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Everyday is Oatmeal Day! November 1, 2008

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Oct 26

Oatmeal #128: Mochi

  • Pear, milk, flax, walnuts, cinnamon, mochi!

Reiterating: mochi!

The package my parents sent me = best thing so far this semester. 😀



Oct 25

The last meal…

…before my doom aka Orgo midterm…

  • cocoa, longans, milk, walnuts, flax, goji berries

+ mint tea

I wanted coffee but I didn’t think I need to be any more agitated 😛

Pre-midterm snack:

Free Kashi bars from the cafeteria! Got the coupon in the mail–I also got a free coffee mug! This is why living in residence is awesome 😀

Lunch, aka, consolation meal


Pumpkin & tuna sandwich, yogurt parfait from the tuck shop~



Surprisingly, I was full on this…and it didn’t really even look like much~weird.

pasta salad + beans, cottage cheese + cheerios + PB, pineapple, chocolate chip cookie

Oct 24


  • black sesame, goji berries, longans, coconut, walnuts, flax, milk



Catch up party! October 18, 2008

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Don’t you love those?!

Oct. 6:


  • pumpkin, Muslix cereal, cinnamon, milk, walnuts, flax

After-gym snack:

Banana, greek yogurt, brown rice–if I had some PB this would have been perfect.



Soup with rice, chickpeas, kidney beans, spinach, broccoli. Boringgg did not like 😦

Oct. 7


  • Granny Smith apple, walnuts, apple juice, pumpkin

Oct. 8


  • Banana & PB!, black sesame, coconut, walnuts, flax, milk

Note the use of an actual bowl and using a cup like a cup is supposed to be used! :mrgreen: It was a glorious moment.



Vanilla [?] yogurt, cheerios, raw oats, huge loving splat of PB

dinner-oct8_08 (1)

Chili of some sort [vegetarian?], chickpeas, kidney beans, huge pile of broccoli. I think I went for seconds?

Oct. 9


  • Lipton Apple Manor tea, pumpkin, Muslix cereal, walnuts, cinnamon, milk

The tea smells really good and tastes very cinnamon-y! It’s always awesome when I find tea that’s not bland tasting~



PB&B sandwich, broccoli, chickpeas, kidney beans, parmesan cheese.

That’s all I’m going to post for now ’cause I have a commerce assignment due in….10 hours? 😛

Catch up time! October 7, 2008

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This was supposed to be part of the week’s theme–but it kinda failed in that I didn’t arrange the nectarine properly so the yogurt spilled over the edges and thus failing to be parfait.


  • oats, flax, cinnamon
  • lots of greek yogurt
  • 1 nectarine

Nothing can explain my love for this stuff. So much that I had it again next morning for breakfast:

  • oats, flax
  • greek yogurt, cocoa, black sesame paste[?]
  • banana

I may or may not have had this with peanut butter. But if I did have peanut butter around–it definitely went into the oatmeal!

Other meals:

Oct 1: dinner

lots of beans, mushroom marinara sauce, carrots, chickpeas, lentil & spinach soup, yogurt&cottage cheese, mandarin oranges, mystery cafeteria cereal

Oct 2: lunch

Same vegetables as yesterday + parmesan, and a PB&B english muffin! 



Vegetable soup, tortellini salad, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, edamame, and beans

 dinner-oct2_08 (1)

Red peppers!! [the caf never has red peppers at the salad bar], chickpeas, kidney beans, cottage cheese, mystery caf cereal, applesauce, peanut butter

It was quite awesome 😀

Some really exciting oatmeal pictures to come later!!

Oatmeal #112: Earl Grey September 22, 2008

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This week’s theme is tea!

Saturday’s breakfast:


Earl Grey = best tea ever.

I haven’t tried a lot of different types since I’m not a tea person, but I really like Earl Grey! It’s probably the only type of tea I can drink by itself, because it’s so flavorful that nothing else is required!

oatmeal-sep20_08 (1)

  • oats, flax, walnuts
  • peaches
  • 1.5 tsp sesame paste powder
  • 1 cup Earl Grey
  • 0.25 cup milk

Yumfulness! The sesame was added for fun 😀

I find that cooking oats with tea instead of with water gives it an awesome aftertaste! It also smells a lot more exciting :mrgreen:

I think with my relatively limited resources and access to the grocery stores, I might start doing weekly themes instead of trying completely new combos everyday–I need to save brain space for classes!

Lunch at the caf:


Buttermilk pancake – the smallest thing ever, but SO GOOD. I break it up into pieces and eat it with the yogurt, cottage cheese, cereal, mandarin oranges, and PB–heaven!

My completely huge dinner:


clockwise from top left corner: macaroni salad with chickpeas, celery, red peppers, huge bowl of spinach, whole wheat english muffin with baba ghanoush [!!], cucumbers, and more spinach.

Doesn’t look like a lot–but I actually went back for another bowlful of spinach and some honeydew melons!

Oh, and I didn’t eat both english mufins–the one at the bottom was meant to be saved for another meal–but then I realized it was moldy and had to throw it out 😦


 dinner-sep20_08 (1)

Turkey noodle soup with my third bowl of spinach–I think I might have eaten too much by this point ’cause I felt like I was exploding 😛

Speaking of cafeterias–the anti-food-wasting group I’m in is conducting some sort of pledge signing today in an effort to get people to pledge that they’ll stop wasting caf food! I think we’re going to try and get weekly stats so we can track our progress–but I hope the turnout is good ’cause otherwise I’d feel stupid sitting in the middle of the caf with an empty sheet of paper in front of me 😛

Oatmeal #111: Sesame – Part III September 21, 2008

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Friday’s breakfast:

oatmeal-sep19_08 (1)

  • oats, flax, walnuts, Kellogg’s JustRight cereal
  • 1 gala apple
  • 0.25 cup apple juice, water
  • 2 tsp black sesame paste powder


This would have made an awesome cookie or muffin flavor! I have no words to describe this combo~

Anyway, this is a pretty short entry, so just for fun, I present to you…


My chem notes! This was after I solved the problem…and then I checked the answers and realized that I am a genius.


Oatmeal #110: Sesame – Part II September 20, 2008

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Wednesday’s Breakfast:

[wow–it’s been a while since I updated!]

oatmeal-sep17_08 (1)


  • oats, flax, walnuts
  • water, milk
  • 1 peach
  • 2 tsp black sesame paste powder
  • 2 tsp almond pudding powder


The powder combo! Two very flavorful flavors combined together = exciting! Their aromas are also very prominent, so it’s like you get even more flavor via retronasal tasting or whatever that’s called!

It’s like sesame-almond ice cream….ohmgawd!

Post-gym snack:


That’s PB&B&CC! Guess what CC stands for :mrgreen:



Haven’t had pears in a while–so I used some! I really really need to go back to cooking my oats so I can mash the pears like I did before! As convenient as muesli is, you start to miss cooked oats after a bit~


  • oats, flax, walnuts
  • water & milk
  • 1 pear, 2 tbsp goji berries
  • 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa



Peach yogurt & cottage cheese & apple & shreddies & PB! Very exciting mix of flavors, aka my new addiction–have been eating this everyday!

And if you haven’t guessed…CC = cottage cheese! 😀

Aah I’ve been headaching all morning D: I’m inclined to blame it on the fact that I had tea instead of coffee this morning…but I normally have like…half a cup of coffee??? So would missing that really have this much of an effect…?

Oatmeal #108: Sesame September 15, 2008

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Yesterday’s breakfast:

oatmeal-sep14_08 (1)


  • oats, flax, walnuts
  • water, milk
  • 1 apple
  • 1 tsp coconut
  • 2 tsp black sesame paste powder

I got the instant kind…but I think what the paste actually is, is just ground sesame + water + sugar–very thick and awesome! Just two tsp in the oats gave me plenty of flavor–although the sweetness wasn’t noticeable, the apples took care of that problem, so it wasn’t a big deal!


You can’t see it in this picture, but the oats were kinda gray-ish ’cause of the hue of the sesame–it sounds gross, but as you can see from the picture, it’s not gray enough to actually be gross! :mrgreen: 

Post-run snack:


The gym doesn’t open til 9 a.m.  on weekends! How frustrating. So I went out for a run instead 😀

Anyway, in clockwise direction started from top left: mocha [nestle hot chocolate mix + instant columbian coffee + milk], fruit salad from the caf [I ate half the container before I snapped the pic 😛 I wanted to save it for the oatmeal–but I was too hungry!], and almond crackers.



To the left: PB&J sandwich with cucumber and spinach. [there’s PB on the outside of the top piece of bread ’cause I spread the jam on the wrong side of the bread!]

To the right: entree Greek salad I bought from the university center tuck shop. That was the first time I’ve ever tried feta cheese–not much flavor! I was disappointed. But the salad filled me up, so that was quite good 😀

Got my stats class in an hour, and then my day is over and I can have dinner! Yay 😀