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Experiment #36: Mangoes – Part II June 8, 2008

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mango, zucchini, egg, soy nuts, walnuts, milk

Yesterday’s breakfast!
And there goes the last of my mango! But well worth it 😀 Didn’t even need to add sugar ’cause the fruits were sweet enough! The addition of zuchini was purely for decorative purposes–my breakfast was a little too orange for my taste.

colors make the world go round!

Went to eat brunch at Morisson’s restaurant yesterday with my housemates so no pictures! But I had a huge pancake [I spread egg yolk on it instead of syrup ’cause I’m interesting :mrgreen: ], french toast, 2 eggs [so many eggs in one day!], 2 sausages [there were 3 but I couldn’t finish!], and a huge strawberry milkshake–all for $10! I was stuffed and I got my money’s worth–although I think I’m going to take a break from eggs for the next couple of days!

Didn’t feel like cooking when I got home last night, so for dinner I microwaved some frozen veggies, zucchini, and had that along with leftover polenta and potatoes, topped with some Classico Red Wine & Herb sauce.

I’m glad I didn’t make myself cereal, or else I would have exploded! I didn’t expect the bowl of veggies to turn out this big when I pictured it in my head~ Oh, and I finished my bag of soy nuts! 😦 I want to go buy some more…but I’ve been to the grocery store so many times now that the cashier lady could probably recognize me…


Experiment #35: Mangoes June 7, 2008

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Yesterday’s oatmeal:

mango, blueberries, walnuts, soy nuts, milk

Have I ever mentioned how much I like colors? :mrgreen:
On another note–one mango either doesn’t seem to yield much, or I’m not cutting it properly…there’s this large chunk in the middle I couldn’t cut through….and the process was really messy, although I didn’t really mind ’cause it tasted good 😀

Contrasting shades are awesome and tasty!

For lunch, leftover polenta!

The one to the right is topped with baked beans and frozen veggies, the one on the left is topped with chicken breast…only the flavor of the chicken wasn’t enough so I turned it into ham & cheese polenta:

yay flavors!

For dessert, plain yogurt flavored with coffee and cherry-blueberry jam:

A new flavor of yogurt is born!

For dinner: the bag of brussel sprouts I bought yesterday morning!

Haven’t had those in ages so I was so excited! [It seems like I haven’t had a lot of food in ages…what the hell am I doing to myself?!] They’re so filling it’s amazing~ 😀

Anyway, I made“sushi” using two pieces of rye bread, zucchini, and rice vinegar…as you can see…my craving for japanese food has turned my imagination upside down..

Breakfast Challenge: Day 2 June 2, 2008

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Rice cereal

milk, strawberries, sugar, blackberries, walnuts, brown&white rice

I’ve been wanting to try this for a really long time–subbing rice for oatmeal! The rice is chewier than oatmeal and less creamy, but still tasted great! If I had microwaved the rice, it would have been even better~

After lab and running, I ate a ton of peanut butter:

Any fruit + PB = ADDICTION. The amount of PB I had was enough to last me for 2.5 hours, so I didn’t end up having lunch til 11: 30, and even then I wasn’t really even that hungry! But I wanted to go for a walk before I had to go to the lab again so I ate anyway.

Yogurt toast, instant cereal

I actually ended up having 2 pieces of toast–both topped with plain yogurt & 0.5 tsp blueberry-cherry jam! It was like bread pudding 😀

The instant cereal is blue ’cause I added some frozen blueberries

Experiment #32: Soy nuts

soy nuts, potatoes, milk, peach, banana

The oats smell like flour–I have no clue why! Usually they smell more like glutinous rice~oh well–it smelled really good anyway 😛

And I’m absolutely addicted to this bag of unsalted toasted soy nuts that I bought a few days ago [it was on sale! :D]–so crunchy and delicious! A lot more crunchier than the walnuts I usually have with my oats. Yummeh!

Having oatmeal for dinner is so exciting!