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Oatmeal #79: Green Tea July 31, 2008

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This would have been combo #80, but I’m saving the other one from yesterday for another post 😀

Today’s pre-run breakfast:

oatmeal-jul31_08 (1)

I’ve been itching to try the combo of tea + oats, but then pancakes re-entered my life and I forgot everything else 😀

Anywhoozer! This morning I literally threw a tea bag in with the oats [after letting the tea steep by itself for a few seconds first], and I only added a splash of milk so it wouldn’t be too dry. [which always seems to happen if I make oats with only water] I also added 0.5 tsp-ish of matcha powder and vanilla extract ’cause green tea just isn’t that strong in terms of flavor.

The oats did taste rather tea-ish, but it was very very subtle–I couldn’t smell the tea at all. It did make a nice change though 😀 And I guess I got a nice dose of antioxidants this morning! 😀


Along with the oats, I threw in some peas to match the green theme, flax, walnuts, and then some peaches ’cause I need fruits with breakfast! I ended up with a giant bowl of oats–I think it’s the peaches, since I didn’t bother cubing it this morning.

Randomly switching over to yesterday’s dinner:


The noodles are made of mung beans and water–I checked the package and was surprised because I’ve eaten this stuff countless times but never knew the ingredients list was so simple! Anyway, it tasted great with the pasta sauce and tilapia!

I meant to pan sear the fillet and have the end product look like a fillet, but I guess I was too cool for that.

Dinner part II:

 dinner-jul30_08 (1)

It filled me up for about an hour…and then I came back from lab and ate some blackberries & blueberries, which finally did the trick!

Another random switch to today’s post-run snack: [I tell you, if anyone was to leave me in charge of a time machine…]


Banana, plain yogurt, and choco black-corn cookie/scone/muffin/thing. I really like how the banana tastes with yogurt! It was a bit like a mixture of sour cream and sweetened cream cheese–yum! Hello new addiction!

I was actually pretty stuffed from the yogurt, but I decided to eat something else anyway:

 snack-jul31_08 (1)

Toasted tortilla [1/4 of the whole thing] with jam. I rather like it all crunchy like that! Oh my, food is just so awesome.


Oatmeal #66: Texture – Part II July 14, 2008

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More excitement! Yesterday:

oatmeal-jul13_08 (1)
1 cup water


oatmeal-jul14_08 (1)
1 cup soy milk

When cooking this morning–my pot was exploding with foams and stuff! No idea why the soy milk caused that!


Oh, and another thing that was different with the soy milk–seems like it took a lot longer to cook than with water! Maybe it was ’cause I was hungry…since I decided to have breakfast after my run today…forgot to time the cooking again! I did time my cooking on the first day–10 minutes. Argh–but that’s kinda useless without anything to compare it to.


Anyway! Taste-wise there wasn’t too much difference–although today’s breakfast smelled a lot better, and maybe was a little sweeter? I think I need to make two bowls of oatmeal and eat them on the same day so I can get the subtle differences!

In a tentative conclusion: milk & water mixture = best. All-milk and all-water doesn’t seem to produce the same creaminess. My all-milk mixture also turned out way too dry! But I think I’ll give it another go before I make any definite statements.

Moving on! Check out my exciting dinner! 😀

No soup today!

Bottom left: 0.5 mashed potato with 1 tsp extra-virgin olive oil –oil makes all the difference in the world! Tasted almost buttery!
Bottom right: 0.25 cup white&brown rice mixture, rice vinegar, corn, mixed frozen veggies
Top right: 0.5 salmon fillet, lemon juice, 2 tsp parmesan, spinach –SO AWESOME.
Top left: raw red peppers! Fast becoming a staple food 😀

All of this along with a huge cup of water!

I was full from dinner…but decided to have dessert anyway:


Plain yogurt, unsweetened cocoa, blueberry-cherry jam, wheat germ, all-bran, and raspberries.

Too much cocoa–not enough jam! 😦 And the raspberries made everything wayy too sour D: I really need to buy some maple syrup or honey! But I want to finish my tub of sugar first 😐

Pancakes for breakfast tomorrow! [I would normally say “SO EXCITING” here…but I feel like I use that word a lot…along with the words “amazing” and “awesome” 😛 Need more synonyms!]

Oatmeal #59: Pink & Green Oats July 4, 2008

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Not that you can see the pink at all here…’cause I’m such an awesome photog:

Today’s breakfast 😀
To tell the truth, I only threw this together ’cause I used up all my other fruits and don’t feel like using blueberries or repeating old comboes 😛 Therefore you get a random combo of raspberries, peas, and longans. It’s times like these when I’m thankful for my strange taste in food!

As disgusting as this combo is sounding…it was super good, I could smell and taste the raspberries with every bite, and the peas were sweet, so the tastes fit! And longans are always fun to eat 😀

I increased the amount of all-bran I put in my breakfast, so I was super full! Add the giant cup of coffee, and you’ve got a powerhouse breakfast! Talk about ingestible fuel!

And true enough, check out the awesomeness this contains: 13g fat, 12g fiber, 16g protein –the most fiber I’ve ever gotten out of my breakfast so far! Although I still overshot on the protein…-sigh-

I had a whole day off work today, so my friend and I made plans to walk to lunch–which I knew would take about an hour at the least, so I ate a small snack before leaving:

yogurt, raisins, blueberries

Contains: 0g fat, 1g fiber, 2g protein

An hour’s walk later–we were starving and ready to tackle the All-You-Can-Eat Japanese lunch! For $14, I think we got more than what we paid for! Have never ate so much sushi in my life! It was awesome 😀 [no pictures ’cause I care way too much what people think of me]

On a random note–check out yesterday’s dinner!

Right: Raw yellow pepper stuffed with sushi rice and mixed veggies–I think I added too much rice vinegar–oops! I ate this pizza-style, aka with my hands, ’cause I’m so cool.
Left: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, “seasoned” with some instant soup thing 😛
Top: half a salmon fillet topped with spinach and half a slice of melted cheddar…-drool-

Most fancy dinner I’ve ever made! And I’m proud to say this was a boil-free dinner. Yay for using something other than water to cook dinner! [Well…I did add a little bit of water ’cause I felt lost without it :mrgreen: ]

5g fat, 7g fiber, 22g protein

Unfortunately, not a very filling dinner ’cause not enough veggies, I guess? Need to stock up my fridge with more veggies!

So dessert followed:

Half a packet of instant cereal, 2 tbsp pumpkin, and 2 tbsp of all-bran cereal, thus upping my fiber count! 1g fat, 4.5g fiber, 2.5g protein

Oatmeal #54: Tofu – Part I, II, III June 28, 2008

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I’m just going to combine all my experiments with tofu into one giant post–since I want to get caught up to the more recent experiments!

Wednesday: Kiwi & Tofu

Not enough flavor! That was my one complaint–could have done with the addition of something sweet. Kiwis just aren’t enough to make up for tofu’s lack of flavor! Nevertheless, it wasn’t a complete disaster–tasted like bland pudding, with a hint of soy 😀

Thursday: Blueberries + Tofu

Much better! 😀 I also didn’t add as much tofu this time–although with this I wasn’t full enough! Argh–seems like I just can’t win!

Oh, and I also added half a teaspoon of cocoa into the muesli ’cause I can :mrgreen: But I could barely taste it, so next time I’ll add one teaspoon!

Yesterday: Blueberries + Peas + Tofu

I also stirred in a very very tiny amount of blueberry-cherry jam just to sweeten up the oats even more, but I could barely taste it–grr!
Anywhoo, it was good–the peas provided a nice chewy texture–I love peas!

On a side note–tried a new flavor of milk yesterday: strawberrykiwibanana:

As exciting as that sounds, it was gross! Wayyyy bitter! I was not expecting that. I nearly died, but I made myself drink it all anyway ’cause I hate wasting stuff–I just looked at it as getting another few servings of fruits in and just went with it–but I was so disappointed 😦

But the other part of my lunch was delicious 😀

Tuna pizza toast! Can’t go wrong with that!

Dinner was rice salad–with extra virgin olive oil & parmesan cheese for flavors:

Didn’t cook the black eyed peas long enough–oops! Hope it’s not bad or anything oO I’ve heard that you shouldn’t eat raw beans…?

Oatmeal #47: Chocolate Covered Veggies June 20, 2008

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Wednesday’s breakfast:

Top right bowl: miso soup with frozen veggies
Top left: scrambled eggs, blueberries, strawberries, sunflower seeds
Bottom: vegan cornbread

Scrambled eggs doesn’t taste that great with strawberries 😐 I think it’s ’cause of the sour taste~

Didn’t have oatmeal for breakfast ’cause I wanted to have it for lunch, and ’cause I wanted to try muesli!

pumpkin, peas, corn, potatoes, unsweetened cocoa, sugar, soy milk, yogurt, jam, wheat germ, peanuts

It looks/sounds crappy but it was awesome! [my labmates were rather skeptical as well, when I told them about it 😛 Well I did warn them!] And it smelled so good and I was so excited to have it for lunch!

And I think I’m officially addicted to muesli! I’ve had oatmeal that was cooked and then cooked to a consistency of pudding, but it was nowhere as chewy as this was!

I think the problem with having oats for lunch is that I spend the whole morning craving them 😕 So much that it was all I wanted for dinner:

Left bowl: peas, potatoes, yogurt, oatmeal, a bit of blueberry-cherry jam
Right bowl: carrots, brussel sprouts, potato, broccoli, salted soy nuts, Classico Red Wine & Herb sauce

Muesli for dinner! Couldn’t actually taste the jam, but that’s okay 😀 The mixture actually tasted like sour cream & potatoes–which is my absolute favorite–so that was great!

Oatmeal # 46: Earth Day Oats! June 19, 2008

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If only I had thought of this on Earth Day!

peas, blueberries, peanuts, wheat germ, soy milk

Along with a cup of coffee and some bananas! Had this on Tuesday. I tried to create a miniature Earth with the peas and berries…and evidently I failed 😀 As you can see, I have a lot of time on my hands!

I got the idea to put peas in my oatmeal ’cause I was eating some and was thinking how sweet they were and how they taste similar to blueberries [well…now that I think about it…not really!] so I decided it’d be fun to have it with my oatmeal! And now I’m definitely hooked.

Went for a one-hour walk before lab. Then came back and had a snack:

all-bran, raspberries, blackberries

I’m almost out of blackberries! Now I have to wait for them to go on sale again before I can have any! But I rarely eat them anyway, so that’s okay 😀

My exciting packed lunch:

Top container: potatoes, mixed frozen veggies, parmesan cheese, sunflower seeds
Bottom left: plain yogurt, raspberries, blueberry-cherry jam
Bottom right: strawberries, vegan cornbread

And I didn’t end up bringing the apple–big mistake! But oh well~I ate it with dinner instead, which was the same bowl of curry, except without the salmon this time ’cause I didn’t cook any!