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Oatmeal #95: Strawberry-Banana Cheesecake August 21, 2008

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Tuesday’s breakfast:

oatmeal-aug19_08 (1)

WE FINALLY HAD BANANAS IN THE HOUSE! [they’re all gone now–hence past tense and sad face: 😦 ] You can imagine how exciting that is 😀

Mom also baked some cheesecake the night before, so combine that thought + breakfast and you get another oatmeal experiment!

I think I had about half a slice in there–but that’s plenty once you break it up and mash it into the oatmeal while they’re cooking. And since I already had the cake to flavor the oats, I chopped the banana instead of mashing it like I usually do.


This picture makes it look gross, but it isn’t! I blame the bad weather, which also meant poor lighting!

The cheesecake flavor wasn’t that strong–I had to actively search for its taste–I guess maybe I’ll use the cake as a topping next time?

Other things I added: vanilla extract, almonds, soy milk, cinnamon, mixed grains



When I’m home, it’s very rare that I ever have sandwiches for lunch [I know–I’m spoiled rotten!] But that day I guess no one felt like cooking so my brother went to buy McDonalds [for my parents] and Subway [for himself]. I didn’t feel like waiting ’cause I was hungry–so I made a sandwich!

I sliced one piece of thick white bread in half since I had another piece earlier and didn’t feel up to eating three thick slices of bread x_X

Contents: honey ham, roasted turkey, lettuce, apple slices.

Awesome sweet + savory combo! Am definitely recreating this when I go back to school in September!




Only one picture ’cause all the other ones were ugly!

Contents: oats, grains, small egg, corn, banana, soy milk

Plus a cup of raspberry mocha! [the cocoa blend I added was raspberry flavored–but I think a mocha smoothie is definitely in my future!]

Post-run snack:


Milk, cheerios, bran flakes, raw brownie.

The brownies turned the milk into chocolate milk! Awesome 😀




Ignore my brother’s ugly hand.

My plate:

dinner-aug20_08 (1)

I went back for another piece of sashimi, california roll, california roll + sashimi, and a tuna sushi. The rolls are huge!

ZOMFG It’s my birthday soon–WHAT DO I DO?! -cue mid-life crisis-



1. glidingcalm - August 21, 2008

wow. that sushi. YUM! I’m kind of speechless!

2. Rose - August 21, 2008

What a great idea for your oatmeal. I love dessert-like breakfasts!

3. Shelby - August 22, 2008

I love this idea for oatmeal! Maybe next time I make cake (or ANY dessert) I will just throw it in my oatmeal! The sushi look amazing too, even though I’ve never tried it, I’ve always wanted too =)

4. VeggieGirl - August 22, 2008

Oooh, scrumptious!!

You didn’t have bananas?!?!?!?! I’d go crazy – I can’t go ONE day without a banana, haha 🙂

Ahh, ENJOY your upcoming birthday – don’t think of it as getting old 🙂

5. Christie - August 22, 2008

How do you make the raw brownies??? I think that if you freeze the cheescake and cut it into chunks and add it that way to the oatmeal… maybe to a swiss oatmeal cold that way you have chunks in the mixture!

6. fitnessista - August 22, 2008

i am jealous of your beautiful sushi- it looks glorious!!
the oatmeal looks equaly amazing- i love how you make breakfast like a dessert… i haven’t done that since i was little and used to float pound cake pieces in my cereal.. mmm

hope you have a great friday!

7. eatingbender - August 22, 2008


Best acronym I have EVER seen!!!

But definitely fitting for that sushi – YUM!

Strawberry-banana cheesecake sounds pretty darn awesome if ya ask me..

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