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This Post Has No Title October 27, 2008

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Because I’m not a clever blog title machine 😛

Anywhoo–I’m almost caught up! Now that midterms are mostly over [one more in November]–I can post somewhat regularly!

Oct 21


  • strawberries, banana, PB, milk, flax

I haven't had strawberries in my oatmeal since the summer!


Buckwheat noodles! If I had some mirin to put in soy sauce my life would have been complete. Still a good meal though!

Noodles, egg, cauliflower, chickpeas, kidney beans, rice seasoning, black pepper

Oct 22

  • strawberries, mocha, milk, walnuts, flax, cinnamon, ground ginger?

As for the tea--I have no clue what it is but it tastes great and I think it's passionfruit 'cause it smells really sweet...but I'm not sure! It was great though--the tea turned an awesome shade of red when I poured in the water! Highlight of my day 😀

My giant dinner:

Noodles, broccoli, carrots, beans, seasoning, black pepper?

Part II:

Turkey!!, cranberry stuffing!!!, carrots, beans

I was supposed to save this for Friday--but for some reason I was feeling ravenous that day, so I ate it :mrgreen: I ate 3 boxes [the 2nd box was unphotographed 'cause I didn't feel like it 😀 ] of vegetables--which is actually kinda awesome but I was so stuffed by the end D: I guess that's why you have to eat slowly so this doesn't happen 😛 

And no week is complete without:

Oct 23

Banana & PB!:D

  • cottage cheese, peach yogurt, flax, banana, pb

And Earl Grey~

Question: which is better--apples & PB or banana & PB?

I keep wanting to have apples & PB with oatmeal but the thought of not having banana with PB stresses me out too much 😛



1. maya - October 27, 2008

pb and strawberries in oatmeal…kinda like pbj:) your lunch looks great.i love buckwheat noodles!

2. coco - October 27, 2008

definitely banana & PB.

strawberries in oatmeal is my new obsession! love its flavor and color!

3. VeggieGirl - October 27, 2008


Banana & PB is waaaaaay better.

4. Roxana - October 27, 2008

banana and PB!!! although, I like banana and AB much better 😉

5. Kristie - October 28, 2008

Well now that first oatmeal bowl looks especially decadent. Strawberries make everything so darn pretty.

Choosing between APPLES and pb or BANANAS and pb? Worst decision to have to make ever! I guess I’d have to ultimately go with banana and pb. It just can’t be beaten. But apples and pb is what got me hooked on pb in the first place. Yummmmmm.

6. misstiffie - October 28, 2008

I love PB&Apples but banana&PB in oatmeal is aweeeesome!!!!!

7. Brain Games - October 28, 2008

Now I am hungry. I love Banana in oatmeal. I never tried strawberry on oatmeal but I may want to try it. Your right Banana & PB is awesome.

8. Josie - October 28, 2008

Apples & peanut butter oats is really good, especially if you add cinnamon/nutmeg/cloves and of course raisins!

9. Erin - October 28, 2008

I think banana and PB is way better, but I love them both!
Glad you’re back to procrastinating! I’m doing the same – I just call it working. 🙂

10. Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food) - October 29, 2008

Love the title! I had a post with a similar title once!

11. jenngirl - October 30, 2008

Bananas and pb!!!!! I’m the same way, there’s just no turning my back on that combo in the near future!

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