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Served With a Side of Sleep Deprivation November 30, 2009

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Saturday’s breakfast

At the lab! Second day of torturing people running overnight sessions in a row–keepin’ awakin’ by watching TV and blogging at the same time! I tried to study but it’s all boring me to sleep…

Anyway I haven’t had coconut in my oatmeal for a while now and kind of miss it! So I decided to buy some and look! There it is on the oatmeal!

0.5 cup oats, 0.25 cup water, 0.25 cup milk
1 tbsp wheat germ, 1 tbsp flax
0.5 banana
0.25 cup plain yogurt
bit of cocoa and coffee powder
pumpkin seeds, peanuts, sunflower seeds
1 tsp coconut

Duuuude I love banana oatmeal and all, but after having frozen bananas, I can’t go back to the heated and stirred in version! There’s just something about frozen bananas that’s so awesome. And if you pair it with yogurt, the awesomeness explodes because it just can’t be contained in one tiny little bowl! But a random frozen half of a banana doesn’t look so photogenic so I decided to suck it up and nuked the thing.

And yes…there are a lot of pictures of this one bowl! I can’t resist good lighting dudes. And I also really really did not want to study…

Oh and I should note that mixing cocoa and french vanilla coffee together in the oatmeal makes the best smell ever! It smells like those chinese egg waffle things that I used to be obsessed with when I was a kid. I kid you not!

Last photo!

Oh my god I’m so hungry right now…I don’t bring food with me to the lab because my participants can’t eat so I shouldn’t eat so as not to stress them out…[I feel like I mentioned this before…] And I always have the biggest oatmeal craving that starts around 3 or 4 a.m. and then combines with a growling stomach all the way until 7 frickin’ a.m.!!!! 😦

1 hour and 21 minutes til I can go home and eat!



1. balancejoyanddelicias - November 30, 2009

what? do you work at night in the lab? what kind of experiment do you do to people? tasting oatmeal? 🙂
that creation looks delicious!!!

oatmeal - December 2, 2009

Hahah I wish!
I’m doing my honours thesis for undergrad this year in a sleep lab, and my topic has something to do with drinking water, sleepiness, and simulated driving performance! It’s actually a super awesome topic to study, but so tiring!

I should totally do a study on how oatmeal affects sleepiness though–would fit so well with the theme of my blog! :mrgreen:

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