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Pancakes November 26, 2008

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I am obsessed. I’m almost out of quick oats! Am very sad…as I’m not sure how well organic oats will work with my microwave method…

Nov 21

Oatmeal #136: Apple & Coffee Pancake

oatmeal-nov20_08 (4)

More caffeinated oatmeal coming this way!

  • coffee, apples, flax, ground ginger, cinnamon, milk powder, oats, greek yogurt

I need to figure out how to make apples look better in pictures….unfortunately the sucky lighting in my room doesn’t help!

But oh well–it was fun tasting 😀 The smell of cooked apples and coffee was fantastic!


Check out the snow in the background! How am I going to get to all my classes on time if I’m sliding all over the place? I hate snow 👿

Luckily…it all melted away pretty quickly!


Very thanksgiving like! Except the Canadian Thanksgiving was a month ago 😛

Turkey breast, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry stuffing

Nov 21

Banana bread pancake–same as what I had on Wednesday–but with peanut butter! ❤

+ spiced chai tea.

I always thought chai would smell more cinnamony–but all I could smell was something that’s like dried orange peels [star anise?]


I finally got my turkey chili!

Too bad I had to scarf it down in a hurry to get to bio on time 😦

Chili, beans, edamame, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, cottage cheese

Nov 22


Cinnamon raisin english muffin + butter, turkey, kidney beans and chickpeas, cantaloupe

+ Lime Herbal Tea

English muffin = A+

Tea = Z——-

Am officially in need of more english muffins in my life! Too bad the cafeteria doesn’t bring them out that often 😦

The tea was absolutely horrible. It was wayyyy too lime-y. I couldn’t even force myself to chug it down. So I decided to save it for lunch the next day:



The return of cafeteria oatmeal! The last time that appeared on the blog was April 27–aka a very long time ago!

  • pears, cottage cheese, tea, PB

Unfortunately, I had too much tea–so I still have some of it sitting in my fridge! 😦

And this tea was something even the oats couldn’t save…


Bread, hummus, cucs, beans, egg, apple

All-nighter snack #1 [Nov 23 morning]


With my orgo homework in the background! But I was actually working on commerce 😛

Toast + butter, banana, egg, apple


Noodle salad + tofu + kidney beans

All-night snack #2:

I think that’s foccacia? I’m not sure what that type of bread is called…but it’s amazing with Herb&Garlic cream cheese.

+ chocolate chip cookie.

And exciting news [for me, that is]–I managed to get 7.5 hours of sleep yesterday! That’s almost 8 hours! Oh my god it felt so weird to sleep properly on a pillow and everything…[I have been sleeping on my bed…but I was half on my chair, and half on the mattress 😛 ]

Am going to the gym today…since I’m feeling so energetic. [That may or may not have something to do with the huge cup of tea I just chugged…]


Post-All-Nighter Party November 14, 2008

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I actually ended up having a second all-nighter after the first [well…I did sleep for about 4.5 hours…so I guess it’s an all-night wannabe :mrgreen: ]…the inner workings of yeast turned me into a zombie for two days…

Nov 5

  • mandarin oranges, pineapple, milk, flax, PB


Corn, peas, peppers, eggs, chickpeas, kidney beans, hummus sandwich

Corn~<3. I kinda want to bring out the veggie oatmeal again~but no time to go grocery shopping! [the store’s like…half an hour away D: ]

Nov 6

  • mango, papaya, pears, pineapples, PB, milk, flax, cinnamon, ground ginger

It’s canned fruits, just so you know 😛 No way I would have had access to real papayas and mangoes! Although I wouldn’t have any objections if the caf decides to bring that stuff out 😀


Broccoli, cauliflower, hummus sandwich



This is like fore-shadowing…I haven’t drank coffee in the afternoon since first year..

Nov 7


  • pears, walnuts, cocoa, cinnamon, ground ginger, milk, flax

+ orange spice white tea. I don’t like the dried orange peel smell, but the tea didn’t taste bad or anything~

My awesome dinner:

Jasmine rice, black beans, zucchini, ,red pepper, carrots, mushrooms, ginger hoisin sauce

LOVE jasmine rice! It smells even better than normal rice–which I didn’t think was possible until I took a whiff~and that is why food is so awesome 😀 [other than the fact that y’know…we need it to live]

I originally planned on going to the gym today…but I don’t feel like it…so maybe I won’t go 😛 I have a commerce assignment due tomorrow anyway~

Switching Things Up July 28, 2008

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For those of you who like banana oatmeal, this is a really nice alternative for when you want to change it up a bit!

oatmeal-jul27_08 (1)

Pear oatmeal! The mushy kind–I used Bartlett pears ’cause it was on sale 😀 [what goes into my mouth every week pretty much reflects what’s on sale at the grocery store!] Soft enough to easily mash into your oatmeal, and like bananas, it’s sweet enough to sweeten up your oats without any sugar! Also tastes fantastic with peanut butter!

Add a little unsweetened coconut on top for happy fun chew time :mrgreen:


Had my oats with a nice big cup of mocha that takes me a billion hours to finish.

For today’s breakfast, I changed up my pancake batter and topping! How wild am I?!

oatmeal-jul28_08 (1)
blueberries! I love blueberries…

Anyway, in my batter, instead of yogurt, I subbed in 2 tsp wildberry jam and 2 tbsp milk for a sweeter pancake. I also added 1 tbsp unsweetened coconut ’cause I like the extra texture! Plus it smells really good.

And I think it’s pretty obvious what my topping of the day is–1 tbsp plain yogurt, walnuts, and blueberries! I was going to use bananas, but I didn’t want my breakfast to be too sweet, and I added the blueberries for the nutrients and extra zing.


Looks so pretty and colorful! I think this will be my topping of choice for a while 😀

I didn’t really switch up much in yesterday’s post-run snack other than having pear yogurt for the first time ever:


But for lunch and dinner, I did a little switch-around–rice for lunch, tortilla for dinner! I also tried a new way of flavoring my rice, inspired by a recipe I found:


I only realized just now that the recipe for a soup, but when I was making lunch yesterday, half my brain cells decided to go on strike and I somehow turned the whole thing into a risotto…and not even a proper risotto at that!

Anyway, couldn’t really taste or smell the green tea in the rice! Maybe that’s why the recipe was a soup instead of rice…but anyhow it still tasted great and really filled me up 😀 [although I still went home to have a snack 1.5 hours later..]


Tortilla, bean balls, red peppers, cucumber, and half a slice of cheddar cheese! With a slice of microwaved kale + parmesan. I thought I was going to bake the kale and peppers, but apparently I was kidding myself. Nevertheless, everything tasted great 😀 It’s rather strange but awesome having lunch food for dinner!

Today’s post-run snack was again, not really that much different:


Leftover mocha from breakfast, chocolate corn scone/cookie, sliced nectarine, and water.

Lunch was tortilla with cuc-yogurt sauce, bean balls, and kale. I already photographed it once, so I didn’t bother taking another picture 😛

The excitement returned at dinner time–black bean soup!


Unfortunately, I don’t have a food processor or a blender [just a coffee grinder, but the instructions said not to puree food in it? Anyone know why?] so I minced the onions and peppers with the veg knife, and mashed beans with a fork. I also added a dollop of plain yogurt into the soup! I’ve never done that before–but it wasn’t bad at all! Made the soup creamier and tastier 😀

On the breakfast menu tomorrow–exciting new pancake recipe as formulated by my insatiable sweet tooth :mrgreen:

Non-Experiment #2: Pears & Answers! May 31, 2008

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The “secret” ingredient I mentioned in the previous entry is mashed potatoes! 😀 And Leng guessed correctly!

Anyway, wanted to “warm up” for the breakfast challenge tomorrow with a bowl of semi-experimental oatmeal:

Pears, strawberries, walnuts, cinnamon, cream [1 tsp whipping cream, 2 tsp half and half]

I’ve never had pears with oatmeal before, but I think a lot of people have, so that’s why it’s semi-experimental 😀 It was good!

For lunch today, I tossed some eggplants and bread in the pan to scramble my egg with:

Along with tea sweetened with a bit of sugar, a bowl of canned white tuna, and frozen veggies 😀

And of course, I had to have dessert!

Plain yogurt with frozen blueberries on the second layer, cherries on top! Very fruity and sweet–all without sugar! Plain yogurt is way better than flavored ones–they seem way too sweet now.

Oh, and I also had soy nuts too–I’m addicted to that stuff now…wow, I eat a lot, don’t I? Good thing I walk a lot!

I cooked so much veggies for dinner tonight:

I would like to congratulate myself on successfully incoroporating eggplant into every single meal of my day today [I had a slice of it after breakfast because it’s fun :D]

Spinach with parmesan & sunflower seeds with rice is So. Good.

And I had dessert ’cause I got attacked by a crow on my afternoon walk and I needed a dopamine fix!

Tea with vanilla chai stuff added to it for sweetening, along with the rest of my bag of cherries! I had so much fruits today 😯 That can’t be good, can it?

Breakfast challenge starts tomorrow!