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One Oh Oh! August 11, 2008

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Celebrating the 100th post with an entry from home! I planned this out quite well, didn’t I? 😀


Oatmeal #88: Chocolate Chips


I feel like I’m living in a hotel!

Anyway, this morning I celebrated with a huge bowl of oatmeal and chocolate chips. Because no party is complete without chocolate! 😀

oatmeal-aug11_08 (1)

Oh Man. Cocoa has nothing on melty chocolate chips! Now I can never go back–ah!

Other stuff include: huge green grapes, goji berries, walnuts, soy milk, and bran flakes. No flax! But not enough room in my suitcase! I don’t miss it that much though 😀

Anyway, went on a 50 minute run an hour after breakfast! I can’t believe I ran that long! Remember when I thought 20 minutes was a lot?! I feel quite awesome that I stuck with running for 3 months 😀

After running, the celebration continues–with more chocolate!


Nutella & PB on white [!] toast and grapes on the side. How the HELL have I not tried this combo sooner?! As good as it was though, nutella = too sweet, I think next time I’ll cut back by a half! Could hardly taste the peanut butter at all 😦 [but then again, this wasn’t the all-natural kind, so it’s tasteless in the first place anyway!]

Now that I’m all caught up on today, time to get caught up on the past two days!

Friday’s breakfast [Aug 8]

oatmeal-aug8_08 (1) oatmeal-aug8_08

Most random combo ever ’cause I was trying to use up stuff 😛

Corn, adzuki beans, plum coconut, walnuts, and flax.Well, I guess it’s not that random. On the side–coffee laced with vanilla extract–could hardly taste/smell it though!

Saturday’s post-run snack:


Pears and mocha-cino muffin top!

Yesterday’s snack of fridge items that need to be used up:


Exploded microwave egg [60 seconds = still too much!] and the last of the raspberries!

Lunch: polenta [and last of my ground flax]!!! Cooked risotto style…corn-sotto? 😛


Creamy and awesome! Only complaint was that I didn’t make more! But I had to finish cleaning so no time!

I packed a dinner to eat at the airport–didn’t end up eating til 7: 00 ’cause there was no room to put backpacks under the seats! 😦


Carrots & jam over a bed of frozen veggies & peas. Plus a fruit salad of one plum, peach, and pear!

SO EXCITED for lunch and dinner and for all the awesome food I’ll be eating in the next two weeks! Will take pictures when I can!



1. Rose - August 11, 2008

Congrats on 100 posts! Wooo!

The lighting in your pictures is wonderful. Do you take photos by windows or just have wonderfully-lit rooms?

2. VeggieGirl - August 11, 2008

HAPPY 100TH POST, CARMEN!!! So exciting 🙂 Here’s to at least 100 more posts from you!! I always look forward to viewing your latest eats 🙂

3. oatmeal - August 11, 2008

Thanks! 😀
I either take pictures by windows or wing it with a lamp or a flashlight! I’m pretty hardcore that way :mrgreen:

4. Jenn - August 11, 2008

Congratulations on your 100th post – that rocks!

Oatmeal with chocolate chips IS heavenly – cocoa has nothing on it! And that polenta is seriously making my mouth water. I feel like Pavlov’s dog, over here! Sheesh!

5. Sagan - August 11, 2008

Loving the chocolate chip oatmeal- congrats on reaching 100!

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