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Yammy & Fruity August 19, 2008

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Oatmeal #93: Yammy

If I didn’t incorporate the yam dessert from the previous night into my breakfast, I would have ended up chugging down a ton of it anyway, so I decided to have that stuff with my oats 😀


Disappointingly, the yams didn’t really bulk up the oats too much–but it could have been due to the fact that I had 0.25 cup oats and 0.25 cup mixed grains&other stuff [wheat berries, spelt berries [?], oats, wild&white&brown rice, millet, pearl barley, red&green beans..possibly some other stuff as well] instead of the usual 0.5 cup oats..

 oatmeal-aug16_08 (1)

But it tasted so good! I mashed some yams into the oatmeal, and left some chunks on top for all-around yamminess 😀


oatmeal-aug17_08 (1)

Had some random leftover fruits lying around in the fridge, so I took it upon myself to finish them!

oatmeal-aug17_08 (2)

A huge plum [mashed], cherries, and blueberries. Topped with sliced almonds and walnuts. Nice and normal 😀 I also mixed in two tablespoons of the cooked grains in with 0.5 cup oats that time–much better!

Post…something snack

Can’t remember if I ran or yoga-ed that day…or I might not have done anything…


Blueberries and a surprise raisin bun! [It’s a surprise ’cause the raisins were hidden inside the bun! So I didn’t even know til I bit into it!]

Am off to read about the whole tie breaker dealio with the women’s gymnastics last night! [I’m still happy for China though!]


Non-Oatmeal Stuff #7: Pizza toast May 29, 2008

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Yesterday I found a use for the huge bottle of ketchup that my mom bought:

pizza sauce!

With parmesan sprinkled in, and topped with frozen veggies and canned white tuna. I was going to add cucumbers, but I forgot!

Anyway, I toasted the two slices of bread so that they would be “crust-like” 😀 I didn’t toast it too long ’cause ever since I learned that toasting bread would leave little flakes of carcinogens on top, I’d been too scared to go near a toaster until yesterday! 😛 Damn pharmacology profs!

For dinner yesterday I had pasta:

shitake mushroom, some kinda seaweed, carrots, onions, chickpeas, Classico Red Wine & Herb sauce

With sunflower seeds on top of the pasta and the last of my tomatoes on the side! I’m also finally done my can of chickpeas–yay! 😀 The plate of veggies came out bigger than I expected–so I was stuffed–it was great. Empty stomach = unhappy stomach.

Oh my goodness, this morning at 1: 40 ish a.m. when waking up to go to the washroom I found a ghettobug in my washroom!!! My heart was racing so quickly…I hate waking up to those things ’cause then I’d stay awak for the rest of the night thinking about them…good thing I found it in my washroom and not in my bedroom! Anyway, I trapped it with a basket…and fired the bug spray. I then left to use the washroom on the 3rd floor ’cause I didn’t want to be near that thing! And when I returned–it escaped from the basket. Luckily, the bug spray made it rather drowsy and slow…I quickly grabbed my bug spray and went crazy until it died…

Anyway!!! At about 8: 00 a.m. this morning I went on another 20 minute run! It was sunny outside and I felt energetic so I opted to run instead of walk. I’m going again tomorrow with a friend–kinda nervous since she runs more regularly than I do–I don’t want to slow her down! 😛
I had breakfast about an hour and a half before my run:

banana, cherries, walnuts, cream [1 tsp whipping cream, 2 tsp half and half]

Delicious 😀 The cream makes the oatmeal smell so good. I spent 50% of the time sniffing my breakfast–no wonder I always take such a long time to finish my meals!

After my run, I showered and had a snack:

plain yogurt, strawberries, blackberries

And now it’s lunch time! Am excited to make my pizza toast again!

Non-Experiment Stuff #1: Un-adventures May 23, 2008

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So this is what I had for breakfast on day one [Tuesday] of my “withdrawal period”–plain ol’ apple&cinnamon–this is actually the first time I tried that combo–if you can believe it! It was good–should have added more oatmeal though!


What I had on Wednesday:

Wanted to finish the rest of my ground beef! Also used this opportunity to use up the last of my whole wheat tortillas! And I added cherries&corn for fun factor! I never knew they tasted so AWESOME together! The cherries didn’t taste weird AT ALL with the beef–I’m definitely making this again!

My camera ran out of batteries yesterday morning so I couldn’t take pictures! 😦 But I had pumpkin, apples, and corn with my oats 😀
I did, however, take pictures of yesterday’s lunch:

Veggies! And pasta sauce.

And finally, this morning I had:

Cherries, blackberries, Colombian instant coffee powder, walnuts, sugar, 2% milk

And a glass of soy milk on the side! Cherries & coffee definitely go well together. I find that adding coffee to my oatmeal is one of the easiest ways to get in some caffeine without going overboard! Not really much of a coffee drinker 😛

Finally, today’s lunch!

I’m finally done with my bag of white bread! This sandwich represents the return of whole grain&wheat!

To the left, whole wheat bread, to the right, white bread!

How exciting 😀
I’m going to be having packed lunches throughout this weekend as I’ll be in the lab from about 8: 00 til 5: 30~but I get to enjoy a free BBQ tomorrow since I’m volunteering at this event my school’s hosting! In fact, I have to get going in about 15 minutes [volunteers have to be there at 8: 15–I’m ushering for a film screening!]–and won’t be home til 10: 30 tonight–haven’t gone to sleep this late in a while!

Experiment #24: Bread – Part II May 21, 2008

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More ugly but tasty food!

cherries, blackberries, pumpkin, bread, brown sugar

Had this on Sunday.
It took forever to take the seeds out of the cherries…but I had to do it before putting it into the oatmeal or else it’ll take forever to eat just a bite and that would have been worse! But I think I’ve discovered another natural sweetener for my future oatmeal & dessert adventures~exciting!

On another note, I’m still trying to tackle my stash of leftovers! So on Monday I made veggie patties:

Lettuce, chickpeas, onions, green pepper, garlic, Kellogg’s All-Bran Original & bread [ROFL]

Hahaha I can’t believe I put cereal in there~but I remember what my mom taught me about adding sugar for seasoning and I thought–why not? It tasted alright, although I wouldn’t serve it to anyone 😛 But at least I’m trying new things? 😆

I had a patty for dinner on Monday along with my other leftover veggies..x_X It was a lot of veggies…

Holy crap!

And I overestimated the flavors of the vegetables…so I added some Classico Red Wine&Herb pasta sauce:

Hurray for flavors!

Yeah~the veggies included bean sprouts, two kinds of lettuce [romaine and some other light colored one oO], green peppers [left over from the patties], kidney and romano beans. That doesn’t sound like a lot…but I was stuffed.

Oh, and those white bally stuff in the small bowl off to the side? Glutinous rice balls stuffed with pork & ginger–they are the BEST. Mom made a ton of these before she left–they’re my favorite things out of all my leftovers:


I still have a ton left–yay! But I should probably finish them before they go bad…roar–I hate it when I have to rush to finish food, although I do like that it forces me to be creative [maybe overly so…] but then it also feels like I’m forcing myself to eat certain foods 😦 Eating should be fun, dammit!