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Non-Oatmeal Stuff #12: Vacation Post September 6, 2008

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I highly do not remember the dates for these meals, so I’m just going to guess:

August 26



Congee with mushrooms, rice, celery, ginger, minced meat [pork?] and oysters! Dad made this–it was really good~

August 27



Heheh. Instant noodles. With chicken wings and veggies. I think this was a late lunch and that’s why we had a smaller meal?

Anyway, that doesn’t matter ’cause bubble tea followed as a snack!


It is tres awesome that mom knows how to make this stuff. Best bubble tea ever.

August 28

Oatmeal #102: Bubble Tea


There were leftover tapioca from bubble tea–so I put them to good use! :mrgreen:

 oatmeal-aug28_08 (1)


  • Strawberries
  • chocolate chips
  • tapioca [2 tbsp?]
  • 3 glutinous rice balls
  • blanched almonds + walnuts
  • 1 cup tea + 0.25 cup milk
  • oats

Post-run snack:


I think I ran on the day I ate this, but I’m not sure? Either way–yams!



Mom made the round rice ball things, and we bought the dumplings from a store, but I was in charge of cooking everything 😀 

One last bowl of sweet walnut soup with glutinous rice balls for dessert at night:



August 29

Oatmeal #103: Sweet Walnut Soup

Thank god for leftovers:


My breakfast on the morning of my flight to California. I didn’t have time to cook the oats, so I just dumped raw oats into the walnut soup and ate the rest of the leftover fruits for breakfast. 

Anyway, the pictures that follow aren’t the complete set–the rest of the food pictures are on my friends’ cameras, and they haven’t uploaded the pictures yet–so food from the first 2 days [in Pasadena] aren’t here yet!

Check out the stuff that got me through 3 breakfasts + 1 lunch in Anaheim:


Had this for breakfast every morning–not the best thing for me, but better that than nothing?

Also, apparently I’m friends with people who don’t need to eat–therefore I pretty much subsisted on that stuff the entire day at Disneyland until dinner time. Ridiculous. [I had a good time nonetheless, but why do we have to skip food?!]

Bought a pomegranite paradise smoothie with a free daily vitamin boost [don’t know whether this really is what it is–but given the nutritious meals I had during the day, I figured I had nothing to loose] from Jamba Juice that night, originally as my dinner, but then I realized I’d rather have real dinner food, so I had some form of soup [really salty, I had to dump over half a cup of water in the thing to tame it] , and saved the rest of my smoothie for breakfast the next day:


With a banana! I was so happy I could cry.

 bkfast-sep3_08 (1)

That stuff is really red…

Stolen hotel goods:




I’m so glad I saved enough $$ for this. On the left, wild rice salad with chicken and veggies, in the middle–pasta salad, on the right–fruit salad. All for $4.99!

Dinner was airport food, but still a lot better than what I’ve been having in the past couple of days:


I had enough $$ to buy something to drink, so I got a tall sweetened ice coffee:

 dinner-sep3_08 (1)

I had to keep going back to add more milk, since I like my coffee to be creamy 😀

So I’m back in school now, and dad flew from BC to help me move stuff into my dorm. He stayed in this inn that offered free breakfast. So of course I was all over that–I mean, check this out:


And that’s just one part of it! [I was too self-conscious to take any more pictures 😛 ]

My breakfast this morning:


I went back for half a piece of pound cake and a bit more milk 😀 Great stuff!

All caught up on meals! I think I still have some oatmeal pictures left on my home computer, but I’m not going to worry about those too much. Anyway, tomorrow’s breakfast is very exciting because I’ll be having oatmeal for the first time in 5 days! I think I’ll go to sleep early tonight so breakfast will arrive earlier 😀



1. Megan - September 6, 2008

Glad to have you back and to see all your meals. Tapioca balls and bubble tea are great!!! I bet you will be so happy to have oatmeal again!

2. VeggieGirl - September 6, 2008

Oooh, Oatmeal #102 AND 103 look amazing – yum!!

Good luck with school!!

3. Danielle - September 7, 2008

Yum, yum, and yum… and now I have more oatmeal to look forward to?! When did everything decide to go right in the world 😉

4. eatingbender - September 7, 2008

Whew! Glad to have you back – and sounds like you had a fun trip, minus the fact that your fellow travelers didn’t have appetites!

I love bubble tea! You are SO lucky that your mom knows how to make it at home!! And Jamba is always amazing, too…

Can’t wait for more OATMEAL!

5. wholefoodswholeme - September 7, 2008

i love congee! and bubble tea!! i’ so jealous your mum can make it!!! i always like the giant fat straws that come with bubble tea too 🙂 and that walnut soup look wow. you’ve had some fantastic eats!

6. Kristie - September 7, 2008

Those are some crazy meals you’ve got going on there! You eat the most unique things. And I’m totally jealous of the fact that your mom can make her own bubble tea. YUM.

I never understand how some people can go all day WITHOUT eating! It doesn’t make sense to me! And yet there seem to be a lot of people who are perfectly fine skipping meals and don’t even think about it. I need my regular meals thank you very much!

7. Sagan - September 7, 2008

Homemade bubble tea? Very cool!

Being away on holiday I’ve missed oatmeal too. But that free breakfast looks fantastic!

8. emily - September 7, 2008

how do you make those yams?

9. oatmeal - September 7, 2008

I know! It’s like…um hello are you a robot?! How are you able to ignore your growling stomach?!

Hope you’re able to get back on the oatmeal train soon! 😀

All we do is peel the yams, then boil them in a mixture of water + rock sugar + ginger slices. It’s AMAZING!

10. Josie - September 7, 2008

Bubble tea! Oh my word! Do you have the recipe?

11. oatmeal - September 7, 2008


My mom used a blend of orange pekoe and…earl grey? Not sure, but you can use whatever kind of tea you want 😀

The tapioca is store bought, but first you soak them, then boil them in a mixture of brown sugar + water.

Let everything cool down, then combine the two and add milk! 🙂

12. Josie - September 7, 2008

Great! I’ll definitely be trying that, thank you!

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