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Pseudo-post April 12, 2009

Posted by oatmeal in Snack.

This is a procrastination post–probably not a good time to do it since my anatomy final is tomorrow…
2 weeks and 1 day til I get to go home! Can’t wait to start eating exciting oatmeal again, yo~ I’ve been having PB & B & cocoa oatmeal every single day–not that there’s anything wrong with this, but remember when I used to have strawberries every now and then? Yeah.

Cereal, banana, PB, yogurt

This picture is from a few months ago! The cafeteria don’t serve greek yogurt no more 😦

It seems like I’ve been really behind in all of your blogs! But this will end once exams are over~whee~
In the mean time: your summer plans! What are they?



1. VeggieGirl - April 12, 2009


Summer plans = traveling all over!!

2. Sharon - April 12, 2009

Hope all goes well!
Summer? Splurge of the moment, but I’m heading back home to my hometown for sure, can’t wait!

3. coco - April 12, 2009

good luck on your exam!

4. Meg - April 12, 2009

Good luck on your exam.

We have a trip to Colorado planned.

5. Sarah - April 22, 2009

Summer plans=hopefully working and maybe summer classes?

BUT, on the plus side, plenty of time at the beach, biking, running, and just enjoying the warm weather (finally!) 🙂

6. Cha-cha - May 20, 2009

hey, you’re back!
I like your blog a lot.

I’m trying to get a job in a restaurant, so can cook or serve food!
how about you?

7. Lian - May 22, 2009

hi !
recently found your blog .. i looove it
are you going to update again anytime soon ? ^__^


8. Pearl - June 18, 2009

good luck with your exams! i wish i had discovered your blog sooner!

9. plmm0717 - June 18, 2009

inspirational ..!!!

10. Rebeca - July 14, 2009

where are you carmen? you’re missed!

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