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Toast again! + Cake January 3, 2009

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Garlic Toast!

+ almonds & peanuts

And oatmeal smoothie! Except I was running low so the whole thing probably contains 10% oatmeal.

  • oatmeal, coffee, cottage cheese, milk, rice milk, cinnamon, banana, frozen berries

It’s like a fruity, chewy latte :mrgreen:

I also baked a green tea cake:

I haven’t baked in a while! But I’m glad it turned out well–could have been a bit more moist though…maybe more milk and/or less oven-ing next time.


Alcohol for breakfast December 27, 2008

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Dec 23:

Oatmeal #141: Irish Cream Oatmeal

  • 2 tsp Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur, 1 tsp instant coffee, 0.25 cup milk, 0.75 cup water, handful almonds & pine nuts, dash cinnamon, 1 tbsp wheat berries, 1 small banana

This is my first cup of Irish cream "coffee"! I saw the bottle of Bailey’s on the kitchen counter and my mom told me it was for putting in coffee…so naturally, the first thing I thought of was oatmeal. :mrgreen:

Only 2 tsp of the liqueur–but I could smell/taste it in every bite! Definitely will be having a variation of this later on.

Christmas eve:

  • grapes, almonds, almond extra, almond powder, wheatberries, milk, cinnamon

No banana in the house day #1! Good thing there were grapes, and good thing I had the foresight to wash an entire bag the night before so I wouldn’t have to wash any more the next morning!

I definitely like red grapes better than the green or the black kind. So much crunchier and sweeter! Which kind do you guys like better?

Hooooome! December 21, 2008

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Elongated vowels to emphasize my excitement!

Now that exams are over, regular posting of entries and blog reading can resume! πŸ˜€

First bowl of stove-cooked oatmeal in months:

My breakfast just a few minutes ago!

  • oats, cinnamon, milk, small banana, white & dark chocolate chips, almonds

+ hazelnut mocha

Against a snowy backdrop! We’re having some kind of snow storm right now, which kinda kills my soul but at the same time I’d rather be stuck in the snow at home than at school…


The same thing in pancake form and without the white chocolate chips:

Quaker’s quick oats just aren’t powdery enough for the texture that I usually get! But I kinda like this chewy version :mrgreen:

On the morning of my last exam:

  • strawberries!, a very small banana, flax, coffee, cottage cheese, mocha, PB

There were more strawberries involved than depicted above, but they were hidden :mrgreen:

And yeah…there’s a whole bunch of exam-time oatmeal pictures that I skipped, but that’s ’cause those ones aren’t really pretty! I’ll probably post them all in a blob later on though–just because some of them are kinda fun! But I’m not going to upload them now because I have HOMEWORK to do.

[I think my TA may have taken the "spirit of giving" concept a little too far…]

Pancakes November 26, 2008

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I am obsessed. I’m almost out of quick oats! Am very sad…as I’m not sure how well organic oats will work with my microwave method…

Nov 21

Oatmeal #136: Apple & Coffee Pancake

oatmeal-nov20_08 (4)

More caffeinated oatmeal coming this way!

  • coffee, apples, flax, ground ginger, cinnamon, milk powder, oats, greek yogurt

I need to figure out how to make apples look better in pictures….unfortunately the sucky lighting in my room doesn’t help!

But oh well–it was fun tasting πŸ˜€ The smell of cooked apples and coffee was fantastic!


Check out the snow in the background! How am I going to get to all my classes on time if I’m sliding all over the place? I hate snow πŸ‘Ώ

Luckily…it all melted away pretty quickly!


Very thanksgiving like! Except the Canadian Thanksgiving was a month ago πŸ˜›

Turkey breast, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry stuffing

Nov 21

Banana bread pancake–same as what I had on Wednesday–but with peanut butter! ❀

+ spiced chai tea.

I always thought chai would smell more cinnamony–but all I could smell was something that’s like dried orange peels [star anise?]


I finally got my turkey chili!

Too bad I had to scarf it down in a hurry to get to bio on time 😦

Chili, beans, edamame, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, cottage cheese

Nov 22


Cinnamon raisin english muffin + butter, turkey, kidney beans and chickpeas, cantaloupe

+ Lime Herbal Tea

English muffin = A+

Tea = Z——-

Am officially in need of more english muffins in my life! Too bad the cafeteria doesn’t bring them out that often 😦

The tea was absolutely horrible. It was wayyyy too lime-y. I couldn’t even force myself to chug it down. So I decided to save it for lunch the next day:



The return of cafeteria oatmeal! The last time that appeared on the blog was April 27–aka a very long time ago!

  • pears, cottage cheese, tea, PB

Unfortunately, I had too much tea–so I still have some of it sitting in my fridge! 😦

And this tea was something even the oats couldn’t save…


Bread, hummus, cucs, beans, egg, apple

All-nighter snack #1 [Nov 23 morning]


With my orgo homework in the background! But I was actually working on commerce πŸ˜›

Toast + butter, banana, egg, apple


Noodle salad + tofu + kidney beans

All-night snack #2:

I think that’s foccacia? I’m not sure what that type of bread is called…but it’s amazing with Herb&Garlic cream cheese.

+ chocolate chip cookie.

And exciting news [for me, that is]–I managed to get 7.5 hours of sleep yesterday! That’s almost 8 hours! Oh my god it felt so weird to sleep properly on a pillow and everything…[I have been sleeping on my bed…but I was half on my chair, and half on the mattress πŸ˜› ]

Am going to the gym today…since I’m feeling so energetic. [That may or may not have something to do with the huge cup of tea I just chugged…]

awake 22 hours a day! November 23, 2008

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The other two is for napping πŸ˜› I just don’t have the willpower to pull an actual all-nighter–sorry guys, I guess I’m not that hardcore! :mrgreen:

Nov 17

  • vanilla yogurt, PB, flax, banana, chocolate almond granola bar

The key word here being chocolate. ❀

I was so stoked to see this being sold on campus! And pretty much any type of exciting food I see goes into my oatmeal the next day πŸ˜€

[and this is kinda gross, but I wonder what those noodle salads I like so much tastes like in oatmeal! I might have an off-the-side experiment on this one–although I probably won’t photograph it–I know when to have mercy on you guys :mrgreen: ]


Soup, english muffin, roasted red pepper hummus, crackers.

Small lunch 😦 The store didn’t have the turkey chili I was hoping they’d serve–so I ended up getting the only option they had–aka the vegetable soup. 


Acorn&butternut squash chili + egg + cottage cheese + carrots & peas

Chili currently owns a piece of my soul. And it’s even better with cottage cheese

Late-night snack:

Which means I had another all-nighter.

Bright side: the cranberry almond bar was good! I wish I had the foresight to buy some more food though 😦 [I was hoping that’d be a motivator in avoiding an all-nighter–but I guess life hates me…]

Nov 18


  • coffeeeeeee, cinnamon, ground ginger, flax, milk powder [ran out of real milk], honey almond granola bar,  walnuts, banana

I miss caffeinated oatmeal! Plus I needed fuel–and this provided me with 7 hours of it. Win! πŸ˜€

Back to work!

This Post Has No Title October 27, 2008

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Because I’m not a clever blog title machine πŸ˜›

Anywhoo–I’m almost caught up! Now that midterms are mostly over [one more in November]–I can post somewhat regularly!

Oct 21


  • strawberries, banana, PB, milk, flax

I haven't had strawberries in my oatmeal since the summer!


Buckwheat noodles! If I had some mirin to put in soy sauce my life would have been complete. Still a good meal though!

Noodles, egg, cauliflower, chickpeas, kidney beans, rice seasoning, black pepper

Oct 22

  • strawberries, mocha, milk, walnuts, flax, cinnamon, ground ginger?

As for the tea--I have no clue what it is but it tastes great and I think it's passionfruit 'cause it smells really sweet...but I'm not sure! It was great though--the tea turned an awesome shade of red when I poured in the water! Highlight of my day πŸ˜€

My giant dinner:

Noodles, broccoli, carrots, beans, seasoning, black pepper?

Part II:

Turkey!!, cranberry stuffing!!!, carrots, beans

I was supposed to save this for Friday--but for some reason I was feeling ravenous that day, so I ate it :mrgreen: I ate 3 boxes [the 2nd box was unphotographed 'cause I didn't feel like it πŸ˜€ ] of vegetables--which is actually kinda awesome but I was so stuffed by the end D: I guess that's why you have to eat slowly so this doesn't happen πŸ˜› 

And no week is complete without:

Oct 23

Banana & PB!:D

  • cottage cheese, peach yogurt, flax, banana, pb

And Earl Grey~

Question: which is better--apples & PB or banana & PB?

I keep wanting to have apples & PB with oatmeal but the thought of not having banana with PB stresses me out too much πŸ˜›

Behind October 24, 2008

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That is what I am! 😦 Can’t wait til this semester is over…

Oct 13

  • pumpkin, yogurt, cinnamon, walnuts, flax, coconut, shreddies

Oct 14

  • goji berries, walnuts, flax, longans?, mocha, milk

Oct 15-16

Not sure where my breakfast pictures went?!



 lunch-oct16_08 (1)

Pumpkin pasta!

Oct 17


  • cocoa, cinnamon, ground ginger, banana, walnuts, flax, milk

With Tazo Green Ginger tea! Didn’t taste very gingery to me πŸ˜›

Pre-midterm dinner!


A bucketful of Brussels sprouts, an egg, and a hummus sandwich

Three more midterms to go! [Commerce, Orgo, Stats–sometimes I really hate my skewed sense of fun during course registration…]

Oatmeal # 89: Papaya August 13, 2008

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Sucky lighting alert!

oatmeal-aug12_08 (1)

Papaya! Haven’t had this in ages, and my brother made papaya milk on Sunday night so there was leftovers that needed to be used up! And you know what happens whenever there are leftovers in my kitchen!

Verdict–very interesting taste! Papayas are soft like bananas and pears, so they’re great in terms of contributing to sweetness and flavors, but I thought there was a very very very small undertone of bitterness? It didn’t bug me–but worth noting!



Um yeah, the chunky coffee was kind of an experiment in itself…I still had half a cup of papaya milk leftover so um…I think you can guess what happened next! It was actually pretty nasty! The flavors did not match, the coffee was wayy too strong and bitter! I ended up addingΒ the whole thing [after forcing myself to drink half the cup…]Β into my oats–and it tasted great! I don’t know how that works.

Ooooh yesterday mom made the most awesome dessert ever–walnut soup!



Anyway–this morning I was so hungry that I had two formal snacks [I usually get bites of other food after my “formal snack”, but I never photograph those ’cause that’s boring πŸ˜› ]

Post-yoga snack #1:


Bran flakes, cheerios, blueberries, milk.

Snack #2:

snack-aug12_08 (1)

Mom’s vegetable soup! πŸ˜€ I haven’t had turnips in ages!

Off to look up plane tickets to California! Anyone got any good restaurant recommendations?

Breakfast Challenge: Last Day! June 5, 2008

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Breakfast in the Philippines and PB & B

strawberry&banana “champorado”, peanut butter & banana

Made some adjustments to the chocolate rice ’cause I have no sweet rice–just regular rice. And I wanted colors!–hence the fruits :mrgreen: I was so excited to have this ’cause I haven’t eaten this in ages–even though it doesn’t taste the same–chocolate is chocolate! πŸ˜€

Now I know how to make chocolate milk!

Went for a run about an hour and a half after my breakfast [plus some peanut butter :-P] Wasn’t as energized as I would have liked…I think it may have been the peanut butter…or maybe just my motivation problems~but at least I got through it πŸ˜€

Baked beans over rye bread toast

Before lunch, I did some baking!

coffee granola!

I only added half a teaspoon of coffee powder for 1 cup of granola–couldn’t really taste the coffee, but smells like it πŸ˜€ Although I should have baked them longer than 17 minutes next time…either that or turn up the heat on the oven :\

Polenta & potato scone cereal

I broke up two potato scones and ate it as cereal because I can :mrgreen: I liked it, of course! But needed more than 1/4 cup of milk, that’s for sure.

I also cut up the polenta I made yesterday and ate it as “cake”–with yogurt & cherry-blueberry jam filling! Made for messy eating, and the flavor was a little plainer than expected…so next time I’m just going to just chop up the polenta and throw it in a giant pool of yogurt πŸ˜€

Soup & Instant Cereal

Blueberry-blackberry “soup” topped with some of the coffee granola I made before lunch. Wasn’t too sweet at all–it would have made a great dessert–but I couldn’t wait that long so it became entree :mrgreen:

And so for “dessert”: instant cereal packet [with lots of water added–’cause it’s always too sweet] with chopped apples thrown in.

Soup’s done!

And so is the breakfast challenge! 😦

It’s been fun, sugary, and peanut-buttery. πŸ˜€ This is definitely going to become a tradition! And shoutout to Jenn for doing this challenge with me! Now if I can convert some of my offline friends to breakfast-ism…

Non-Experiment Stuff #1: Un-adventures May 23, 2008

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So this is what I had for breakfast on day one [Tuesday] of my “withdrawal period”–plain ol’ apple&cinnamon–this is actually the first time I tried that combo–if you can believe it! It was good–should have added more oatmeal though!


What I had on Wednesday:

Wanted to finish the rest of my ground beef! Also used this opportunity to use up the last of my whole wheat tortillas! And I added cherries&corn for fun factor! I never knew they tasted so AWESOME together! The cherries didn’t taste weird AT ALL with the beef–I’m definitely making this again!

My camera ran out of batteries yesterday morning so I couldn’t take pictures! 😦 But I had pumpkin, apples, and corn with my oats πŸ˜€
I did, however, take pictures of yesterday’s lunch:

Veggies! And pasta sauce.

And finally, this morning I had:

Cherries, blackberries, Colombian instant coffee powder, walnuts, sugar, 2% milk

And a glass of soy milk on the side! Cherries & coffee definitely go well together. I find that adding coffee to my oatmeal is one of the easiest ways to get in some caffeine without going overboard! Not really much of a coffee drinker πŸ˜›

Finally, today’s lunch!

I’m finally done with my bag of white bread! This sandwich represents the return of whole grain&wheat!

To the left, whole wheat bread, to the right, white bread!

How exciting πŸ˜€
I’m going to be having packed lunches throughout this weekend as I’ll be in the lab from about 8: 00 til 5: 30~but I get to enjoy a free BBQ tomorrow since I’m volunteering at this event my school’s hosting! In fact, I have to get going in about 15 minutes [volunteers have to be there at 8: 15–I’m ushering for a film screening!]–and won’t be home til 10: 30 tonight–haven’t gone to sleep this late in a while!