant to post this yesterday night–but I fell asleep at like…7: 00 p.m. (?!) before I had the chance!

Anyway, I declare this week pizza week!

Yesterday’s awesome dinner:

dinner-jul21_08 (1)

I got the idea from here, actually, although mine obviously looks nothing like the picture 😀 [Does anything I create ever look like the pictures?!] Probably ’cause I didn’t bake anything? I didn’t have enough time to cook the polenta in the morning…with my run and all…so I did it after lab, and by then I didn’t really care what shape or color my polenta was as long as I got to eat it real soon 😛

So it’s like pizza…made on the stove! How exhilarating 😀


I didn’t really leave enough time for the polenta to firm up or anything, so it was half firm, half not, and ended up not really needing a knife at all, actually!

I think the pizza was also a little too small…but I still had leftover polenta, so I had more for dinner tonight!

dinner-jul22_08 (1) dinner-jul22_08

Instead of boiling, I sauteed my toppings–even the red peppers! Well…I added the peppers last so they wouldn’t be too cooked, but it sure was exciting 😀 And since I’m out of chickpeas, I used soft tofu instead!

For lunch yesterday, I had something that looks/sounds quite gross, but tasted quite nice 😀 [surprise surprise–I think this should be the blog slogan :mrgreen: ]


Leftover sweet bean soup, soft tofu, all-bran, raisins, sunflower seeds, and one golden delicious apple.

I chose the picture where the apples covers most of it so the grossness doesn’t take over 😀

Today’s lunch was like a regression to the mean…aka normal:


Scrambled egg, frozen corn, frozen mixed veggies, raisins, and ketchup. Along with a small banana and the last chocolate cinnamon raisin blob thing 😀

This entry’s already getting too long…so I’ll put the breakfast pictures in another entry!



1. VeggieGirl - July 23, 2008

Oooh, what a fun pizza variation!!

2. Sharon - July 23, 2008

Wow, that is neat! I’ve never heard of polenta before either! Cool!

3. Sagan - July 23, 2008

Your pizza looks delicious!

4. Jenn - July 23, 2008

I like that pizza – it looks so cool! I’ve only had polenta a couple of times, but I really liked it.

5. All Vegged Out - July 23, 2008


6. mi - July 23, 2008

i’m not sure if i’ve ever tried polenta…. i’m guessing that’s a crime!

7. Megan - July 23, 2008

That Polenta looks yummy!! I made polenta pizza one time. I made the polenta ahead of time and let it sit in a shallow round bowl overnight in the refrigerator. Then when I was ready for the pizza, I loosened the polenta and it came out in a nice circle and was firmer after warming the pizza up.


8. Kristie - July 23, 2008

Once nagain your meals intrigue me and make me chuckle. Lovin the half cooked polenta pizza. I need to steal a page out of your meal creativity book.

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