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My brain is trying to tell me something… December 5, 2008

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This should tell you a little about my mental processes when I am working:


True story. Nov 25. There were no witnesses, but I do have the screencap!

I thought it was hilarious that the program went “What?” like it was in disbelief :mrgreen:

Nov 26

Oatmeal #138: Nutty Oats – Part IV + applesauce

  • applesauce, sliced &blanched almonds, cinnamon, ground ginger, shredded coconut, PB, flax, milk, quick oats, organic oats

Applesauce in pancakes! I have never tried it–have you? I added the entire mini container–so I managed to get the apple flavor!

Also–I decided to blend two different types of oats together because I’m running out of quick oats [my weapon of choice for microwave pancakes] so I decided to mix it with organic oats–it turned out quite well, actually! I was afraid it might take longer to cook, but it didn’t! And it was much chewier too.


+ spiced chai tea with milk. I haven’t had tea + milk in ages! If I had sugar around as well, it would have been complete!

My very amazing lunch:

Something I haven’t had in a long time [since last year!]–couscous! Ever since the caf introduced it into my life, I have been hooked. Grains = awesome in all forms!

The above contains: couscous, dried apricots, peppers, carrots, beans, tomatoes,  raisins, peas, lemon-garlic vinaigrette

Extra large lunch, extra awesome.

Night-time snack:

I believe it was for an all-nighter. Can’t remember if I succeeded in staying up all night or not…I probably didn’t…

Nov 27

  • banana, cottage cheese, flax, peanuts, pistachios, green raisins, PB

+ coffee

Actually…maybe I did stay up all night…

2 more exams + 1 paper left!

So I only need another week of all-nighters and maybe 3 days of sleeping over at the lab, and then I will be writing my last exam and then going HOME!!!

I have been waiting for this since school started!


All-nighter! November 12, 2008

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First all-nighter of the year!

Not sure how worthy of celebration that is…

Nov 4

  • Silhouette Peach yogurt, flax, banana, PB, mixed nuts

Something other than walnuts! That’s always exciting 😀

Snack–either mid-morning or sometime after lunch:

Nov 3

  • vanilla yogurt, PB, flax, longans, goji berries, ground giner, cinnamon

Wow…this is such a yogurt-ful post!



Turkey & tomato sandwich + half of the Thai noodle salad.



Bread + butter, scrambled eggs + the other half of the noodle salad.

I love that they sell that kind of salad at the campus store now! The vegetable salads always look so sketchy 😛 At least the noodle salads look edible!

Nov 2

No oatmeal picture ’cause it was nothing new: goji berries + longans + black sesame. Same old 😀

Post-dinner snack:


Granola bar!

I was going to save it for oatmeal–but obviously that did not work out 😛

Roar–need to go back to reading about Schizosaccharomyces pombe…aka yeast. And it’s not even the fun kind…

Oatmeal #47: Chocolate Covered Veggies June 20, 2008

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Wednesday’s breakfast:

Top right bowl: miso soup with frozen veggies
Top left: scrambled eggs, blueberries, strawberries, sunflower seeds
Bottom: vegan cornbread

Scrambled eggs doesn’t taste that great with strawberries 😐 I think it’s ’cause of the sour taste~

Didn’t have oatmeal for breakfast ’cause I wanted to have it for lunch, and ’cause I wanted to try muesli!

pumpkin, peas, corn, potatoes, unsweetened cocoa, sugar, soy milk, yogurt, jam, wheat germ, peanuts

It looks/sounds crappy but it was awesome! [my labmates were rather skeptical as well, when I told them about it 😛 Well I did warn them!] And it smelled so good and I was so excited to have it for lunch!

And I think I’m officially addicted to muesli! I’ve had oatmeal that was cooked and then cooked to a consistency of pudding, but it was nowhere as chewy as this was!

I think the problem with having oats for lunch is that I spend the whole morning craving them 😕 So much that it was all I wanted for dinner:

Left bowl: peas, potatoes, yogurt, oatmeal, a bit of blueberry-cherry jam
Right bowl: carrots, brussel sprouts, potato, broccoli, salted soy nuts, Classico Red Wine & Herb sauce

Muesli for dinner! Couldn’t actually taste the jam, but that’s okay 😀 The mixture actually tasted like sour cream & potatoes–which is my absolute favorite–so that was great!

Oatmeal # 46: Earth Day Oats! June 19, 2008

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If only I had thought of this on Earth Day!

peas, blueberries, peanuts, wheat germ, soy milk

Along with a cup of coffee and some bananas! Had this on Tuesday. I tried to create a miniature Earth with the peas and berries…and evidently I failed 😀 As you can see, I have a lot of time on my hands!

I got the idea to put peas in my oatmeal ’cause I was eating some and was thinking how sweet they were and how they taste similar to blueberries [well…now that I think about it…not really!] so I decided it’d be fun to have it with my oatmeal! And now I’m definitely hooked.

Went for a one-hour walk before lab. Then came back and had a snack:

all-bran, raspberries, blackberries

I’m almost out of blackberries! Now I have to wait for them to go on sale again before I can have any! But I rarely eat them anyway, so that’s okay 😀

My exciting packed lunch:

Top container: potatoes, mixed frozen veggies, parmesan cheese, sunflower seeds
Bottom left: plain yogurt, raspberries, blueberry-cherry jam
Bottom right: strawberries, vegan cornbread

And I didn’t end up bringing the apple–big mistake! But oh well~I ate it with dinner instead, which was the same bowl of curry, except without the salmon this time ’cause I didn’t cook any!

Oatmeal #45: Berries again June 18, 2008

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raspberries, blueberries, banana, peanuts, wheat germ, soy milk

Monday’s breakfast.
Not that exciting, but I think I need a break from excitement so that I can try and cure my allergies. At this point I’m willing to try just about anything to get rid of it–it’s keeping me from getting a good night’s sleep! 😡 I’m dying over here!

I think I like raspberries more than blackberries–they aren’t as sour! Although I think both are kinda ugly looking 😛

Post run snack:

blackberries, wheat germ, all-bran, milk

Cereals make the perfect snack! Actually, cereals are great any time of the day, as proven by the breakfast challenge! :mrgreen: I’m really tempted to do it again ’cause it was so much fun!

The tower of lunch!

Packed lunch ’cause had to be at the lab! It seems like I’m at the lab all the time now…weird! I wonder how long it will take before I start going bonkers…I’ve been at the lab every single day for a couple of months now… 😛

Top container: plain yogurt w, jam, frozen blueberries [yummeh!]
Bottom left: strawberries, gala apple
Bottom right: potatoes, frozen veggies, parmesan cheese, sunflower seeds

I love how strawberries just fills me right up! Although I get hungry again really quickly afterwards…I either have really speedy metabolism or I’m not eating enough…I’m always hungry!

And I had curry again for dinner! [FYI: not real curry, because I’d explode–I get the instant kind :D]

Oatmeal #44: Berries June 17, 2008

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Heh, I’ve used up all of my kiwi, so there’s no more experimenting with those until they go on sale again! :mrgreen:

Oh, and I was so excited about posting my last kiwi experiment yesterday that I skipped ahead! So I’m rewinding back to Friday for a minute:

raspberries, blackberries, wheat germ, milk, peanuts

I only threw them together ’cause I thought it would look cool :mrgreen: Two different colored berries with almost identical shape! How magical is that?! [yes, that’s how most of my oatmeal combos are born–make it look pretty first, worry about taste later! 😀 It’s a good thing I have an adventurous taste in food!]

Saturday’s lunch:

In the small bowl: strawberries
On the plate: rye bread toast with a slice of cheddar cheese
In the bigger bowl: scrambled eggs with pumpkin, rye bread, carrots, and parmesan cheese

It was really exciting ’cause I’ve been wanting to try the pumpkin-egg combo in ages! And might I just add that I love cooking bread with eggs ’cause it gives the bread extra flavor and extra crunch! With the addition of the pumpkin, the bread had a slightly sweet taste–which made it seem like I was eating dessert rather than lunch 😀

And dinner was the same as what I had on Friday–curry!

This morning, I did some baking:

Vegan cornbread!!!!

I’ve been dying to try this in ages, only I’ve never had a bag of cornmeal at my disposal before so I never did! But thanks to the Breakfast Challenge, I lugged a bag of the stuff home and thus I have cornbread!

It’s kinda sweet, even though I only added 1.33 tbsp of sugar…good thing I didn’t add more! My version was kinda chewy and had similar texture to that of a scone–an added bonus ’cause I love scones!

Can’t wait to have this for lunch today–that is…if I can resist snagging another bite of it!

Oatmeal #43: Kiwi – Part V June 16, 2008

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Am blogging at the lab right now :mrgreen: I’m such a slacker.

strawberries, banana, kiwi, wheat germ, peanuts, milk

Saturday’s breakfast.
I wish I could have turned this into a smoothie! It was sooo good. I love the combo of strawberry-banana with just about anything!

Had my oatmeal along with the rest of the banana.

I packed a lunch on Friday ’cause I knew I’d be at the lab for a while:

I put celery in my sandwich ’cause I was out of sandwich meat 😛 It was a bit messy ’cause the celery kept falling out!
The salad on the side contains some more celery, carrots, frozen mixed veggies, blueberries, and a teaspoon of parmesan–it was all soggy by the time I got around to eating it at 11: 00, probably due to the frozen blueberries melting. But I was able to ignore that ’cause it still tasted fine 😀

And I was so excited for dinner ’cause I was having curry! Haven’t made this in so long, and mom brought me a whole packet of it so yay! Let’s just say curry’s going to be on the menu for a while 😀

With celery, carrots, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, half a salmon fillet, and brown&white rice!

Now gotta get back to work!