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Oatmeal #123: Pancakes, brought to you by the microwave October 3, 2008

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Haven’t made these in a while! That’s ’cause I’ve been too lazy to watch the additional bowl that you need to mix the batter with 😛

  • 0.5 cup quick oats
  • 1 tbsp flax
  • max 0.25 cup milk
  • max 0.25 cup water
  • 1 plum
  • way more baking powder than was necessary [my hand slipped 😛 ]

I let my batter sit overnight in the fridge–that’s why I added so much fluids–the flax and oats soak up liquids really well! I could have made scones from the batter :-p Anywhoo–this was heated in the microwave for…2 minutes? That seems to be the magic number!

And topped with a generous spoonful of peanut butter. I wanted to add it in the batter, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to taste it, so I didn’t 😀


  • whole wheat pasta, green lentils, corn, red & green peppers, kidney beans, chickpeas, peas
  • seasoning: chili powder, pepper, EVOO, parmesan, lemon juice, rice vinegar
  • Paula apple, vanilla yogurt

I didn’t actually have time to eat the whole thing at once so it got split into two parts–with the apple as my snack!

Blog Announcement
My blog entries are going to be more sporadic from now on since orgo and genetics are killing me and with midterms coming up I don’t have time to come up with new concoctions as often!

I’ll still try and post whenever I can though! [Namely, when I’m procrastinating…so maybe my entries wouldn’t be that sporadic… 😛 ]


Yammy & Fruity August 19, 2008

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Oatmeal #93: Yammy

If I didn’t incorporate the yam dessert from the previous night into my breakfast, I would have ended up chugging down a ton of it anyway, so I decided to have that stuff with my oats 😀


Disappointingly, the yams didn’t really bulk up the oats too much–but it could have been due to the fact that I had 0.25 cup oats and 0.25 cup mixed grains&other stuff [wheat berries, spelt berries [?], oats, wild&white&brown rice, millet, pearl barley, red&green beans..possibly some other stuff as well] instead of the usual 0.5 cup oats..

 oatmeal-aug16_08 (1)

But it tasted so good! I mashed some yams into the oatmeal, and left some chunks on top for all-around yamminess 😀


oatmeal-aug17_08 (1)

Had some random leftover fruits lying around in the fridge, so I took it upon myself to finish them!

oatmeal-aug17_08 (2)

A huge plum [mashed], cherries, and blueberries. Topped with sliced almonds and walnuts. Nice and normal 😀 I also mixed in two tablespoons of the cooked grains in with 0.5 cup oats that time–much better!

Post…something snack

Can’t remember if I ran or yoga-ed that day…or I might not have done anything…


Blueberries and a surprise raisin bun! [It’s a surprise ’cause the raisins were hidden inside the bun! So I didn’t even know til I bit into it!]

Am off to read about the whole tie breaker dealio with the women’s gymnastics last night! [I’m still happy for China though!]

One Oh Oh! August 11, 2008

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Celebrating the 100th post with an entry from home! I planned this out quite well, didn’t I? 😀


Oatmeal #88: Chocolate Chips


I feel like I’m living in a hotel!

Anyway, this morning I celebrated with a huge bowl of oatmeal and chocolate chips. Because no party is complete without chocolate! 😀

oatmeal-aug11_08 (1)

Oh Man. Cocoa has nothing on melty chocolate chips! Now I can never go back–ah!

Other stuff include: huge green grapes, goji berries, walnuts, soy milk, and bran flakes. No flax! But not enough room in my suitcase! I don’t miss it that much though 😀

Anyway, went on a 50 minute run an hour after breakfast! I can’t believe I ran that long! Remember when I thought 20 minutes was a lot?! I feel quite awesome that I stuck with running for 3 months 😀

After running, the celebration continues–with more chocolate!


Nutella & PB on white [!] toast and grapes on the side. How the HELL have I not tried this combo sooner?! As good as it was though, nutella = too sweet, I think next time I’ll cut back by a half! Could hardly taste the peanut butter at all 😦 [but then again, this wasn’t the all-natural kind, so it’s tasteless in the first place anyway!]

Now that I’m all caught up on today, time to get caught up on the past two days!

Friday’s breakfast [Aug 8]

oatmeal-aug8_08 (1) oatmeal-aug8_08

Most random combo ever ’cause I was trying to use up stuff 😛

Corn, adzuki beans, plum coconut, walnuts, and flax.Well, I guess it’s not that random. On the side–coffee laced with vanilla extract–could hardly taste/smell it though!

Saturday’s post-run snack:


Pears and mocha-cino muffin top!

Yesterday’s snack of fridge items that need to be used up:


Exploded microwave egg [60 seconds = still too much!] and the last of the raspberries!

Lunch: polenta [and last of my ground flax]!!! Cooked risotto style…corn-sotto? 😛


Creamy and awesome! Only complaint was that I didn’t make more! But I had to finish cleaning so no time!

I packed a dinner to eat at the airport–didn’t end up eating til 7: 00 ’cause there was no room to put backpacks under the seats! 😦


Carrots & jam over a bed of frozen veggies & peas. Plus a fruit salad of one plum, peach, and pear!

SO EXCITED for lunch and dinner and for all the awesome food I’ll be eating in the next two weeks! Will take pictures when I can!

Oatmeal #60: Rubies July 5, 2008

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Took a break from muesli to make some stovetop oats this morning!


  • 0.5 cup water
  • 0.25 cup milk
  • 0.5 cup oats
  • 0.25 cup all-bran cereal
  • 1 black plum
  • 0.5 medium-ish banana
  • 1 tbsp wheat germ
  • 1 tbsp chopped sunflower seeds

Adding 0.25 cup of the all-bran makes all the difference! My breakfast is so much more filling and the eating experience is more fun ’cause there’s more to chew on 😀

And since plums were on sale at the grocery store, I went nuts and bought 6 small ones–would have gotten more, but I also bought 8 nectarines, so I had to exercise some restraint! 😛 Anywhoo–the plums were a great shade of red and added a slight tinge of sweet and sour to the overall mixture–fun!

Had it along with a cup of coffee.
This breakfast contains: 12g fat, 12g fiber, 15g protein

Had a boring snack today–some pumpkin and a nectarine–didn’t bother taking pictures 😛

On a really exciting note–I tried kale for the first time yesterday! Didn’t know what to do with them, so I attempted to make kale chips–but I didn’t drain them properly so they turned out soggy 😦 Still great though!

Had this along with mashed potatoes & bean soup:

7g fat, 12g fiber, 18g protein–UGH. Again with the protein overload!

I have lots of kale leftover ’cause I didn’t cook all of them at once–so I added two raw leaves to my tuna sandwich today for lunch:

Along with some jammin’ banana milk–basically: jam, half a banana, milk, and plain yogurt 😀 The yogurt made the milk much thicker–not unlike milk shake!

6g fat, 8g fiber, 20g protein–protein thanks to the tuna…

Basically had the same thing for dinner today as yesterday…except I ended up snacking on the soggy kale ‘chips’ as I cooked 😛 I also added some broccoli, cauliflower, and leftover rice from my rice milk adventures:

Very super filling! I added more onions and another clove of garlic, and more water–that probably contributed to the satiety!

6g fat, 11g fiber, 21g protein

And on a side note, I had a tablespoon of peanut butter for dessert–bought a jar this morning ’cause it was on sale! I’m going to try and make this thing last as long as possible 😀