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Zoom! December 29, 2008

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After two years of camera ownage, I have finally discovered how to take closeups!



Here’s another one:


  • black glutinous rice, chopped almonds, banana, milk, quick oats

+ rice milk + milk mixed together

So good! The black rice is chewy and a little sweet–like a blend of wheatberries + normal rice!

And I think I’m going to chop up my almonds from now on–they last longer this way! 😛



Hot pot!

+ TV

dinner-dec28_08.jpg (1)

In the pot: Fish balls + tofu + shitake mushrooms + some abalone-looking mushroom

We dip this stuff in a mix of raw eggs, soy sauce, and satay sauce! ❤

I’m going to miss this at school 😦

This morning:

The same thing as yesterday morning–presented in a different way!

I added wheatberries today though~

More closeups!

Rice milk + milk again

Lunch just now:


x 1.5

It was good–but not very filling! Luckily for this:

Baked yams!

Mom made them 😀

I think she sprinkled some brown sugar on top–so they were extra sweet! The yellow ones are soooo awesome. Yams & sweet potatoes > potatoes any day!

Am currently going back and forth between lolcats and my homework and blogging. Iz mooti-taskin!



1. VeggieGirl - December 29, 2008

Lovin’ the food porn!! 😀

Good luck with your homework!!

2. Shelby - December 29, 2008

Yummy food!!! Gorgeous pictures =)

3. glidingcalm - December 29, 2008

hot pot looks amazing! great spread!

4. Dommi - December 30, 2008

Carmen, I am so glad I found your blog. I loove oatmeal; I have it almost every morning :]

I love how you used bananas for your breakfast: sliced, in a cup, and sprinkled with almonds. The presentation is great, it looks like a cool way to use bananas.

Good luck with your homework and glad you discovered the close-up feature (haha), it gives a new dimension to your pictures.

5. Sharon - December 30, 2008

Oh I love hot pot! So much fun!

6. eatingbender - December 30, 2008

I love the new zooooooom 🙂 Gorgeous pictures of yummy eats! Those yams look so good! And lolcats iz hilariooos!

7. maya - December 30, 2008

those oats look so delicious!

8. Lindsay - December 30, 2008


9. Nora - April 9, 2009

what is this close-up feature? i’d like to learn about it! can you leave a comment on my blog to let me know i’d really appreciate it!

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