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Nutty Oats – Part III November 19, 2008

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It just occurred to me how appropriate it is that I have a Nutty Oats series on the blog the same time of year that I’m about to go nuts from a combination of homesickness and stress…see how hilarious I am? 😀

Nov 11

  • pumpkin seeds, walnuts, milk, coconut, flax, banana


Ever since I came up with the microwave pancakes, I’ve been craving them like crazy! I’m thinking of doing a savory pancake for dinner sometime 😀

Nov 15

  • raisin granola, goji berries, longans, flax, milk, cocoa, walnuts

I haven’t had granola with oats for a while!


Baba ghanoush, tomatoes, whole wheat english muffin, scrambled egg, kidney beans, chickpeas

Nov 16

No oats for breakfast!

English muffin with margarine, watermelon, and scrambled eggs.

Kinda refreshing to have a change from the usual routine! I think I’m going to try and have something different for breakfast once every week so I can have oatmeal at the cafeteria XD


Hummus, baba ghanoush, roasted red pepper sauce + bread, tuna, kidney beans, chickpeas, coffee

All-nighter snacks:


Fruits, pistachios, apple, and coffee.

Only my plan failed and I fell asleep…

Home stretch! Only one more week of classes left! When do you guys finish school for the holidays??


Nutty Oats November 16, 2008

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Nov 12

A huge bowl of oats for the first all-nighter of the year! And you all know I celebrate in style 😀

oatmeal-nov12_08 (1)

  • banana, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, almonds, flax, milk

It was also the first time I’ve eaten pistachios since…a few years ago?! I wanted to put more pistachios in, but I suck so bad at opening those shells 😛 In the end, I got the idea to crack them open with my chem textbook–that’s putting my books to good use! :mrgreen:


It was glorious. Too bad I had to enjoy it in the context of UV damaged yeast…

Nov 13

Day 2 of All-Nighter-thon!



cheerios, all-bran, rice krispies, banana & PB + coffee

I never get full on cereal–so I grabbed more food:

Pumperknickel + hummus + broccoli

There was another piece of bread–but I ate it before taking the picture 😛

Before heading off to orgo, I grabbed a cup of Earl Grey for Energy.


Didn’t want to drink any more coffee! I think I had like…3 cups of coffee in the past two days–and I have never done that until now~

Post-Handing-In-Lab-Report Dinner:


Peas, mushrooms, broccoli, kidney beans, egg, cottage cheese!

I seriously felt 10x lighter after I came out from the lab! But I was quickly brought back to earth by a Commerce assignment that was due the next day D:

Off to do my homework! I have a feeling another all-nighter is in my future…