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Nutty Oats November 16, 2008

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Nov 12

A huge bowl of oats for the first all-nighter of the year! And you all know I celebrate in style 😀

oatmeal-nov12_08 (1)

  • banana, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, almonds, flax, milk

It was also the first time I’ve eaten pistachios since…a few years ago?! I wanted to put more pistachios in, but I suck so bad at opening those shells 😛 In the end, I got the idea to crack them open with my chem textbook–that’s putting my books to good use! :mrgreen:


It was glorious. Too bad I had to enjoy it in the context of UV damaged yeast…

Nov 13

Day 2 of All-Nighter-thon!



cheerios, all-bran, rice krispies, banana & PB + coffee

I never get full on cereal–so I grabbed more food:

Pumperknickel + hummus + broccoli

There was another piece of bread–but I ate it before taking the picture 😛

Before heading off to orgo, I grabbed a cup of Earl Grey for Energy.


Didn’t want to drink any more coffee! I think I had like…3 cups of coffee in the past two days–and I have never done that until now~

Post-Handing-In-Lab-Report Dinner:


Peas, mushrooms, broccoli, kidney beans, egg, cottage cheese!

I seriously felt 10x lighter after I came out from the lab! But I was quickly brought back to earth by a Commerce assignment that was due the next day D:

Off to do my homework! I have a feeling another all-nighter is in my future…



1. coco - November 16, 2008

oh…girl, you’re working so hard!!!!!! I’d never be able do work at night. I guess because i’m morning person and I’m more productive during day.

Your oatmeals are getting more and more interesting!!!!

2. VeggieGirl - November 16, 2008

My current blog post features a baked good with pistachios, miss – you might like it! 🙂

Ahhh, hang in there with all the work!!

3. Lindsay - November 16, 2008

awww good luck w/ the homework!

that bowl is a celebration of flavors!

4. Shelby - November 16, 2008

mmm, your oatmeal combinations always intrigue me

5. Megan - November 16, 2008

Love your oats! I hope all your assignments come to end soon so that you can get some rest!

6. Shannon - November 16, 2008

What a neat concept for your blog. Love oatmeal! Please tell me you’re not a chem. major. I was and it was torture. I’m glad I’m graduated and done!

7. Kristie - November 16, 2008

So those textbooks DO come in handy for something! 😛

I can’t believe all of your all-nighters. Yuck. I just can’t make myself do that. I just end up giving up on work. You’re a real trooper. Keep it up! I hope it’s over for you soon!

8. Jack - December 10, 2008

Opening those shells is apparently GOOD for you!


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