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Christmas in February February 3, 2010

Posted by oatmeal in Breakfast.

I took these pictures in December but was too lazy to upload them til now!

Peppermint mocha from Starbucks! I love the Christmas drinks and wish they serve them year round because they’re awesome. There’s actual chocolate sprinkles in there! I’m so tempted to go buy some peppermint extract and re-create this myself ’cause it’s SO good!

Beauty shot:

Yay! 😀
So glad my housemate decided to get coffee after dinner that time ’cause otherwise I would have been oblivious to this wonder forever!
And check out the cup, eh? I wish it was Christmas right now 😦

Also, cream cheese with bread and fruit totally owns my life. Unfortunately you need a lot of cream cheese in order to stand out against the oatmeal so I don’t usually have it for breakfast, but with nice, crunchy toast it’s amazing! I love cheese!

Anyway, between the intense house drama between my housemates, and this intense workload that comes out of no where around midterm season [always usually due to putting work off til the last minute], my final semester sure isn’t boring! In fact, I’m pulling an all-nighter homework session to celebrate! Maybe it’s time for another trip to Starbucks

[instant coffee doesn’t have as strong an effect as actual coffee–anyone else notice this?? Oh and while on subject of coffee–anyone know what type of coffee is the strongest??? I have some all-nighters in my future and need all the help I can get!]



1. Sam - February 3, 2010

haha, i know what you mean about putting things off ’til last minute, but it makes life so much more exciting that way! haha

And on the coffee, dunkin donuts coffee is the strongest, i know from experience and i read it in a men’s magazine (so it must be true.) It’s kind of expensive, but i got a free sample of it in the mail and it had me twitching for hours… But if you have a dunkin donuts near you, you could just taste test it before you made a commitment.

And i like cheese too, but i prefer cottage cheese, but cream cheese and locks on a bagel is a family favorite, so i scarf it down whenever we get some.

And i know i’m rambling. But i miss Christmas too. I decided to play miss 50s housewife and baked all these cookies to hand out as presents and i totally wish i was back there (but this time with a ruffly apron)

oatmeal - February 3, 2010

Haha that’s so true! Get your adrenaline fix by putting your future success on the line! XD

Really? Interesting–thanks for the tip! I’m not sure if there’s Dunkin Donuts in Canada, but I’m gonna have to look for it! What about Seattle’s Best Coffee? I think that’s the stuff the McDonald’s serve~

Ah I like cream cheese, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese–I think the one type of cheese I’ve tried that I didn’t like was swiss cheese and maybe blue cheese [if the salad dressing is any indicator of the cheese’s taste]. But cream cheese on a toasted bagel = AWESOME.

No worries about rambling because CHRISTMAS IS AWESOME! And yummm I wish I knew you in real life so I could snag some cookies ❤ 😀

2. Vivi - February 4, 2010

i’m so glad you finally decided to post! I’m new to your blog and i totally love it! In case one day you wonder if there was any purpose to all of this blog, remember this: You made someone happy by introducing them to oatmeal 😀 I never really liked it that much until i started playing with it like you do!

Cheese is the AWESOMEST!!! And i totally agree with the bagel + cream cheese thing… the best! It’s too bad bagels are hard to find and probably way too expensive in Paris.. 😦

On the coffee subject: i’m completely ignorant. I just started drinking it last year (with milk and sugar).

Hope to hear from you again soon.

oatmeal - February 9, 2010

Thanks for your comment! 😀 It makes me want to go run out and take pictures RIGHT NOW but unfortunately I have to prepare for my seminar 😦 But I’ll definitely try to post more frequently! Glad you like oatmeal now because, seriously, how could you not? :mrgreen:

Really! Didn’t know bagels weren’t a common thing in Paris–next time you visit Canada or the states or something load up on bagels and stick ’em in your freezer–and you’ll be all set with a bagel supply for at least a year 😀

3. Sphinged - February 6, 2010

I don’t know about kinds of coffee…
What I do know is that longer exposure to high temperatures makes the bean release more caffeine. That’s why instant coffee isn’t as powerful as the ‘real’ stuff. Try brands that need to steep for 15-20 minutes or more.

Oh, and switch to decaf (or teas) on days that you don’t need to be awake as long. That way you’ll get more of a punch out of the caffeine on days that you do have it.

4. jen - February 7, 2010

the lighter the roast the more caffiene. so starbucks mild would have the most and lattes the least

5. Sagan - February 9, 2010

Ooh that cup IS so festive!

My favourite way to eat cream cheese is in a sandwich. Smear cream cheese on one side, hummus on the other, pile it high with vegetables and a few apple slices, and grill it in the George Foreman. The hummus and cream cheese melt together and it’s so much oozy goodness! I love it.

Sam - February 10, 2010

:O <– me, speechless

oatmeal - February 10, 2010

Same here!


6. Cheryl - February 17, 2010

peppermint leaf tea, i little sweetner, and soymilk….UM

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