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Nutty Oats – Part III November 19, 2008

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It just occurred to me how appropriate it is that I have a Nutty Oats series on the blog the same time of year that I’m about to go nuts from a combination of homesickness and stress…see how hilarious I am? 😀

Nov 11

  • pumpkin seeds, walnuts, milk, coconut, flax, banana


Ever since I came up with the microwave pancakes, I’ve been craving them like crazy! I’m thinking of doing a savory pancake for dinner sometime 😀

Nov 15

  • raisin granola, goji berries, longans, flax, milk, cocoa, walnuts

I haven’t had granola with oats for a while!


Baba ghanoush, tomatoes, whole wheat english muffin, scrambled egg, kidney beans, chickpeas

Nov 16

No oats for breakfast!

English muffin with margarine, watermelon, and scrambled eggs.

Kinda refreshing to have a change from the usual routine! I think I’m going to try and have something different for breakfast once every week so I can have oatmeal at the cafeteria XD


Hummus, baba ghanoush, roasted red pepper sauce + bread, tuna, kidney beans, chickpeas, coffee

All-nighter snacks:


Fruits, pistachios, apple, and coffee.

Only my plan failed and I fell asleep…

Home stretch! Only one more week of classes left! When do you guys finish school for the holidays??



1. Megan - November 19, 2008

A savory oatmeal pancake sounds so good! I hope your last week of school work goes fast so you can get some rest!

2. VeggieGirl - November 19, 2008

Mmm, nutty goodness 😀

HELL YES FOR JUST ONE MORE WEEK OF CLASSES!!! Get excited!! 😀 I’m off for the holidays next Wednesday (a week from today – whoo hoo!!)

3. Maggie - November 19, 2008

Yay nuts 🙂

Only one more week! That’s crazy 🙂 And great! Hope your last week goes well.

4. coco - November 19, 2008

what’s baba ghanoush?
one more week for thanksgiving right? for holidays I think we end on december 18th.

5. maya - November 19, 2008

that pancake looks super amazing!

6. Angela - November 19, 2008

Omg I’m drooling over that pancake right now!!! 🙂 I’m gonna search for your microwave pancake recipe this second!!!!

7. eatingbender - November 20, 2008

That pancake looks SO good! Next week is also my last week of classes 🙂 Good thing it’s a short one!

8. Sophia - November 23, 2008

Just a quick question…are you Chinese?
Your oatmeal creations are awesome…They make me crave oatmeal all the time! But you seem to eat very little, and fill yourself up with veggies…are you on a diet?

9. oatmeal - November 23, 2008

It contains eggplants 😛 That’s the extent of what I know! People usually eat it as some sort of dip

And no, I’m not on a diet. I don’t photograph every bite I eat [and I eat a little at a time since I tend to get hungrier as I eat] so I guess it’s kind of misleading 😛 It’s true that I don’t eat meat very often–but I never was a huge meat-eating person~but when the cafeteria serves turkey loaf, I usually go to town on that stuff!

10. Jack - December 10, 2008

You just gave me the idea of adding pistachios to my trail mix. Usually it consists of almonds, raisins, and granola.. sometimes m&m’s. Pistachios would be a great treat.

I also just read here that if you leave the shell on you trick yourself into eating less, which is always good:


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