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Tortilla-lympics August 10, 2008

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Before I start–RANT time: I spent 1.5 hours yesterday scrubbing the walls & doors of my room With. A. Toothbrush. for my crazy landlord–and I think I’m going to have to do it AGAIN today [including vacuuming again, scrubbing the floor boards and windows–toothbrush style! 👿 ] because I swear her glasses are like cleverly disguised MICROSCOPES. House inspections are such a nightmare because she picks on the tiniest detail. [she has to inspect my room ’cause I’m moving out of the house…]

“Oh em gee there’s a dot on the wall you didn’t clean! I am unhappy!” 😡

I’m going to procrastinate on the cleaning by moving on with this entry!

Yesterday [Aug 9]
Leftovers galore


ROFL. I had leftover vermicelli–so I decided to finish it 😀 LOVE this stuff–always fills me up!

I ended up breaking the tortilla [used half of one] up and stuffing the raw tomatoes in the pieces–kinda like mini-wraps!

Fruit Crisp


Took a break from packing for dessert! I still had half a tortilla left so I decided to toast it and throw it on top of chopped plum & raspberries. Nice and crunchy! Would make a great snack if stressed for time–although I wouldn’t recommend packing this, ’cause the tortillas would end up soggy and it wouldn’t be a crisp anymore! [but I’m sure it’d still taste good 😀 ]

Friday [Aug 8]
Oatmeal Challenge: Dips


I was so excited for this lunch all week because it’s my celebratory lunch for last day at work!

Things to be dipped include one toasted tortilla and some carrots. I discovered that if you toast the tortillas enough–you get crackers! I was so exhilarated when I found out it was almost embarrassing….

For the dip: 0.5 cup ground quick oats [by hand–too lazy to bust out the coffee grinder and clean it!], 0.5 mashed banana, flax, water, yogurt [not much though…I think I had 1 tbsp left in the tub at most?], walnuts, and vanilla. I made it in the morning and threw it in the fridge, so it’s kinda like a muesli dip. 😀 The consistency was very dip-like! Tasted like cookie batter!

Not the most filling lunch though…needed more veggies, but I didn’t have much left in the fridge and didn’t want to buy any more ’cause I was going home in a few days…

Thursday [Aug 7]
Tortilla Sushi?

I present to you–my new favorite snack/lunch/way to eat everything:

lunch-aug7_08 (1)

Tortilla wrapped around a baby carrot and–the star ingredient–jam. It’s sweet, it’s crunchy, it’s chewy! Perfectly transportable and quick to whip up. Can be eaten at any meal!

I love it when I have to finish amounts of food in a given period of time because crazy stuff like this gets discovered :mrgreen:

Of course, that wasn’t the only thing I had for lunch:


A salad of sorts–mixed veggies, raw cucumbers, raisins, ketchup , lentils, peas, corn.

Wednesday [Aug 6]
More leftover adventures


My first ever attempt at microwave eggs–check out that mess! The explosion in my microwave was exciting, but annoying to clean up!

Other stuff in the wrap–carrots & ketchup, raisins, adzuki beans, cheese, and my spoon. [yes, my stomach acids are that rockin’]

Tuesday [Aug 5]


Black bean hummus! No tahini ’cause I’m too cool for that 😀

And instead of cucumbers, I had zucchinis! Thought that was an awesome change–squash lovin’!

Other stuff include: peas [microwaved with zucchinis], raisins, all-bran, ketchup. Dee-lii-shus!

And the Tortilla-thon 2008 ends! Well…I still have one tortilla left, but I’m doing boring stuff with it so it gets embedded in another post instead!

I’m also going home tonight! Omgawd lyke so totally exciting lyke whooa!!



1. VeggieGirl - August 10, 2008

With a toothbrush?!?!??!! Yikes!! Hang in there, girl; and enjoy those scrumptious tortilla concoctions!! 🙂

Hooray for going home!! Enjoy!!

2. Shelby - August 10, 2008

Why with a toothbrush?!?! That is so crazy…I hope it gets better =)

Wow those concoctions looks great! I really love the baby carrots wrapped in little tortillas. You are so creative with your meals and they always look delicious.

3. Jenn - August 10, 2008

I can’t believe she made you clean with a toothbrush?! That is seriously insane – and I thought MY landlady was a pain in the arse.

I loved the tortilla-lympics. Especially on the carrots. I have trouble eating raw carrots, and carbs + sugar (from jam) would really help that, I’m betting.

Hurray for going home!!!!!!!!

4. All Vegged Out - August 10, 2008

Baby carrot wraps! Cuteness!!

Omigosh, toothbrush… dude at least you’re getting out of there!

5. oatmeal - August 10, 2008

Because she’s mean 😦 If I don’t clean my walls properly she’s going to make me PAY for a professional cleaner! Honestly, my degree’s not in janitorialism!

And thanks 😀

I don’t really like eating raw carrots by themselves either! The carbs + sugar definitely helps to add more flavor and excitement to the eating process 😀

Boo to crazy landladies!

6. mi - August 10, 2008

loving your creativity with left overs! i feel very sorry for you about the cleaning – i’ve been cleaning today myself and i hate it!!

7. caitlinbo (see bride run) - August 10, 2008

oh man your landlord sounds like a nazi. you know she makes you scrub like that so she doesnt have to pay for a cleaning crew! lol

8. lindzakins921 - August 10, 2008

hehe that sounds like my mom w/ the cleaning w/ a toothbrush… 🙂 i on the other hand am unfortunately, not as clean!!! sorry to hear about your landlord!!!!!

9. Amanda @ Down Home Dieting - August 10, 2008

Nazi landlord. Ick.

Tortilla’s look yummy!

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