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Catch up party! October 18, 2008

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Don’t you love those?!

Oct. 6:


  • pumpkin, Muslix cereal, cinnamon, milk, walnuts, flax

After-gym snack:

Banana, greek yogurt, brown rice–if I had some PB this would have been perfect.



Soup with rice, chickpeas, kidney beans, spinach, broccoli. Boringgg did not like 😦

Oct. 7


  • Granny Smith apple, walnuts, apple juice, pumpkin

Oct. 8


  • Banana & PB!, black sesame, coconut, walnuts, flax, milk

Note the use of an actual bowl and using a cup like a cup is supposed to be used! :mrgreen: It was a glorious moment.



Vanilla [?] yogurt, cheerios, raw oats, huge loving splat of PB

dinner-oct8_08 (1)

Chili of some sort [vegetarian?], chickpeas, kidney beans, huge pile of broccoli. I think I went for seconds?

Oct. 9


  • Lipton Apple Manor tea, pumpkin, Muslix cereal, walnuts, cinnamon, milk

The tea smells really good and tastes very cinnamon-y! It’s always awesome when I find tea that’s not bland tasting~



PB&B sandwich, broccoli, chickpeas, kidney beans, parmesan cheese.

That’s all I’m going to post for now ’cause I have a commerce assignment due in….10 hours? 😛



1. VeggieGirl - October 18, 2008

WHOO HOO!!! Loved the party!! 😀

Oh my, I NEEEEEEED that PB&B sandwich – holy yum!!

Best of luck with your assignment, Carmen!!

2. coco - October 18, 2008

you’re a true oatmeal lover!!!!

3. wholefoodswholeme - October 18, 2008

your oatmeal always looks superb – so thick and creamy!! i need a tutorial!

i love that mammoth banana sandwich in the last pic 😉

4. Shelby - October 18, 2008

I love catch up parties! Especially yours because everything looks so yummy!

5. Roxana - October 18, 2008

Mmmmm that banana sandwich looks good 😉
All your oatmeals look soooo good. You have inspired me to buy pumpkin butter…and a can opener so I can actually buy canned pumpkin! lol

6. Megan - October 18, 2008

That was a fun catch up party!

7. teaescapade - October 19, 2008

WOW! Everything looks delicious. These are the things I would eat every day, but my family turns their nose up at. I have to figure out more ways to incorporate the things I love into our menu.

BTW-I have been vacillating back and forth about purchasing Greek Yogurt. How would you describe the taste?

8. jiaying - October 19, 2008

wow at the whole banana! ahaha wouldnt the sandwich be hard to eat?!

9. Sharon - October 20, 2008

ahaha, you’re dating back quite a bit missy. lol.
enjoy your day!!!

10. seeleelive - November 12, 2008


11. Jenna - October 23, 2009

love your blog! can’t wait to keep reading! i would love it if you could check mine out!

12. Julie - January 11, 2010

Could you tell me where you are able to purchase Lipton Apple Manor tea? Do you special order it ?…does it come in a variety pack?

oatmeal - February 3, 2010

Hi Julie,

I didn’t actually buy it–my school’s cafeteria gets them from somewhere and I just take it!

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