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Oatmeal #95: Strawberry-Banana Cheesecake August 21, 2008

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Tuesday’s breakfast:

oatmeal-aug19_08 (1)

WE FINALLY HAD BANANAS IN THE HOUSE! [they’re all gone now–hence past tense and sad face: 😦 ] You can imagine how exciting that is 😀

Mom also baked some cheesecake the night before, so combine that thought + breakfast and you get another oatmeal experiment!

I think I had about half a slice in there–but that’s plenty once you break it up and mash it into the oatmeal while they’re cooking. And since I already had the cake to flavor the oats, I chopped the banana instead of mashing it like I usually do.


This picture makes it look gross, but it isn’t! I blame the bad weather, which also meant poor lighting!

The cheesecake flavor wasn’t that strong–I had to actively search for its taste–I guess maybe I’ll use the cake as a topping next time?

Other things I added: vanilla extract, almonds, soy milk, cinnamon, mixed grains



When I’m home, it’s very rare that I ever have sandwiches for lunch [I know–I’m spoiled rotten!] But that day I guess no one felt like cooking so my brother went to buy McDonalds [for my parents] and Subway [for himself]. I didn’t feel like waiting ’cause I was hungry–so I made a sandwich!

I sliced one piece of thick white bread in half since I had another piece earlier and didn’t feel up to eating three thick slices of bread x_X

Contents: honey ham, roasted turkey, lettuce, apple slices.

Awesome sweet + savory combo! Am definitely recreating this when I go back to school in September!




Only one picture ’cause all the other ones were ugly!

Contents: oats, grains, small egg, corn, banana, soy milk

Plus a cup of raspberry mocha! [the cocoa blend I added was raspberry flavored–but I think a mocha smoothie is definitely in my future!]

Post-run snack:


Milk, cheerios, bran flakes, raw brownie.

The brownies turned the milk into chocolate milk! Awesome 😀




Ignore my brother’s ugly hand.

My plate:

dinner-aug20_08 (1)

I went back for another piece of sashimi, california roll, california roll + sashimi, and a tuna sushi. The rolls are huge!

ZOMFG It’s my birthday soon–WHAT DO I DO?! -cue mid-life crisis-


Experiment #36: Mangoes – Part II June 8, 2008

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mango, zucchini, egg, soy nuts, walnuts, milk

Yesterday’s breakfast!
And there goes the last of my mango! But well worth it 😀 Didn’t even need to add sugar ’cause the fruits were sweet enough! The addition of zuchini was purely for decorative purposes–my breakfast was a little too orange for my taste.

colors make the world go round!

Went to eat brunch at Morisson’s restaurant yesterday with my housemates so no pictures! But I had a huge pancake [I spread egg yolk on it instead of syrup ’cause I’m interesting :mrgreen: ], french toast, 2 eggs [so many eggs in one day!], 2 sausages [there were 3 but I couldn’t finish!], and a huge strawberry milkshake–all for $10! I was stuffed and I got my money’s worth–although I think I’m going to take a break from eggs for the next couple of days!

Didn’t feel like cooking when I got home last night, so for dinner I microwaved some frozen veggies, zucchini, and had that along with leftover polenta and potatoes, topped with some Classico Red Wine & Herb sauce.

I’m glad I didn’t make myself cereal, or else I would have exploded! I didn’t expect the bowl of veggies to turn out this big when I pictured it in my head~ Oh, and I finished my bag of soy nuts! 😦 I want to go buy some more…but I’ve been to the grocery store so many times now that the cashier lady could probably recognize me…

Breakfast Challenge: Day 3 June 3, 2008

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Japanese breakfast

Since I like japanese food so much, I decided to have breakfast in japanese style–rice, fish, green tea, and miso soup! Of couse, I don’t have all the resources available to make it a traditional breakfast…like natto and pickled veggies…and I didn’t grill my fish ’cause I don’t have a grill! 😛 I also used instant miso soup packets.

But yar anyway, it was really strange eating things like soup and fish for breakfast! I guess it’s a refreshing change from the sweet stuff I normally eat 😀 And the rice tasted so good–I seasoned it with rice vinegar and some japanese rice seasoning~can’t wait to make it again!

Scottish breakfast

Potato scones! Although I did alter the recipe slightly and opted for baking instead of pan frying ’cause my baking sheet is so much easier to wash than an oily pan!

Before baking:

After baking:

Guess the next time I use a recipe that calls for pan frying when I’m baking, I should add more flour! The scones were quite mushy even after I flipped them over and sprinkled more flour on them to bake~they were delicious though 😀 But they tasted more like cake than scones!

I had two slices with peanut butter and jam, and on the side I had half a cup all-bran cereal with milk and chopped pears mixed in!

Experiment #33: Veggie Oatmeal – Part II

Pumpkin, blueberry, zucchini, egg, walnuts, 1% milk, cinnamon, ground ginger, sugar

The bowl smelled predominantly of cinnamon–I find that once you add cinnamon to a dish, the smell covers everything else. Not that it’s a bad thing–but I never noticed it til now! And I didn’t even add that much cinnamon! Weird~

I’ve been looking forward to this all day, ’cause I don’t usually cook oatmeal on stove top, and if I do, I don’t throw in the fruits to cook! So that was kinda cool 😀 Tried tons of new things today!

Experiment #27: Eggs – Part II May 26, 2008

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Eggs, corn, peaches, banana, 2% milk

Had this yesterday.
I bought peaches & bananas on Friday! I was so excited to have the two most awesomest fruits in the world in my house at the same time that I had to throw them in together in my oats XD

Super creaminess!

I’ve actually never had bananas with oatmeal before [I know! What the hell, right?]–so it was interesting 😀 I think this fruit is made to go with oatmeal! Actually, I think bananas go well with anything–just like oatmeal goes well with everything! XD

Yesterday at lunch I tried a new sandwich filling:

Bean sprouts!
It was pretty good…although as much as I tried to prevent it from making the bread soggy by sandwiching it between the cheese and cucumbers…it wasn’t enough…it was a very messy, but tasty lunch!

Even more bean sprouts:

Veggies & beans with Classico Red Wine & Herb pasta sauce!

I’m almost done the bag my mom bought! I’ve been having bean sprouts every single day ’cause it’s a huge bag and wasting food is bad 😀 I’m also well on my way to finishing the tomatoes–only 1.5 more to go! I don’t really like cooked tomatoes, so I ate them raw and boiled everything else.

And this morning I decided to continue working on the tub of pumpkin I still have left…’cause I’ve had this for at least a month now and I’m not really sure how long I can keep canned pumpkin for… 😯

Strawberries, blueberries, 2% milk, pumpkin, sugar, walnuts

I used 1/2 cup of oats this morning ’cause 0.33 cup just isn’t enough! And I wanted to go for a run after I went to the lab at 7 a.m. so I decided to have a bigger breakfast 😀 I think I’m going to use half a cup from now on!

My run today was good–haven’t ran in a while, so I started easy–20 minutes in total [split into four blocks of 5 minutes, with a one minute walking break in between] by the lake and then back home. I want to get back to running again so I’m going to aim for going at least twice a week! Hope I’ll be able to keep this up!

Experiment #26: Eggs – Part I May 24, 2008

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strawberries, egg, blueberries, sugar, 2% milk

My dad actually introduced me to the idea of cooking an egg with my oats a few years ago! I used Quaker’s large oatmeal flakes ’cause they take longer to cook, and I figured the amount of time it would take to cook the oats would match the time it took the egg.

Anyway–I’d forgotten exactly how awesome this tasted! The egg + milk combo made the oats even more creamy than usual! I could eat ten bowls of this.

Today’s lunch:

I’ve never had Babybel cheese before…a lot of people seem to have this for lunch from what I see around the web, so I wanted to see what the big deal was–plus these were on sale 😛


It tastes like mozzarella…

Since I was one of the volunteers at this event my school’s hosting, I got free food! I basically went to the BBQ, sat down to eat like…4 slices of watermelons, then packed up the burger [hence the soaked napkin 😛 ] and ran back to the lab for more work 😛

Veggie patty, lettuce, tomatoes

The veggie patty was good! Day-um

Yesterday’s dinner:

Salmon & lemon juice, bean sprouts, sunflower seeds, onions, garlic, tomatoes, celery, rice balls

I finished the last of mom’s rice balls & celery yesterday! Am slowly reducing my stash of leftovers–whoo!

Today’s dinner:

A mix of brown & white rice–yum! Haven’t had rice in so long since I’d been eating rice balls in place of rice! I tried to make tomato pesto with garlic, parmesan, and sunflower seeds, but ended up with tomato sauce 😛 Still good though–and that’s what matters 😀