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Oatmeal #92: Smoothie August 17, 2008

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Friday’s breakfast:


Smoothie with toast [margarine with cinnamon sprinkled on top]!
I know lots of people have done oatmeal smoothies before–but I haven’t! Therefore it’s obligatory that I give it a try–as we have a blender and everything! Damn, how did I live without this miraculous apparatus before?!

  • 0.5 cup oats
  • 0.5 cup soy milk
  • 0.25 cup milk
  • 0.25 cup water [i think??]
  • 0.25 cup blueberries
  • 0.25 cup corn [yeah…]
  • 0.25 cup walnuts
  • 1 tbsp raisins

Um yeah it’s a very random list of ingredients–but that’s ’cause we didn’t exactly have a ton of fruits and stuff around the house at the moment, I suppose I could have added more blueberries–but I didn’t want to use up the whole thing by myself 😛 And I was originally planning to make a green walnut smoothie…but I was too lazy to wash the veggies, so I used corn and blueberries!

oatmeal-aug15_08 (1)

It was pretty good though! I ate the smoothie with a spoon since it seemed easier than sipping. Unfortunately, this breakfast wasn’t very filling 😦 I miss the flax!

For some reason I was feeling tired that day [jet lag?], so I ended up going back to bed…to wake up at 3: 30…so I had to make my own lunch:


I hate washing vegetables 😛 So there were only two types of veggies and three pieces of dumplings [❤] with shrimp egg noodles [basically just shrimp and wheat–not sure why they called it egg noodles…]

Dessert–MY VERY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD [aside from oatmeal, of course]–yamssssss!


My favorite is the purple ones–so chewy and soft! Yams are amazing 😀

The soup the yams are cooked in is basically just water, rock sugar, and ginger. SO. GOOD. I can chug this stuff down like oatmeal!

We’re having steak for dinner tonight–so excited! Haven’t had this stuff in so long! 😀 [Oh man, I never want this vacation to end!]



1. VeggieGirl - August 17, 2008

What an interesting smoothie concoction!! Oh yes, blenders are DEFINITELY a necessity – I have a BlendTec blender, and I use it every single day for my protein shakes.

So glad that your vacation is still going well 🙂

2. glidingcalm - August 17, 2008

OH.MY.GOSH. That bowl of soup looks SPECTACULAR! The dumplings, the noodles, the veggies…WOW! I want some!!!!!!

3. wholefoodswholeme - August 18, 2008

the noodles look amazing!! it looks like something you would get in a chinese restaurant 🙂 i’ve never had yams like that before… do you buy them in a store?

4. eatingbender - August 18, 2008

Nice smoothie! I still haven’t made an oatmeal one either, but perhaps that will be something to try in the very near future!

And wow, that noodle bowl does look insanely good! So professional – I seriously thought it was from a restaurant the way everything is perfectly proportioned!

5. oatmeal - August 18, 2008

BlendTec eh? Interesting–if it’s within my price range maybe I’ll check their blenders out!


yeah~I find them at asian markets 🙂

You should definitely do it! Nice, chewy smoothies! 😀

6. C - August 18, 2008

That lunch looks so good!

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