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Oatmeal Break! December 30, 2008

Posted by oatmeal in Breakfast, Non-Oatmeal Stuff.

Been craving warm, buttery, crispy toast!

Buttered toast, dark chocolate syrup [made in the trusty microwave!] on a huge sliced banana, rice milk + milk

I ended up being able to only eat one piece of toast 😛 Possibly because I added some almonds:

Chocolate almonds = new favorite snack!

All that was missing was ice cream! How amazing would having banana splits for breakfast be?! Too bad I didn’t think of that til now



1. Sagan - December 30, 2008

I like the shapes in this one:D

Butter on bread/toast is so so so good.

2. Lindsay - December 30, 2008

mmmmmmmmm i SO love the dark melted chocolate EVERYWHERE – yummmmmmm!

3. Sharon - December 30, 2008

Oh my gosh! YUM!

4. VeggieGirl - December 30, 2008


5. Shelby - December 30, 2008

I love toast, it’s so simple and thoughtless but amazingly delicious.

6. Meg - December 30, 2008

Love the chocolate on the banana!

7. Kristie - December 31, 2008

I love your newly discovered closeup photographying ability. The pics are goooorgeous.
I also love me some plain toast. I hardly ever eat it and I don’t know why because it is SO good and comforting! I used to eat plain toast all the time!

8. Sophia - January 1, 2009

mmmm looks good~ I ate lots of different sorts of toasts today too!
amazing photography…how DO you do close-ups?

9. oatmeal - January 1, 2009

I think the key is just really good lighting! My closeups turn out so much better when I have really bright lights around 😀

10. Rachel - January 6, 2009

Have you seen kath eats real food’s banana split oatmeal? I think it’d be up your alley 🙂

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