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Alcohol for breakfast December 27, 2008

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Dec 23:

Oatmeal #141: Irish Cream Oatmeal

  • 2 tsp Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur, 1 tsp instant coffee, 0.25 cup milk, 0.75 cup water, handful almonds & pine nuts, dash cinnamon, 1 tbsp wheat berries, 1 small banana

This is my first cup of Irish cream "coffee"! I saw the bottle of Bailey’s on the kitchen counter and my mom told me it was for putting in coffee…so naturally, the first thing I thought of was oatmeal. :mrgreen:

Only 2 tsp of the liqueur–but I could smell/taste it in every bite! Definitely will be having a variation of this later on.

Christmas eve:

  • grapes, almonds, almond extra, almond powder, wheatberries, milk, cinnamon

No banana in the house day #1! Good thing there were grapes, and good thing I had the foresight to wash an entire bag the night before so I wouldn’t have to wash any more the next morning!

I definitely like red grapes better than the green or the black kind. So much crunchier and sweeter! Which kind do you guys like better?



1. eatingbender - December 27, 2008

Haha I like your style πŸ™‚ Putting it in a coffee mug was a nice touch!

I definitely like red grapes the best – they taste the sweetest when they are frozen!

2. Olga - December 27, 2008

this is a bowl of oatmeal my guy friends could go for as well =]


3. Sharon - December 27, 2008

Hahaha, love your oatmeal.. wakes you up. πŸ˜‰

4. VeggieGirl - December 27, 2008

Lovin’ the “kicked up” bowl of oats!! πŸ˜€

5. julz - December 27, 2008

omg red grapies all the way! Especially the jumbo ones with the seeds! Farmers and cottage cheese are matches made in heaven for red grapes! I looooove nf farmers cheese! Similar to cc but much thicker drier and no sodium but more protein! Mmmmm my fave!

6. Neil Thomas - August 24, 2013

Black grapes for me for color and taste in oatmeal and whole grain cold cereal.

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