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June 28, 2011

Posted by oatmeal in Dinner.

Booo I’m out of oatmeal, and there’s no microwave in my dorm  so no oatmeal for a while!  However am going on vacation next Friday  so I’ll try to take lots of food pictures!

Speaking of food–last Wednesday some friends and I went to Rangoli, which is owned by the same person that owns Vij’s–apparently a really famous Indian restaurant! [The owner came out to greet us and went around to talk to customers–totally felt like I just met someone famous] We originally planned on going to the latter but the seating was full so we went to the one next door.

Lamb, Beef and Lentil Kebabs with date-tamarind chutneyMan these were spicy. I totally wasn’t expecting that, and me being a total newb when it comes to spicy foods, starts spitting fire after the first few bites. The waiter notices the way I chugged my water when he refilled my glass and felt bad for me I guess ’cause he offered me some yogurt and some mango drink to help. El. Oh. El. I was embarrassed but service sure is excellent!

Dessert was the rice pudding with almonds & cardamon–SO GOOD. I need to get some rice pudding stat.

Anyway back to work!



1. Ash - July 20, 2011

come back to us! lol

2. cihan - September 10, 2011

ı think is good lamb meat

3. banu - September 10, 2011

oo its a delicious

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