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aaargh June 10, 2011

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I don’t know where my camera cord went!!! 😦 I just can’t find it. Hence inability to update!

image from tumblrBut here’s a short list of how I’ve been eating my oatmeal lately:

1. splenda + teddy grahams + milk
2. chocolate protein powder + hot chocolate powder + milk
3. coffee + hot chocolate powder + milk
4. curry!! + milk

(all of the above + cinnamon!)

Not very healthy lately, but super quick!

And I’ve renewed my love for craisins as of this morning so I’m going to try that next!


stocked up! February 16, 2011

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FINALLY bought some oatmeal! Now that I’ve found the cord for my cellphone I can at least upload pictures using that. Hopefully I’ll find my camera cord soon so I’ll be able to take some nice pictures! My residence has a huge window that provides lots of natural light!

Reliably updating once more January 2, 2011

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Got an email from wordpress with my 2010 stats for this blog…which reminded me of its existence.

And yes, I still eat oatmeal. My latest concoction involves salad dressing and I like it. Maybe post soon?

Christmas in February February 3, 2010

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I took these pictures in December but was too lazy to upload them til now!

Peppermint mocha from Starbucks! I love the Christmas drinks and wish they serve them year round because they’re awesome. There’s actual chocolate sprinkles in there! I’m so tempted to go buy some peppermint extract and re-create this myself ’cause it’s SO good!

Beauty shot:

Yay! 😀
So glad my housemate decided to get coffee after dinner that time ’cause otherwise I would have been oblivious to this wonder forever!
And check out the cup, eh? I wish it was Christmas right now 😦

Also, cream cheese with bread and fruit totally owns my life. Unfortunately you need a lot of cream cheese in order to stand out against the oatmeal so I don’t usually have it for breakfast, but with nice, crunchy toast it’s amazing! I love cheese!

Anyway, between the intense house drama between my housemates, and this intense workload that comes out of no where around midterm season [always usually due to putting work off til the last minute], my final semester sure isn’t boring! In fact, I’m pulling an all-nighter homework session to celebrate! Maybe it’s time for another trip to Starbucks

[instant coffee doesn’t have as strong an effect as actual coffee–anyone else notice this?? Oh and while on subject of coffee–anyone know what type of coffee is the strongest??? I have some all-nighters in my future and need all the help I can get!]

Breakfast for Lunch, Lunch for Breakfast December 6, 2009

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Breakfast food for lunch!

I recently got back into adding corn to my oats! It gives the whole thing texture and chewiness–which is always awesome. I started craving corn during one of my overnight sessions at the lab–further proof that sleep deprivation does strange things to you. But I’m all done running people for this semester so it’s full sleep ahead [haha–look at me! I’m funny! :mrgreen: ] from now on!

0.5 cup oats, dried milk, chocolate powder, ~0.5 tsp ground ginger
2 tbsp wheat bran, 1 tbsp flax
0.5 frozen banana [not pictured]
1 tsp unsweetened shredded coconut
0.25 cup corn, 0.25 cup pumpkin
~0.5 cup plain yogurt
pumpkin seeds

Frozen banana and yogurt together is the BEST! I used to cook my oats with the banana in it but ever since I started freezing the bananas and having it on top instead, I can never go back! Cooked banana tastes too bland to me now!

And guess what I had for breakfast yesterday?

Mac & cheese! [with an entire raw red pepper] It was glorious.

I haven’t had this stuff in ages and when I saw boxes of this stuff on sale for $0.50 I had to buy some [3 boxes, to be exact]! My exam time meals are going to be so freaking magnificient.

2 weeks and ! day til I get to go home! Physiology exam next week–haven’t started studying yet–oops.

Served With a Side of Sleep Deprivation November 30, 2009

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Saturday’s breakfast

At the lab! Second day of torturing people running overnight sessions in a row–keepin’ awakin’ by watching TV and blogging at the same time! I tried to study but it’s all boring me to sleep…

Anyway I haven’t had coconut in my oatmeal for a while now and kind of miss it! So I decided to buy some and look! There it is on the oatmeal!

0.5 cup oats, 0.25 cup water, 0.25 cup milk
1 tbsp wheat germ, 1 tbsp flax
0.5 banana
0.25 cup plain yogurt
bit of cocoa and coffee powder
pumpkin seeds, peanuts, sunflower seeds
1 tsp coconut

Duuuude I love banana oatmeal and all, but after having frozen bananas, I can’t go back to the heated and stirred in version! There’s just something about frozen bananas that’s so awesome. And if you pair it with yogurt, the awesomeness explodes because it just can’t be contained in one tiny little bowl! But a random frozen half of a banana doesn’t look so photogenic so I decided to suck it up and nuked the thing.

And yes…there are a lot of pictures of this one bowl! I can’t resist good lighting dudes. And I also really really did not want to study…

Oh and I should note that mixing cocoa and french vanilla coffee together in the oatmeal makes the best smell ever! It smells like those chinese egg waffle things that I used to be obsessed with when I was a kid. I kid you not!

Last photo!

Oh my god I’m so hungry right now…I don’t bring food with me to the lab because my participants can’t eat so I shouldn’t eat so as not to stress them out…[I feel like I mentioned this before…] And I always have the biggest oatmeal craving that starts around 3 or 4 a.m. and then combines with a growling stomach all the way until 7 frickin’ a.m.!!!! 😦

1 hour and 21 minutes til I can go home and eat!

Repetition, but Different Presentation! November 10, 2009

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My breakfast invites you in:

I had this breakfast two days in a row because grapes were on sale and I want to eat them before they go bad! And also because I like grapes and don’t eat them often enough :mrgreen:

0.33 cup oats, water, milk
flax, wheat germ
7 grapes, 0.5 small banana, 1 fig!
sunflower seeds
1 tbsp PB

This is what I had the day before [nov 8]

Same thing, but with goji berries, cocoa powderchopped up grapes instead of halved ones, and no sunflower seeds! I chop the grapes up because: 1. easier to eat 2. there are seeds in them and I don’t want to be spitting out seeds while I’m supposed to be enjoying breakfast!

And then I got camera happy:

The weather was so nice and warm the entire weekend! Lots of good light for photog-ing :mrgreen:

I also had a huge cup of tea [green tea?] with my meal but my cup is too big and would ruin the composition of the photo! I can’t wait to go home for the holidays because I would have nice bowls and cups to play with instead of all these white ones!

And here’s what I’ve been eating for lunch ever since Friday [? or Saturday?]:

Coleslaw, frozen spinach, corn, tofu, bell peppers, grape tomatoes
parm, curry powder, mustard
green tea

But I bought feta cheese [$0.99 per tub!] I can add that to the mix as well! Whooo!

AND MIDTERMS ARE FINALLY OVER! 6 weeks and 6 days til I go home for the holidays!

Oatmeal #129: Fig Marshmellows November 7, 2009

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Finally found a good time of the day to take pictures! 😀

Today’s breakfast:

0.33 cup oats, water
1 tbsp flax + 1 tbsp wheat germ
1 kiwi, 0.5 small banana
1 tbsp PB, drizzled
1 tsp sunflower seeds
1 dried fig, chopped

The fig kinda got hidden under the oat explosion during the microwave process 😛 But it was good! I’ve never had figs before, and once warmed up, they get even softer and chewier and SO GOOD with peanut butter!

Check out the gooeyness! I also had a cup of green tea, but forgot to make it til after the food photog-ing was done!

One last picture:

Taking pictures is fun! 😀

And today’s lunch:

coleslaw, frozen spinach & corn, 5 grape tomatoes, 1 slice tofu, 1/4 of a red bell pepper
topped with: curry powder [my new favorite condiment! 😀 ], parmesan, tiny bit mustard, pepper, worcestershire sauce

A bit on the small side, but held me over til dinner. It’s been a while since I had a lunch so full of different kinds of vegetables!

Oatmeal #128: Carrot Cake October 20, 2009

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It’s very orange!
And also very yummeh 😀

0.25 cup oatmeal, 0.5 banana, pumpkin, flax, milk, cinnamon, ginger, yogurt, 1 broken up carrot spice muffin, almonds

Baked things with yogurt in my oatmeal is my new favorite thing!
All that’s missing is some good ol’ nut butter

I had this same thing for the entire week. [oct 13 – 17]

Oh oh and this is what’s on sale this week:

Nature’s Path granola! 3 boxes for $10! [I got $1 off ’cause I got a coupon 😀 ] These things are usually like…$6 per box. I got these in three flavors: PB, pumpkin, and hemp. LOVE the PB flavor…OMFG.

Other awesome recipes I’ve tried out lately:

Sept 24

Egg casserole! First one I ever made–baked it in the toaster oven and it took forever. Was good though!

It contained: 2 eggs, parsley & oregano, bit of milk, black pepper, mushrooms, 1 artichoke heart


Sept 27

Eggplants!!!! Haven’t had baked eggplants in ages. Made this during Homecoming weekend when I was all sick with the cold and all my housemates had gone back home. 4 eggplant pizzas! Topped with Classico’s Mushrooms & Ripe Olives sauce, ground chicken, mushrooms, cheese, and parsley!

And lastly:

Oct 1

I was really craving asian food for about 2 weeks so I broke out the soy sauce and rice vinegar for some stir-fry! I flavored the slices with ~2 tsp soy sauce, dash sugar, ~0.5 tsp ground ginger, a few squirts of lemon juice, ~0.5 tsp rice vinegar, and ~1 tbsp water.


Thankful for Food Porn! October 12, 2009

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Thanksgiving = incentive to buy sweet potatoes

Today’s lunch:

0.5 sweet potato and golden delicious apple sprinkled with TONS of cinnamon,  6 grape tomatoes, and a huge cup of chai tea!

I ate the sweet potatoes with cream cheese as well…new favorite combo? I think so!

Lots of closeups:

Most colorful lunch ever! Table top decorations courtesy of my housemate’s parents–who visited yesterday! As soon as I saw the mini pumpkins and flowers I knew at least one of those things will be under the mercy of my camera lens :mrgreen:

I also did some baking this morning!

Carrot spice muffins from SusanV! They were more like muffin tops, because I don’t have cupcake molds! Can’t wait to have these with my oatmeal tomorrow morning–it tastes very cinnamony & gingery!


I halved the recipe and used a mashed avocado because I don’t have butter! I also used 2 packets of Splenda and 2 packets of raw sugar …because I haven’t bought any sugar yet! I keep meaning buy some honey at least, but I keep putting it off 😛

Unfortunately I don’t have my pumpkin oatmeal from this morning because my sleep schedule’s all screwed up, and my camera isn’t high tech enough to take pictures in the dark 😦 But it was awesome anyway! I soaked some oats and goji berries in milk and yogurt over night, then added pumpkin, flax, ground pecans, and a little granola this morning!

However, I have oatmeal pictures from several days before!

Oct 10 – Cocoa & apple oatmeal

oats, apples, cocoa, cinnamon sugar, flax

All nuked in the microwave for 2 minutes!

Sept 20 – Chocolate Banana Oatmeal

I can’t tell you how many times I had this for breakfast last year!

0.5 cup oats, water & milk, banana, cinnamon, ground ginger, cocoa

Also made with the microwave! I’m really getting the hang of microwave cooking~

It’s awesome that my housemate Sarah likes to decorate things~because otherwise this picture would be a lot more boring!

I should really be studying for a midterm I have tomorrow at 8: 30…but I don’t wanna 😦