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Oatmeal #65: Texture – Part I July 12, 2008

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I wanted to see what the difference was between 25% milk and 50% milk, so I made two bowls of oatmeal over two days.


0.25 cup milk, 0.75 cup water


0.5 cup milk, 0.5 cup water

Before the comparisons begin, there were two things that could have affected the end result:

  • Cooking time may not have been consistent: I didn’t get the idea to do this until after I made breakfast yesterday…so didn’t keep track of cooking time! [And I forgot to do it today…-sigh]
  • The milk wasn’t added at the same time: Didn’t keep track of the exact time either…yesterday I added the milk as the oat-water mixture started bubbling…and today was the same, but the milk was definitely added earlier today, since there were only 0.5 cup of water with the oats. ARGH.

I’m such a bad scientist…

Anyway! Appearance wise, the one with more milk obviously looks a lot whiter, and during cooking, I noticed that there was a lot more cream in my pot today. Taste wise though, I didn’t really feel there was any difference. The barley was kinda overpowering the oats though, so tomorrow I’m going to cut the barley, keep track of cooking time, and hopefully I’ll get a more controlled experiment 😀

Oh, and with the exception of milk and water amounts, both bowls contained the same amount of: barley, flax, banana, peanut butter, corn, and sunflower seeds [might have had a little less of it today? But that doesn’t really affect the texture so I’m not concerned 😀 ] There isn’t really a reason for this particular mixture except for the fact that I wanted a fairly plain bowl of oatmeal so I could actually taste the differences–if there were any!

And ROAR I accidentally deleted my lunch and dinner pictures from yesterday! Okay, then quick overview:

  • Lunch: open faced tuna-cucumber sandwich, chocolate banana milk
  • Dinner: potato, olive oil, chicken broth, peas, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, mixed frozen veggies, raw red pepper, blueberries, peach

Officially addicted to raw peppers–yum!


Oatmeal #64: Barley July 10, 2008

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I’ve got a bag of pearl barley courtesy of mom’s visit–so I decided to use it 😀

Yesterday’s breakfast:


I used 0.25 cup cooked barley [= 2 tbsp uncooked barley], 0.25 cup oatmeal–wayy too chewy. Can’t believe I’m actually saying this…but the barley took a ridiculous amount of time to chew…and there were little bits that I couldn’t really get at–which was a little annoying 😛

oatmeal-jul9_08 (1)

Other stuff in the oatmeal included: goji berries, longans, wheat germ, PB, and milk. Along with a cup of green tea.

Zoomin’ along to today’s breakfast:


Today I used 2 tbsp cooked barley [= 1 tbsp uncooked], 0.44 cup oatmeal–a lot better! Makes everything a lot chewier, but not so chewy that I spend about an hour on each spoonful 😀

oatmeal-jul10_08 (1)

Other stuff: nectarine, milk, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, PB, and flax! My coffee grinder works! Whoo hooo! It was a lot louder than I thought…nearly jumped out of my socks when I first started on it 😛 But it’s all worth it ’cause now I’ve got ground flax to use! Today’s lunch was a potluck for all the neuroscience labs in the building, hence no pictures 😀 But I made butter cookies–the process was kind of a disaster and they were a little too crunchy…but at least people ate it! Dinner:


Chunky potato soup with a chicken broth base–yummeh 😀 Along with a banana and 0.25 cup blueberries. It feels so weird eating bananas so late in the day ’cause usually I would have devoured one already!

Unfortunately I didn’t go running today due to a combo of waking up about 12 minutes later than usual, and breakfast took a little longer to make than usual [’cause I was washing the coffee grinder 😛 ]. The baking wouldn’t have been an issue at all since I could have finished it after breakfast and by the time it was time to go running. 😐 Oh well! Can always do that tomorrow–given the weather network doesn’t try to be all ironic and sarcastic on me again 😀