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awake 22 hours a day! November 23, 2008

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The other two is for napping πŸ˜› I just don’t have the willpower to pull an actual all-nighter–sorry guys, I guess I’m not that hardcore! :mrgreen:

Nov 17

  • vanilla yogurt, PB, flax, banana, chocolate almond granola bar

The key word here being chocolate. ❀

I was so stoked to see this being sold on campus! And pretty much any type of exciting food I see goes into my oatmeal the next day πŸ˜€

[and this is kinda gross, but I wonder what those noodle salads I like so much tastes like in oatmeal! I might have an off-the-side experiment on this one–although I probably won’t photograph it–I know when to have mercy on you guys :mrgreen: ]


Soup, english muffin, roasted red pepper hummus, crackers.

Small lunch 😦 The store didn’t have the turkey chili I was hoping they’d serve–so I ended up getting the only option they had–aka the vegetable soup. 


Acorn&butternut squash chili + egg + cottage cheese + carrots & peas

Chili currently owns a piece of my soul. And it’s even better with cottage cheese

Late-night snack:

Which means I had another all-nighter.

Bright side: the cranberry almond bar was good! I wish I had the foresight to buy some more food though 😦 [I was hoping that’d be a motivator in avoiding an all-nighter–but I guess life hates me…]

Nov 18


  • coffeeeeeee, cinnamon, ground ginger, flax, milk powder [ran out of real milk], honey almond granola bar,  walnuts, banana

I miss caffeinated oatmeal! Plus I needed fuel–and this provided me with 7 hours of it. Win! πŸ˜€

Back to work!



1. eatingbender - November 23, 2008

I can’t believe how many all nighters you have had to pull lately! Best of luck with it all – but I hope you’ll get a break for Thanksgiving, at least!

I love how you’re going to have “mercy” on us πŸ™‚ You must know I love your wacky experiments – that one sounds like a good one!

2. Maggie - November 23, 2008

You sound soooo busy! Hope things calm down soon! At least you have oatmeal πŸ™‚

3. coco - November 23, 2008

how could you only sleep 2 hours a day???? I’d be zumbi all day long~~~ hahaha…..well….your chocolate oatmeal looks so delicious!!!!!

4. VeggieGirl - November 23, 2008

Get some much-needed rest, girl!! πŸ™‚

5. Lindsay - November 23, 2008

22 hours?!!! get some sleep and rest up!

6. Shelby - November 23, 2008

Chocolate + Oats = HEAVEN!

7. Megan - November 23, 2008

Love all the eats! I sure hope things slow down soon so that you can get some rest!

8. Joanna - November 23, 2008

i have never pulled an all-nighter in my life!! haha so you aren’t alone. i’m not one of those people who can go on no sleep and function just fine.

your breakfast looks great. i love putting a chopped fruit/nut bar in my yogurt. it’s amazing.

9. Sweet Tooth - November 24, 2008

Hi! I stumbled across ur great blog in search of new and improved ways to enjoy healthy foods!! and…yes, like all the voices above, please get some sleep !! πŸ™‚ and also, i was wondering, what product is that roasted red pepper hummus??? i’m curious!! thanks~

10. oatmeal - November 24, 2008

Sweet Tooth
I believe the brand is called Summer Fresh πŸ™‚
Thanks for visiting!

11. seeleelive - November 24, 2008

congratulations on the all nighter (almost–close enough for me!!)

12. maya - November 25, 2008

looks so good chocolaty oats yum!..i love it! cooking a banana is good…i love it!

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