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Post-All-Nighter Party November 14, 2008

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I actually ended up having a second all-nighter after the first [well…I did sleep for about 4.5 hours…so I guess it’s an all-night wannabe :mrgreen: ]…the inner workings of yeast turned me into a zombie for two days…

Nov 5

  • mandarin oranges, pineapple, milk, flax, PB


Corn, peas, peppers, eggs, chickpeas, kidney beans, hummus sandwich

Corn~<3. I kinda want to bring out the veggie oatmeal again~but no time to go grocery shopping! [the store’s like…half an hour away D: ]

Nov 6

  • mango, papaya, pears, pineapples, PB, milk, flax, cinnamon, ground ginger

It’s canned fruits, just so you know 😛 No way I would have had access to real papayas and mangoes! Although I wouldn’t have any objections if the caf decides to bring that stuff out 😀


Broccoli, cauliflower, hummus sandwich



This is like fore-shadowing…I haven’t drank coffee in the afternoon since first year..

Nov 7


  • pears, walnuts, cocoa, cinnamon, ground ginger, milk, flax

+ orange spice white tea. I don’t like the dried orange peel smell, but the tea didn’t taste bad or anything~

My awesome dinner:

Jasmine rice, black beans, zucchini, ,red pepper, carrots, mushrooms, ginger hoisin sauce

LOVE jasmine rice! It smells even better than normal rice–which I didn’t think was possible until I took a whiff~and that is why food is so awesome 😀 [other than the fact that y’know…we need it to live]

I originally planned on going to the gym today…but I don’t feel like it…so maybe I won’t go 😛 I have a commerce assignment due tomorrow anyway~


Oatmeal #96: Smoothies – Part III August 22, 2008

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Yesterday’s breakfast:

oatmeal-aug21_08 (1)

Orange-banana smoothie :mrgreen: I only threw in half an orange ’cause I wasn’t sure how orange I wanted the thing to be! I think that was the right choice, otherwise my cup would have overflowed!

Despite the amount of fruits I added this time–the drink wasn’t too sweet–which is, frankly, a-OK with me ’cause I dislike excessively sweet stuff anyway. More important was that I could actually taste and smell all the ingredients–which I could [except for the vanilla–but I didn’t add that much so that’s most likely why], so that was good 😀


Other things: vanilla extract, soy milk, milk, oats, almonds

With a piece of bread and leftover fruits! Was pretty filling for a breakfast that didn’t have much chewing involved. [Liquids just doesn’t hold me over that well–maybe ’cause I like eating more than drinking 😛 ]


 DUMPLINGS! I’m so touched


Imagine this but multiplied by 3 😀

Post-yoga snack:


Yogurt + 3 or 4 more dumplings 😛

Rhythmic gymnastics is on right now! So exciting!