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Nutty Oats – Part III November 19, 2008

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It just occurred to me how appropriate it is that I have a Nutty Oats series on the blog the same time of year that I’m about to go nuts from a combination of homesickness and stress…see how hilarious I am? 😀

Nov 11

  • pumpkin seeds, walnuts, milk, coconut, flax, banana


Ever since I came up with the microwave pancakes, I’ve been craving them like crazy! I’m thinking of doing a savory pancake for dinner sometime 😀

Nov 15

  • raisin granola, goji berries, longans, flax, milk, cocoa, walnuts

I haven’t had granola with oats for a while!


Baba ghanoush, tomatoes, whole wheat english muffin, scrambled egg, kidney beans, chickpeas

Nov 16

No oats for breakfast!

English muffin with margarine, watermelon, and scrambled eggs.

Kinda refreshing to have a change from the usual routine! I think I’m going to try and have something different for breakfast once every week so I can have oatmeal at the cafeteria XD


Hummus, baba ghanoush, roasted red pepper sauce + bread, tuna, kidney beans, chickpeas, coffee

All-nighter snacks:


Fruits, pistachios, apple, and coffee.

Only my plan failed and I fell asleep…

Home stretch! Only one more week of classes left! When do you guys finish school for the holidays??


Consolation Procrastination October 26, 2008

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…because the orgo midterm was a disaster.

Oct 18

  • goji berries, longans, coconut, Muslix cereal, walnuts, milk, flax, cinnamon


The as usual!

Strawberry yogurt mixed with Greek yogurt, kashi, peanut butter.

I love weekend lunches ’cause that means I get to binge on Greek yogurt!! :mrgreen:


Pumpernickel with baba ghanoush and cucs.


Crackers with baba ghanoush.
Tofu, tomatoes, tons of chickpeas, and potato salad with veggies and capers. This was the first time I’ve ever tried them–sad to say I don’t really like them!



Cookie with honeydew.

Oct 19


  • Banana, peanut butter, walnuts, flax, milk

Not sure what else was in this! I have a feeling it may be cinnamon though…since I add it to everything 😛

Hummus sandwich with tomatoes, tofu, egg, and cucs. Along with an apple.

Oct 20

A very fruity breakfast:

Even my tea was flavored with fruits! It’s basically green tea flavored with pineapple, orange, and passionfruit–was really good! I could taste it 😀

  • grapes, peach, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, milk, flax, walnuts

For some reason…I didn’t really like watermelon, cataloupe, and honeydew in my oatmeal…maybe ’cause they weren’t sweet enough? It was kinda bland :\

Oh, and check out what I got in the mail yesterday:


SO.MUCH.FOOD. [except for the stuff that’s obviously not food]

My parents are awesome 😀 But I love how they delivered my package in their Thanksgiving turkey box to remind me that they had a feast and I had caf food 😛

Behind October 24, 2008

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That is what I am! 😦 Can’t wait til this semester is over…

Oct 13

  • pumpkin, yogurt, cinnamon, walnuts, flax, coconut, shreddies

Oct 14

  • goji berries, walnuts, flax, longans?, mocha, milk

Oct 15-16

Not sure where my breakfast pictures went?!



 lunch-oct16_08 (1)

Pumpkin pasta!

Oct 17


  • cocoa, cinnamon, ground ginger, banana, walnuts, flax, milk

With Tazo Green Ginger tea! Didn’t taste very gingery to me 😛

Pre-midterm dinner!


A bucketful of Brussels sprouts, an egg, and a hummus sandwich

Three more midterms to go! [Commerce, Orgo, Stats–sometimes I really hate my skewed sense of fun during course registration…]

Catch up party! October 18, 2008

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Don’t you love those?!

Oct. 6:


  • pumpkin, Muslix cereal, cinnamon, milk, walnuts, flax

After-gym snack:

Banana, greek yogurt, brown rice–if I had some PB this would have been perfect.



Soup with rice, chickpeas, kidney beans, spinach, broccoli. Boringgg did not like 😦

Oct. 7


  • Granny Smith apple, walnuts, apple juice, pumpkin

Oct. 8


  • Banana & PB!, black sesame, coconut, walnuts, flax, milk

Note the use of an actual bowl and using a cup like a cup is supposed to be used! :mrgreen: It was a glorious moment.



Vanilla [?] yogurt, cheerios, raw oats, huge loving splat of PB

dinner-oct8_08 (1)

Chili of some sort [vegetarian?], chickpeas, kidney beans, huge pile of broccoli. I think I went for seconds?

Oct. 9


  • Lipton Apple Manor tea, pumpkin, Muslix cereal, walnuts, cinnamon, milk

The tea smells really good and tastes very cinnamon-y! It’s always awesome when I find tea that’s not bland tasting~



PB&B sandwich, broccoli, chickpeas, kidney beans, parmesan cheese.

That’s all I’m going to post for now ’cause I have a commerce assignment due in….10 hours? 😛

Oatmeal #115: Ginger Tea September 25, 2008

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  • oats, flax, walnuts, Muslix cereal
  • water & milk
  • 1 cooked gala apple
  • 1 cup ginger tea
  • 0.5 tsp ground ginger & cinnamon

I cooked the apples this time I’ve always wanted to try it! Turns out I didn’t cook it enough, but I was too lazy to use the microwave 😛

 oatmeal-sep23_08 (1)

The tea’s not very gingery…adding ground ginger helped a little, but not very much! Maybe I’ll add another 0.25 tsp next time!

It’s a short post today ’cause I have a bio quiz and chem lab to prepare for!

But here’s a question: apples — cooked or raw [or some other form!] –which do you like best with oatmeal?

Oatmeal #111: Sesame – Part III September 21, 2008

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Friday’s breakfast:

oatmeal-sep19_08 (1)

  • oats, flax, walnuts, Kellogg’s JustRight cereal
  • 1 gala apple
  • 0.25 cup apple juice, water
  • 2 tsp black sesame paste powder


This would have made an awesome cookie or muffin flavor! I have no words to describe this combo~

Anyway, this is a pretty short entry, so just for fun, I present to you…


My chem notes! This was after I solved the problem…and then I checked the answers and realized that I am a genius.


Warm Up September 7, 2008

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Warming up for the recommencement of the next slew of oatmeal experiments [and school…-sigh-] with a nice, comforting bowl of microwaved banana oatmeal:

oatmeal-sep7_08 (1)


Double-yay for being able to do this without explosions! 😀

  • oats, water, milk
  • banana
  • flax, walnuts, Muslix cereal [0.25 small box]
  • cinnamon & vanilla extract

Rated O for OMGSOGOOD!

The drink on the side, by the way–apple juice [dad’s leftovers] + green tea–which ended up tasting kinda gross, so I force-chugged the first half, then dumped the second half into my oats–which magically always makes gross stuff taste better 😀



No picture of lunch ’cause I ate in the cafeteria, but I had a huge bowl of vanilla yogurt + cheerios, milk, and a piece of PB toast. Then later I had a lot of peanuts :d

Post-grocery shopping snack:

I ate 3 pieces before I remembered to take a picture:


I walked for 1 hour 30 minutes to buy Clif & LunaZ bars ’cause they were on sale–4 for $5! About 44 cents cheaper! I only bought 5 bars though–’cause they were still pretty expensive, being what they are!

The caf closes on Sunday nights, but luckily we’re able to use meal equivalencies to buy food!



I actually stole the whole wheat english muffin from the cafeteria at lunch today 😛 But I bought the salad!

After one bite of the muffin, I decided to break the bread up and eat it all jumbled up together instead–much easier!

 dinner-sep7_08 (1)

Of course, there’s no way anyone’d be full on that, so I ate the other [bigger] bowl of salad I bought:

 dinner-sep7_08 (2)

Chicken breast, mushrooms, spinach, mandarin oranges, sun-dried tomatoes, chile peppers, and red onions. I didn’t eat the peppers or the onions 😛 The salad came with a blue cheese dressing as well, but I didn’t eat much of it–not really a dressing person! [although I saved it anyway–possible oatmeal experiment?]

I ate pretty much all of the salad, but I saved a few spinach leaves and mushroom slices to go with the other stolen english muffin as a part of tomorrow’s lunch! 😀 Planning ahead–it’s what I do!

And no day is ever complete without dessert!


Mom’s green tea cake–the last three pieces [I ate 4 or 5 pieces yesterday–oops?] , and I ate them all! I figured–no time like the present! :mrgreen: I looked at it as the last chance for indulgence before all the organic chem, bio, and exams nightmare begins!

Anyway~off to floor meeting–don’t wanna be late!

Oatmeal #97: Apple Pie – Part III August 25, 2008

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oatmeal-aug-22_08 (1)

Haven’t had muesli in a while–so I decided to have it! I was planning to have pancakes–but I got lazy 😛


  • 1 container Silhouette 0% Peach yogurt
  • oats
  • 0.5 cup water
  • ground almonds
  • vanilla extract
  • cinnamon
  • bran flakes
  • chocolate chips
  • walnuts
  • 0.5 huge Fiji apple

I soaked the first 6 ingredients overnight–the other stuff I added in the morning. Didn’t want any soggyness!



It was like apple cream pie–yum! This is a little sweeter than is normal for me–but the 0.5 cup water balanced out the yogurt, so it wasn’t sweet enough to rot my teeth or anything 😛 I still like plain yogurt better though~

Oh, and check out this awesome coffee mom bought:


COOLEST COFFEE FILTER EVER, YEAH?! Japanese people have the craziest ideas~

It was after drinking this that I realize how much I dislike Colombian coffee…

Post-run snack: 


Leftover fruits & a raw brownie.



A&W! Haven’t had this in ages!

lunch-aug22_08 (1)

Was a small burger, but my stomach was still full of fruits, so I ended up fine 😀

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SUMMER’S ALMOST OVER?! If you’re in college/university, midterms are in less than 2 months!

Oatmeal #91: Apple Pie – Part II August 16, 2008

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Canada finally won a gold medal! I was getting worried!

Thursday’s breakfast:

oatmeal-aug14_08 (1)

I upgraded my apple pie oatmeal with chocolate [because chocolate always ups the awesome factor 😀 ] and actual almonds! The only thing that kept this from reaching pure perfection were the apples–not sweet enough! 😦


I also cooked the apples this time [added with the milk after the oat-water mixture boils] so the pieces are a little softer, but not too soft–I definitely like it better this way!

Things I added: oats, water, soy milk, cinnamon, chocolate chips, almonds, walnuts, cashews, bran flakes, vanilla extract and half of a huge apple.

oatmeal-aug14_08 (2)

Must experiment with this some more!

Post-yoga snack:


The rest of my apple with PB! Unfortunately, we don’t have the all-natural kind in the house–so the PB was completely tasteless! I don’t even know how I could have liked this stuff before–guess I didn’t know how processed this stuff really was until I’ve tried the real stuff!

More gymnastics tonight! [I didn’t realize there was no event scheduled for last night 😦 ] GO CHINA!

One Oh Oh! August 11, 2008

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Celebrating the 100th post with an entry from home! I planned this out quite well, didn’t I? 😀


Oatmeal #88: Chocolate Chips


I feel like I’m living in a hotel!

Anyway, this morning I celebrated with a huge bowl of oatmeal and chocolate chips. Because no party is complete without chocolate! 😀

oatmeal-aug11_08 (1)

Oh Man. Cocoa has nothing on melty chocolate chips! Now I can never go back–ah!

Other stuff include: huge green grapes, goji berries, walnuts, soy milk, and bran flakes. No flax! But not enough room in my suitcase! I don’t miss it that much though 😀

Anyway, went on a 50 minute run an hour after breakfast! I can’t believe I ran that long! Remember when I thought 20 minutes was a lot?! I feel quite awesome that I stuck with running for 3 months 😀

After running, the celebration continues–with more chocolate!


Nutella & PB on white [!] toast and grapes on the side. How the HELL have I not tried this combo sooner?! As good as it was though, nutella = too sweet, I think next time I’ll cut back by a half! Could hardly taste the peanut butter at all 😦 [but then again, this wasn’t the all-natural kind, so it’s tasteless in the first place anyway!]

Now that I’m all caught up on today, time to get caught up on the past two days!

Friday’s breakfast [Aug 8]

oatmeal-aug8_08 (1) oatmeal-aug8_08

Most random combo ever ’cause I was trying to use up stuff 😛

Corn, adzuki beans, plum coconut, walnuts, and flax.Well, I guess it’s not that random. On the side–coffee laced with vanilla extract–could hardly taste/smell it though!

Saturday’s post-run snack:


Pears and mocha-cino muffin top!

Yesterday’s snack of fridge items that need to be used up:


Exploded microwave egg [60 seconds = still too much!] and the last of the raspberries!

Lunch: polenta [and last of my ground flax]!!! Cooked risotto style…corn-sotto? 😛


Creamy and awesome! Only complaint was that I didn’t make more! But I had to finish cleaning so no time!

I packed a dinner to eat at the airport–didn’t end up eating til 7: 00 ’cause there was no room to put backpacks under the seats! 😦


Carrots & jam over a bed of frozen veggies & peas. Plus a fruit salad of one plum, peach, and pear!

SO EXCITED for lunch and dinner and for all the awesome food I’ll be eating in the next two weeks! Will take pictures when I can!