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Breakfast Challenge: Last Day! June 5, 2008

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Breakfast in the Philippines and PB & B

strawberry&banana “champorado”, peanut butter & banana

Made some adjustments to the chocolate rice ’cause I have no sweet rice–just regular rice. And I wanted colors!–hence the fruits :mrgreen: I was so excited to have this ’cause I haven’t eaten this in ages–even though it doesn’t taste the same–chocolate is chocolate! 😀

Now I know how to make chocolate milk!

Went for a run about an hour and a half after my breakfast [plus some peanut butter :-P] Wasn’t as energized as I would have liked…I think it may have been the peanut butter…or maybe just my motivation problems~but at least I got through it 😀

Baked beans over rye bread toast

Before lunch, I did some baking!

coffee granola!

I only added half a teaspoon of coffee powder for 1 cup of granola–couldn’t really taste the coffee, but smells like it 😀 Although I should have baked them longer than 17 minutes next time…either that or turn up the heat on the oven :\

Polenta & potato scone cereal

I broke up two potato scones and ate it as cereal because I can :mrgreen: I liked it, of course! But needed more than 1/4 cup of milk, that’s for sure.

I also cut up the polenta I made yesterday and ate it as “cake”–with yogurt & cherry-blueberry jam filling! Made for messy eating, and the flavor was a little plainer than expected…so next time I’m just going to just chop up the polenta and throw it in a giant pool of yogurt 😀

Soup & Instant Cereal

Blueberry-blackberry “soup” topped with some of the coffee granola I made before lunch. Wasn’t too sweet at all–it would have made a great dessert–but I couldn’t wait that long so it became entree :mrgreen:

And so for “dessert”: instant cereal packet [with lots of water added–’cause it’s always too sweet] with chopped apples thrown in.

Soup’s done!

And so is the breakfast challenge! 😦

It’s been fun, sugary, and peanut-buttery. 😀 This is definitely going to become a tradition! And shoutout to Jenn for doing this challenge with me! Now if I can convert some of my offline friends to breakfast-ism…


Breakfast Challenge: Day 4 June 4, 2008

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Mocha berries

Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, sugar, coffee powder, cocoa, 1% milk

Three different kinds of berries! How exciting is that? Sad news is that I used up the last of my strawberries 😦 Have to wait til Friday til I can see what type of fruits I can get for sale price!

Anyway~coffee & chocolate & fruits definitely go together! And the berries look so bright & colorful against the chocolae-coffee oatmeal!
Couldn’t stop staring that that very blue blueberry!

Forgot to add the walnuts when the first picture was taken 😛

Italian breakfast

I made polenta! Was so excited for this ’cause I went on a 1 hour 20 minute walk [back and forth :D] for a bag of cornmeal just so I could experience the wonders of polenta :mrgreen:

After 40 minutes of hardcore stirring!

Not sure how much water to add so I kept adding the water til 40 minutes was over :mrgreen: Guess now that I’ve had the full polenta experience, I can just use the low heat trick from now on!

Apparently Austrians eat polenta for breakfast too!

Polenta with milk, apples, and a little bit of sugar. Plus 2 potato scones [I went for seconds 😀 ] with plain yogurt & jam!

Pain au chocolat & pumpkin pie rice

Finished the day off with my own version of the french chocolate sandwich–using banana and cocoa powder, spread over a piece of toasted rye bread [they were on sale]! Was too lazy to get a new spoon to scoop the cocoa powder with so I made a mess 😛

Had my meal with a cup of Bolthouse Farms vanilla chai drink mixed with water.

The pumpkin pie rice [topped with all-bran & soy nuts as the “crust”] wasn’t as sweet as I hoped…so I threw in the bananas left over from the chocolate bread 😀 Was a very filling meal! Although I think I’m going to take a short hiatus from pumpkin for a while!

Tomorrow’s the last day of the challenge! Can’t believe it’s almost over already–the five days are just flying by!

Breakfast Challenge: Day 3 June 3, 2008

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Japanese breakfast

Since I like japanese food so much, I decided to have breakfast in japanese style–rice, fish, green tea, and miso soup! Of couse, I don’t have all the resources available to make it a traditional breakfast…like natto and pickled veggies…and I didn’t grill my fish ’cause I don’t have a grill! 😛 I also used instant miso soup packets.

But yar anyway, it was really strange eating things like soup and fish for breakfast! I guess it’s a refreshing change from the sweet stuff I normally eat 😀 And the rice tasted so good–I seasoned it with rice vinegar and some japanese rice seasoning~can’t wait to make it again!

Scottish breakfast

Potato scones! Although I did alter the recipe slightly and opted for baking instead of pan frying ’cause my baking sheet is so much easier to wash than an oily pan!

Before baking:

After baking:

Guess the next time I use a recipe that calls for pan frying when I’m baking, I should add more flour! The scones were quite mushy even after I flipped them over and sprinkled more flour on them to bake~they were delicious though 😀 But they tasted more like cake than scones!

I had two slices with peanut butter and jam, and on the side I had half a cup all-bran cereal with milk and chopped pears mixed in!

Experiment #33: Veggie Oatmeal – Part II

Pumpkin, blueberry, zucchini, egg, walnuts, 1% milk, cinnamon, ground ginger, sugar

The bowl smelled predominantly of cinnamon–I find that once you add cinnamon to a dish, the smell covers everything else. Not that it’s a bad thing–but I never noticed it til now! And I didn’t even add that much cinnamon! Weird~

I’ve been looking forward to this all day, ’cause I don’t usually cook oatmeal on stove top, and if I do, I don’t throw in the fruits to cook! So that was kinda cool 😀 Tried tons of new things today!

Breakfast Challenge: Day 2 June 2, 2008

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Rice cereal

milk, strawberries, sugar, blackberries, walnuts, brown&white rice

I’ve been wanting to try this for a really long time–subbing rice for oatmeal! The rice is chewier than oatmeal and less creamy, but still tasted great! If I had microwaved the rice, it would have been even better~

After lab and running, I ate a ton of peanut butter:

Any fruit + PB = ADDICTION. The amount of PB I had was enough to last me for 2.5 hours, so I didn’t end up having lunch til 11: 30, and even then I wasn’t really even that hungry! But I wanted to go for a walk before I had to go to the lab again so I ate anyway.

Yogurt toast, instant cereal

I actually ended up having 2 pieces of toast–both topped with plain yogurt & 0.5 tsp blueberry-cherry jam! It was like bread pudding 😀

The instant cereal is blue ’cause I added some frozen blueberries

Experiment #32: Soy nuts

soy nuts, potatoes, milk, peach, banana

The oats smell like flour–I have no clue why! Usually they smell more like glutinous rice~oh well–it smelled really good anyway 😛

And I’m absolutely addicted to this bag of unsalted toasted soy nuts that I bought a few days ago [it was on sale! :D]–so crunchy and delicious! A lot more crunchier than the walnuts I usually have with my oats. Yummeh!

Having oatmeal for dinner is so exciting!

Breakfast Challenge: Day 1 June 1, 2008

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Experiment #31: Veggie Oatmeal

Didn’t take a picture, but I added some walnuts later on–I’d forgotten to put them in before!

carrots, corn, zucchini, cinnamon, 1% milk, 0.5 tsp sugar, 1 tsp whipping cream

I figured–we have carrot cake, corn muffins, and zucchini bread, so these veggies probably wouldn’t taste weird with oatmeal that’s been sweetened with sugar! And I was right :mrgreen: The carrots gave an otherwise mushy bowl some extra sweetness and crunch at the same time! As an added bonus, the mixture was bright, colorful, and nice to look at! I’d have it again 😀

UGH. Had trouble sleeping again, so I was awake at 1: 12 a.m.–I managed to make myself stay in bed til 2: 30…yeah…so I did quite a bit of snacking between my bowl of oatmeal and lunch :p Didn’t take pictures, but I had coffee, then a banana about two hours later, then soy nuts another hour or two later! Hahah I snack so much 😛

Before I left to meet my friend to walk to the grocery store, I made a cup of pumpkin pie yogurt:

With a bit of sugar, vanilla extract, ground ginger, and cinnamon for flavor, and all-bran cereal “crust” 😀

Cereal & Toast

Lunch was rushed ’cause we left for the grocery store 15 minutes later than I expected D: [It takes 1 hour 20 minutes to walk to and back from the grocery store that we were going to!] That’s too bad ’cause I was excited to be eating cereal at lunch! It’s a good thing I planned a relatively simple meal:

Half a cup of 1% milk and all-bran cereal with a gala apple. Then I toasted a piece of whole wheat toast and spread some blueberrycherry jam on top. It was a surprisingly filling lunch–given how hungry I was!

Beans & toast, breakfast sushi

Was starving and exhausted by dinner time–I blame it on the 4 hours of sleep that I got…

On the plate: A piece of toast topped with baked beans, kidney beans, and romano beans. Apparently it’s a common thing to eat at breakfast in Australia! Can’t believe I’d never thought to do that before~

On the bowl to the right: scrambled egg with eggplant cubes, sunflower seeds, and sushi rice [brown&white rice with rice vinegar]. Since I didn’t microwave the leftover rice I made two days before–it really did taste like sushi!

The drink is Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai mixed with water

Peanut butter fondue

Bought a new jar of all-natural PB today ’cause it was on sale!

I eat PB out of the jar because I can 😀

My goal’s to try and keep this PB jar around for at least 3 weeks–not sure how successful I’m going to be though!

Haha I’m glad Jenn‘s also doing this challenge with me so that when I tell people about it, I wouldn’t sound so much like a weirdo :mrgreen: And if anyone out there is crazy enough to join us–please do so!

Experiment #30: TBA May 30, 2008

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Guess the secret ingredient!

Hint: it’s not really that much of a secret 😛

Could actually hardly taste the ingredient, actually–’cause it’s so similiar to oatmeal! The bowl smelled really good–kinda like rice, but with a little extra something 😀

The peach and blueberries gave the bowl a good amount of sweetness, but I think it would have been even better with either more sugar or some bananas!

For yesterday’s dinner, I had pasta again! I heart le spaghetti:

zucchini, onions, black beans, carrots, broccoli, Red Wine & Herb sauce

This morning I went on another 20 minute run by the lake and the neighborhood! Did it all without stopping, and by the end I still had a good amount of energy left–so I ran the rest of the way home 😀 I had a banana and finished off my tub of yogurt:

Complete with cherries [at the second layer] and strawberries!

And tonight, I cooked eggplants for the very first time!

I bought them ’cause they were on sale and I’ve been wanting to eat it for a long time. So while I was at the lab I decided to google up some stuff about eggplants and found out that apparently it’s got nicotine in it and I was like…crap. 😛 So I got nervous and looked up a bunch of stuff about how to prepare and cook it…and most of the sites said you had to salt, rinse, and then pat them dry–so that’s what I did, except I got overly excited with the salt :mrgreen:

Oh! Bergine!

Baked them for about 15 minutes ’cause I wanted to make sure they were cooked! They tasted nice and chewy. Could have done with less salt though! But I liked it 😀 Had 2 small slices of it with my dinner:

white&brown rice with rice vinegar, broccoli, carrots, onions, black beans, eggplants, zucchini

With 0.25 cup of some vanilla chai drink [my housemate bought it] mixed with water ’cause it was really sweet

Breakfast Challenge: Update
Start date has been postponed to Sunday because of reasons 😀 But this works out great for me since I’m not really sure how I could have incorporated all that eggplant I made into breakfast anyway! [I could put them in oatmeal…but the amount of salt I had going on in the eggplant would have tasted really weird with fruits and other things! Maybe someone with a more adventurous palate than I can try it and tell me how that works out :mrgreen: ]

Experiment #28: Chocolate-Pumpkin Pudding Oatmeal May 27, 2008

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pumpkin, cocoa, sugar, bananas, walnuts, Kellogg’s All-Bran cereal

This is the combo I thougt of as I was lying in bed at 1: 30 ish a.m. trying to get back to sleep. I ended up getting up at 1: 44 and heading downstairs to create this…since I’d been lying in bed for about 2 hours~roar, I hate not being able to sleep…I probably got about 2 hours of sleep today…:(

But anyway! It was a good breakfast. Less sweet than what I normally go for, ’cause it only contained one sweet fruit instead of two, but still good! The bran cereal and walnuts made for nice crunchiness, and the pumpkin & banana made it feel like I was eating pudding! Crunchy pudding XD

So even though I was feeling a little crap-tastic due to not being able to sleep and the fact that my soy milk has gone bad despite the fact that the expiry date says “June 4”, the breakfast elevated my mood a little. Like I said–oatmeal is better than therapy! 😀

Anywhoo, yesterday my friend and I had plans to go out for dinner, so I ate the rest of my leftover rice for lunch instead:

With the last of my bean sprouts!!!!! 😀 😀 So exciting!
Also contained shitake mushrooms, some black gel looking thing that I don’t know the name of [mom brought it over..it’s some sort of veggie…??], chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, romano beans, carrots, onions, brown&white rice, and four slices of raw tomatoes. The drink is a veggie soup with a very tiny bit of chicken bouillon added for flavor!

Dinner was awesome–my friend and I went to this vietnamese-thai restaurant that my mom and I discovered when walking back from the grocery store. I had the same beef noodles that I had last time–so good! And for dessert, we bought ice cream! I haven’t had that stuff in the longest time, so I was excited! I had the chocolate & strawberry flavor, she had a scoop of berries&vanilla, and a scoop of caramel & chocolate in a waffle cone. Nothing beats eating ice cream while walking!

I discovered a new favorite snack last Wednesday

blueberries, blueberries, walnuts, Kellogg’s All-Bran Original, 2% milk

Totally forgot I took this picture!
Anyway, I hadn’t had cereal with milk in a while since oatmeal has dominated my life [even more so than before!] so I decided to have some, but with berries & walnuts! I forgotten how much I lurve all-bran.

Breakfast all day, everyday!
Oh oh, and y’know how I publically declared my love for breakfast foods and I’d totally eat that stuff at every meal in this entry? Well I’m going to do it! Starting this Saturday, ’cause Friday is grocery shopping day 😀 I’m going to aim for 5 days instead of one week ’cause there aren’t enough resources in Kingston and ’cause I don’t want to saturate my affinity for morning food 😛

[Jenn, you were the one who dared me to do it! I dare you to do this dare with me! XD]