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Oatmeal #132: Veggie Muffins I December 2, 2009

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I’ve been craving muffins as a meal lately, and I love veggie muffins, so I thought I’d make some! It’s always nice when you can make fun foods into something that’s also nutritious 😀

And since I’ve been staying up so often to run sessions at the lab, motivation to make healthy things is pretty much non-existent, so it’s nice to just throw a frozen muffin into a toaster and serve with yogurt and fruit for a quick lunch! [Lunch because making oatmeal for breakfast is never too much effort! :mrgreen: ] Besides, I can’t scarf salads down on a daily basis–vegetables are always more fun in muffins and pastas!

Oh yeah, this recipe is based on all the Morning Glory Muffins I’ve seen around the net! But I don’t have pineapples or anything like that and I wanted to add oatmeal so I ended up with my own version.

Carrot Coconut Goji Oat Muffins
makes 6 huge muffins

1 cup whole wheat flour
0.5 cup quick oats
1 tbsp each of wheat germ & flax
2 tbsp ground pecans or other nuts [optional]
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
0.5 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ginger
1 packet sweet & low [or sub 1 tbsp sweetener of choice]
0.25 cup brown sugar or sweetener of choice
1 egg
1 tbsp EVOO
0.5 cup milk
~1 cup grated bb carrots
0.5 cup goji berries, soaked in milk
0.25 cup unsweetened coconut

Mix everything and let sit for 3-4 hours.
Bake at 350F for 20-25 mins

It is awesome stuff. Best when it’s heated and served with plain yogurt! I’m planning to bake another variety using zucchini tomorrow morning when I get back from lab! So! Excited! Maybe I’ll bake some coffee muffins for next semester so I can be wired for more overnight sessions at the lab! Whoo! MUFFINSSSS!

And on a side note–2 weeks and 5 days til winter vacation!


Oatmeal #128: Carrot Cake October 20, 2009

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It’s very orange!
And also very yummeh 😀

0.25 cup oatmeal, 0.5 banana, pumpkin, flax, milk, cinnamon, ginger, yogurt, 1 broken up carrot spice muffin, almonds

Baked things with yogurt in my oatmeal is my new favorite thing!
All that’s missing is some good ol’ nut butter

I had this same thing for the entire week. [oct 13 – 17]

Oh oh and this is what’s on sale this week:

Nature’s Path granola! 3 boxes for $10! [I got $1 off ’cause I got a coupon 😀 ] These things are usually like…$6 per box. I got these in three flavors: PB, pumpkin, and hemp. LOVE the PB flavor…OMFG.

Other awesome recipes I’ve tried out lately:

Sept 24

Egg casserole! First one I ever made–baked it in the toaster oven and it took forever. Was good though!

It contained: 2 eggs, parsley & oregano, bit of milk, black pepper, mushrooms, 1 artichoke heart


Sept 27

Eggplants!!!! Haven’t had baked eggplants in ages. Made this during Homecoming weekend when I was all sick with the cold and all my housemates had gone back home. 4 eggplant pizzas! Topped with Classico’s Mushrooms & Ripe Olives sauce, ground chicken, mushrooms, cheese, and parsley!

And lastly:

Oct 1

I was really craving asian food for about 2 weeks so I broke out the soy sauce and rice vinegar for some stir-fry! I flavored the slices with ~2 tsp soy sauce, dash sugar, ~0.5 tsp ground ginger, a few squirts of lemon juice, ~0.5 tsp rice vinegar, and ~1 tbsp water.


Oatmeal #94: Smoothies – Part II August 20, 2008

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Monday’s breakfast: More smoothie adventures!

oatmeal-aug18_08 (1)

This time:

  • 0.25 cup oats
  • 0.25 cup mixed grains
  • 0.25 cup soy milk
  • 0.25 cup 2% milk
  • 0.25 cup water
  • last of my goji berries [1.5 tbsp?]
  • 0.5 small carrot [yeah…I was looking for things to bulk up my smoothie with]
  • 0.25 cup corn
  • 2 medium strawberries

I’m not sure but I think I might have gotten a bigger cup this time? If not, well…I felt much more full after drinking, so…?


But yeah I was really impressed with the strawberries ’cause I could smell and taste them even though I only threw two random ones in! Awesome 😀 And I couldn’t taste the carrot & corn at all–even though I definitely chewed on some carrot pieces.

Tasted good though! Not too sweet, doughy, crunchy, chewy 😀 Kinda like last time!

Got hungry a while later, so had some soup:


Winter melon…? And shitake mushrooms.

Another snack…may have been after running…? I think that was the day I went running with my dad…? [oh no–early onset Alzheimer’s?!]

snack-aug18_08 (1)

My raw brownies!!! Turned out actually brownie-like this time! ZOMFG. I used almonds and raisins [I threw in 2 pieces of apricot in ’cause I didn’t want to use up all the raisins], and I think I overdid the raisins ’cause it was too sweet–but that problem was solved by throwing in the peanut butter!

The stuff in the bowl is just soup with a scoop of congree [rice + water] mixed in.



I had like…3 bowls ’cause I was starving! I don’t understand why I’m always hungry…?

But anyway–the red stuff is something called Honeymoon fried rice? Or something? It comes with tomato sauce & chicken & onions on one side, alfredo & shrimp on the other side. And the rice + egg is underneath the sauce. It’s very yum 😀

The noodles’ just rice noodles + shrimp + egg. ❤

Nooo I can’t believe it’s almost the end of August–this has got to be the fastest summer ever!

Attack of the Tortillas August 9, 2008

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Thanks to grocery store sales, I bought 2 bags of whole grain tortillas about…2 weeks ago? And since then I’ve been having these things for lunch pretty much…every single day? 😛 So I thought it’d be fun to devote an entry [or like…twenty] to them!

Wednesday [July 30!]
Oatmeal Challenge: Oats for lunch!

oatmeal-jul30_08 (3)

“Toasted” [aka microwaved”] rolled oats with a bit of sweetener [the plain version was too bland!], with cucumbers, and tahini-free hummus [didn’t have enough beans to warrant buying a whole tub of tahini!]

It was good! The oats were like very chewy granola, the cucumbers provided crunch factor, and the hummus just gave the whole thing some extra zing with its tartness! Awesome 😀

 oatmeal-jul30_08 (2)

Thursday [July 31]
A lot of lentils


lunch-jul31_08 (1)

I had/have a lot of lentils lying around…

Friday [August 1]
Veggie Cereal


Cereal + veggie in a tortilla = surprisingly good! But I knew that already 😀 I mean, it’s not that weird if you think of cereal like you’d think of rice…

Had this along with a small red plum! I think I didn’t get around to eating this til an hour after lunch?

Saturday [August 2]


Well since I had a can of black beans I thought it’d be cool to do the classic black beans & corn combo! Only instead of salsa I used ketchup…because I have a whole jug of it [thanks mom!] that I wanted to finish ASAP…like before school starts and I have to eat at the cafeteria…but I still haven’t finished it! I have never eaten so much ketchup in my life…

Sunday [August 3]
Doing the Splits


Check out how clever I am with the title! ‘Cause I split the tortilla in half! How funny am I?!

Anyway, I wanted to use the hummus I made again with carrots, but I also wanted to use ketchup, and I thought it’d be a waste of good hummus if the ketchup was mixed in ’cause the latter would overpower the former…so I chopped the tortilla in half and had two different “flavors”!

Monday [August 4]
Oatmeal Challenge: Corn & Carrot Soup

oatmeal-aug4_08 (2)

Finishing this entry off with some oats! I didn’t add a lot, just one tablespoon of ground oats to thicken the soup–because I read somewhere that you can use it for that! I don’t think it really did much though 😛

Oh, and I also used my coffee grinder to “puree” the cooked carrots & corn, I figured, hey, the thing looks and operates enough like a blender….! [I should note that the instructions specifically tells me not to puree soft foods and grind seeds…well…I’ve used it for both and my grinder’s still fine! Got a one year warranty anyway, so might as well test its limits! :mrgreen: ]

Anyway, for the tortilla, I merely popped 0.25 of one [I think?] in the toaster–it comes out like crackers! I used the soup as a dip–delicioussss~

Stay tuned for part two! [still got 2 tortillas left to use 😀 ]

A Slew of Food Stuffs August 8, 2008

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Wednesday’s breakfast
Hot & Cold

Nice and cold muesli [goji beries, yogurt, milk, oats, flax, cinnamon] topped with microwaved cocoa granola [used the berry crumble recipe + 0.5 tsp unsweetened cocoa–microwaved for 1 minute] Photographs really badly, but tastes good, as usually! 😀

Dessert for Dinner


Veggies + parmesan
White & brown rice with adzuki beans and berries! Is my life exciting or what?!

 dinner-aug6_08 (1)

Too bad it wasn’t as sweet as I was hoping it would be! Was still awesome to have such desserty foods for dinner though 😀 I think a bit of honey would have made it perfect!

Risotto – Part II


First things first–check out tilapia! It was almost intact that time!

White&brown rice, lentils, and tons of veggies–huge bowl! I quite like risottos [risottoes?] 😀

Oatmeal #84: Red, Orange, Yellow

 oatmeal-aug7_08 (1)

I made this with milk powder, ’cause I have a lot of it 😛 Definitely didn’t produce any creaminess! I added a splash of milk at the end ’cause the oats were drying up–which is what happens any time I don’t use a milk + water mixture!

Anyway, other stuff in the oats were: raspberries, corn, carrots, all-bran, walnuts, flax! Veggie oatmeal–if you haven’t tried it, try it! :mrgreen:

More Microwave Adventures


Check out the microwaved egg at the bottom! All you need–boiling water, dash vinegar, egg, then cover and microwave for 50 seconds! The first time I did it–[yesterday, I believe], and I had an explosion…I think ’cause I only microwaved one egg, and didn’t really need 80 seconds! [I followed instructions from wikiHow 😛 ]

Anyway, I was really looking forward to this breakfast ’cause whenever I had all-bran with my oats, I always felt full! But I guess it doesn’t work like that on its own! 😦 So I guess I either need more cereal, or oats!

Haven’t made dinner yet since I ate a ton of cottage cheese 2 ish hours ago~but it’s definitely another risotto! :mrgreen:

Dad’s day! June 15, 2008

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Dad’s card:

I mailed it home on Wednesday…hope it gets there in time!

Anywhoo–Friday’s breakfast:

Oatmeal #42: Caffeinated Veggies

kiwi, carrots, corn, pumpkin, coffee powder, milk, sugar, wheat germ

Veggie oatmeal is the best! The taste of corn & carrots with kiwi is quite interesting–it’s a combo of sweet and sour…but more sweet and only a little sour [’cause of the kiwi]


Scrambled egg with celery, mixed frozen veggies, rye bread, and blueberries. A piece of rye bread and cheddar cheese.

I love eggs~you can mix it with anything! Rather like oatmeal :mrgreen:


Even more veggies!

Except I added the potatoes this time ’cause they were starting to go bad :s I bought a whole bag of potatoes ’cause it was one dollar for one bag! How could I resist a deal like that?

Breakfast Challenge: Day 1 June 1, 2008

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Experiment #31: Veggie Oatmeal

Didn’t take a picture, but I added some walnuts later on–I’d forgotten to put them in before!

carrots, corn, zucchini, cinnamon, 1% milk, 0.5 tsp sugar, 1 tsp whipping cream

I figured–we have carrot cake, corn muffins, and zucchini bread, so these veggies probably wouldn’t taste weird with oatmeal that’s been sweetened with sugar! And I was right :mrgreen: The carrots gave an otherwise mushy bowl some extra sweetness and crunch at the same time! As an added bonus, the mixture was bright, colorful, and nice to look at! I’d have it again 😀

UGH. Had trouble sleeping again, so I was awake at 1: 12 a.m.–I managed to make myself stay in bed til 2: 30…yeah…so I did quite a bit of snacking between my bowl of oatmeal and lunch :p Didn’t take pictures, but I had coffee, then a banana about two hours later, then soy nuts another hour or two later! Hahah I snack so much 😛

Before I left to meet my friend to walk to the grocery store, I made a cup of pumpkin pie yogurt:

With a bit of sugar, vanilla extract, ground ginger, and cinnamon for flavor, and all-bran cereal “crust” 😀

Cereal & Toast

Lunch was rushed ’cause we left for the grocery store 15 minutes later than I expected D: [It takes 1 hour 20 minutes to walk to and back from the grocery store that we were going to!] That’s too bad ’cause I was excited to be eating cereal at lunch! It’s a good thing I planned a relatively simple meal:

Half a cup of 1% milk and all-bran cereal with a gala apple. Then I toasted a piece of whole wheat toast and spread some blueberrycherry jam on top. It was a surprisingly filling lunch–given how hungry I was!

Beans & toast, breakfast sushi

Was starving and exhausted by dinner time–I blame it on the 4 hours of sleep that I got…

On the plate: A piece of toast topped with baked beans, kidney beans, and romano beans. Apparently it’s a common thing to eat at breakfast in Australia! Can’t believe I’d never thought to do that before~

On the bowl to the right: scrambled egg with eggplant cubes, sunflower seeds, and sushi rice [brown&white rice with rice vinegar]. Since I didn’t microwave the leftover rice I made two days before–it really did taste like sushi!

The drink is Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai mixed with water

Peanut butter fondue

Bought a new jar of all-natural PB today ’cause it was on sale!

I eat PB out of the jar because I can 😀

My goal’s to try and keep this PB jar around for at least 3 weeks–not sure how successful I’m going to be though!

Haha I’m glad Jenn‘s also doing this challenge with me so that when I tell people about it, I wouldn’t sound so much like a weirdo :mrgreen: And if anyone out there is crazy enough to join us–please do so!